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How the Moon Influences Your Health and Wellbeing – Dos & Don’ts

by Andreea Laza
How the Moon Influences Your Health and Wellbeing – Do’s & Don’ts - 9Pedia.com

Want to know how the Moon influences your health and wellbeing? Continue reading and see how to fasten healing with the help of the Moon.

Thousands or maybe millions of years ago, it was noticed that as the Moon passes from one phase to another, it changes its influence on the events happening on Earth. The main reason is the varying distance between the Sun and the Moon. On the New Moon, the distance is minimal, and the Sun reduces the Moon’s power of influence over the Earth. On the Full Moon, the Moon is farthest from the solar influence, and its power is maximum. But did you know that the Moon influences your health depending on the phase it is in? Indeed. And here is how.

How the Moon Influences Your Health and Wellbeing

The complete cycle of a Moon begins with the New Moon and ends at the beginning of the next phase of the New Moon – 29-30 days. To make this complete rotation, the moon grows up to the Full Moon and then starts to wane down again, passing through the First Quarter Moon and the Third Quarter Moon. Each of these four Moon phases and the transitional two, the growth and waning (six in total), have a different influence on your health and well-being. Let’s start with the first, and get to each one by one, into more detail.

How the Moon Influences Your Health and Wellbeing – Do’s & Don’ts - 9Pedia.com

Phase 1: How The New Moon Influences Your Health

On the first day of the New Moon, especially if you are sick or weak, have lower natural immunity, and your risk of infections goes up. Stress caused by loneliness is a high probability. But from the 3rd day of the New Moon, the situation changes for the better. Now your body is ready to receive and store energies from the astral. These days, you are offered great possibilities. Even love dates are more full of momentum and passion on the night of the New Moon.

The Moon Influences Health on The New Moon Tips
  • People with heart conditions should sleep with the window open because there is a danger of suffocation.
  • If you are a blonde, hazel, or redhead