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9 Crystals for Attracting Love & How to Use Them

by Andreea Laza
9 Crystals for Attracting Love & How to Use Them

Looking for the most powerful crystals for attracting love? Continue reading this article and find out what they are and how to use them to get the love you deserve.

Crystals give energy to our thoughts, words, and actions, and their beneficial energy increases our chances to live a beautiful love experience. Of course, crystals will not charm your crush, but they help you attain that high vibrational state that invites love in.

Basically, crystals help you to solve your emotional problems, and once again emanate love and joy of live.

Love comes more easily to a happy, gentle, relaxed, and loving person. Are you ready to see which are the best crystals for attracting love and how to use them? Let’s begin.

9 Best Crystals for Attracting Love & How to Use

9. Moonstone Crystal

The stone that boosts sensuality and passion.

Moonstone is a mysterious, special, sacred crystal, considered to be very powerful bringer of love, fertility and sensuality. It is also called the stone for new beginnings, bringer of good luck, success in love, passion, tenderness, hope, kindness and compassion. It intensifies physical relationships, encourages adventure and spontaneity in love.

Moonstone also brings reconciliation between lovers who have had discussions and conflicts.

It is the ideal stone for young women that want to develop their intuition and clairvoyance. Moonstone naturally balances the emotions, cleanses the aura, energizes the body and spirit, increases inner strength, maternal spirit, and heals the soul and the physical body. This is one of the best

It is the ideal stone for young women that want to develop their intuition and clairvoyance. Moonstone naturally balances the emotions, cleanses the aura, energizes the body and spirit, increases inner strength, maternal spirit, and heals the soul and the physical body.

How to Use Moonstone to Attract Love

Moonstone attracts mutual love, and it brings a restful sleep if placed on the bedside table or even under the pillow. If you offer your partner a moonstone in the full moon phase, you will create a strong, intense love, full of romance, because this crystal increases the sexual energy and amplifies the sexual attraction between partners. This is one of the best crystals for attracting love that you can use.

8. Aquamarine

The stone to boost self-confidence

Aquamarine is a gemstone of communication and good relations, also known as the crystal of courage. Why? Because it can help you understand complicated situations and look truth in its eyes. It brings relief and reconciliation during times of loss, failure and great suffering. Aquamarine is also a natural self-confidence booster. It can make you feel more attractive and focus on your desires.

Aquamarine brings:

  • beauty
  • joy
  • love
  • calm
  • relaxation
  • peace
  • energy
  • incentives
  • tolerance
  • mental clarity
  • self-knowledge
  • clairvoyance

How to Use Aquamarine to Attract Love

Wear it when you pray or meditate and allow its healing powers to boost self-confidence and trust in your own strength. By wearing aquamarine you will attract positive energies in your life, that will help you open up to give and receive love. Do not expect miraculous overnight transformations because this takes time, depending on each individual. Aquamarine is one of the most amazing crystals for attracting love!

7. Amethyst

The heartbreak healer

It was said that drinking from an amethyst cup could prevent intoxication and cure drunkenness. The Greeks believed that this stone brings love and happiness and protects against any kind of intoxication and bad energies.

When your love problems are profound, long-lasting (in the sense that you feel that, whatever you do, you fail to love and be loved), then you need a purple healing crystal, which will purify your energies and it will help you find balance. I’m talking about amethyst, one of the most beloved gemstones.

To heal your inner wounds, use amethyst. It can also bring:

  • empowerment
  • stability
  • resilience
  • good judgment
  • inner peace
  • calm
  • love
  • happiness
  • friendship
  • financial success

Amethyst has the power to support us through major life, whether intentional or sudden or painful ones, such as a breakup, a divorce or the loss of a loved one. This beautiful gemstone can help you to grow spiritually, by bringing you inner peace and the power to forget and forgive.

How to Use Amethyst to Attract Love

When it is worn frequently or permanently, amethyst promotes healing because it can absorb the pain and seal it in. Use amethyst beads or pendant during your prayers and meditations or keep it under your pillow when you feel restless. Amethyst is such a beautiful gemstone and amongst the top crystals for attracting love. Enjoy wearing it and allow it to heal your heart ache and prepare for new love.

6. Granite

The crystal for love and devotion.

An old legend links granite to the story of the young goddess of light, Persephone. She was abducted by Hades, the god of the underworld, who finally released her, but not before offering her some pomegranate seeds that would ensure the goddess’s return to him. The word “garnet” comes from the Latin “granatum malum” which means pomegranate.

Granite is a stone of commitment, of devotion and last but not least of love. This stone brings:

  • affection
  • warmth
  • compassion
  • protection
  • strength
  • endurance

It has a special magnetism and when is offered as a gift, it is a symbol of fidelity and happiness. Granite also symbolizes the desire for the loved one to have a safe trip and a return home safe and sound.

How to Use Granite to Attract Love

Use the granite beans during meditation or prayer to ease your mind and bring about love and happiness. It is especially helpful to wear granite jewelry in times of great sadness or suffering, such as after a breakup. It can help tremendously because it is one of the best crystals for attracting love and healing a broken heart.

5. Rhodochrosite

The gemstone of strong love.

Rhodochrosite is one of the most beautiful semiprecious gemstones, which catches the eye, on the one hand, due to its intense pink color, and, on the other hand, the beautiful lace of pink and white shades in fine strings in the structure of the stone.

Especially good to attract:

  • divine love
  • forgiveness
  • unconditional love
  • acceptance
  • harmony
  • friendship
  • good relations with the world
  • tolerance
  • kindness
  • compassion
  • balance
  • trust in the future

This is an extraordinary stone for true and intense love, with special beneficial effects on the psyche. It is especially good for healing emotional traumas from past love relationships (failed loves, rape, abuse etc). It is the perfect gemstone for those who don’t feel loved or appreciated.

How to Use Rhodochrosite to Attract Love

When wearing a rhodochrosite stone as jewelry be mindful of the crystals’ ability to heal the wound of your heart and soul. This is the way this gemstone helps, through healing. When this process is over, you will be able to open your heart again for true love. Trust that not all relations are the same, and one negative experience doesn’t mean they are all bad. Rhodochrosite definitely deserves this spot amongst the best crystals for attracting love.

4. Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline is an aphrodisiac gemstone.

It naturally draws love into the spiritual plane that then materializes into the physical. This beautiful crystal will remind you that love is not dangerous, and will restore your faith in true love. Its most important lesson is that when you love ourselves deeply, you are ready to attract the love from others.

Use this gemstone for:

  • confidence
  • safety
  • stability
  • strength
  • endurance
  • respect

Tourmaline is governed by Venus and is a natural healer for genital conditions.

This crystal offers a strong protection against any negative energies, acting as a shield against energetic attacks of all sorts. Pink tourmaline can eliminate negative feelings such as regrets or fears from past relationships.

How to Use Pink Tourmaline to Attract Love

Wearing pink tourmaline jewelry will open your heart, and get you ready to offer and receive love. The presence of this mineral in a person’s life attracts love and invites in a state of enthusiasm, which makes you quite charming. Pink tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for attracting love that you can use.

3. Lepidolite

The perfect gemstone for people in love.

And also for those who are pure at heart and looking for true love. Lepidolite is beneficial for those who are hyperactive, with restless sleep, subjected to daily stress, those who cannot relax, those who do not see their business, living their lives in a continuous run. It removes negative energies and nightmares, reduces stress and tension, anxiety, and negative emotions.

This gemstone brings:

  • love
  • success
  • prosperity
  • happiness
  • abundance
  • honesty
  • peace
  • calm
  • stability
  • hope
  • acceptance
  • support in times of change

Emotionally, it encourages you to stay in your own personal space, away from outside influences. This soothing stone relieves sleep problems and stress for deep emotional healing. It promotes spiritual openness for spiritual evolution.

How to Use Lepidolite to Attract Love

Take the stone with you whenever you have a challenging day ahead, with too many things to do. The stone will enable you to remain centered and thus stay open to the good stuff instead of the negative. It is ideal for those living in constant stress, stress that has damaged their love life. If that is you, use lepidolite to soothe your mind, cleanse your emotions, and invite love into your life. This is one of the best crystals for attracting love and soothing a troubled heart.

2. Rhodonite

Rhodonite comes from the Greek “rhodon” and means rose.

The color of this semiprecious gemstone is bright pink to raspberry, pink rose, often with dark inclusions. Rhodonite is called the stone of love because it brings emotional balance and invites love in.

The energetic vibrations of rhodonite inspire:

  • trust
  • self-love
  • fellowship
  • gentleness
  • joy
  • acceptance
  • tolerance
  • generosity
  • altruism
  • devotion

Rhodonite has a strong protective role against emotional and sexual trauma. It can stimulate fertility, purify the physical body, energize, and help in reaching our highest potential. It’s a great gemstone for those who suffer from love and a great healer of the heart, both on an emotional and physical level.

How to Use Rhodonite to Attract Love

In order to align with the energy of passion, and attract love into our lives, wearing rhodonite jewelry is best. Ask the crystal consciously to offer you guidance to improve your love relationship.

Its vibration will enable you to forgive and have compassion for your partner, to leave behind the past, and heal the wounds of the soul. This is one of the most amazing crystals for attracting love!

1. Pink Quartz

The gemstone of pure love.

Also known as the “crystal of unconditional love“, the pink quartz is as delicate as it is complex and powerful in attracting love. Associated with the heart chakra, its energy radiates unconditional love, the joy of life, happiness, warmth and healing vibrations.

Pink quartz promotes:

  • empathy
  • inner peace
  • acceptance
  • respect and self-love
  • trust
  • appreciation (especially after breakups and betrayal in love)
  • forgiveness and reconciliation
  • release of anger and stress
  • release of jealousy
  • clears resentment and all negative emotions that do not let the soul love and fall in love

It helps you open your heart and learn to receive and give true love because it attracts happiness, peace of mind, warmth, tolerance, gentleness, and caress. This is why the pink quartz is one of the best crystals for attracting love, if not the best one.

How to Use Pink Quartz to Attract Love

Keep a pink quartz in your bedroom. This will attract a new love in your life or improve and strengthen the current love relationship, and open the way to harmonious relationships. Also, have a positive attitude and use positive affirmations to boost the quartz’ powers to attract the love that you need in your life.

Wear a pink quartz necklace to enjoy calming, soothing energy, to be able to express your feelings better, bring back the joy of living, emotional balance, romance, and fidelity.

Be that Crystal to Attract Love In Your Life

Now you know which are the most powerful crystals for attracting love and how to use them to invite love into your life.

Remember that when you want to receive love, give love first, exude love through all the pores in your body. When you do this, the world will respond to your loving being with more love. Just as crystals for attracting love, be that magnet for love, by offering the best that you’ve got to the rest of the world. The whole world waits for you to shine your beautiful, loving light.

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9 Best Crystals for Attracting Love and How to Use Them to bring love in.
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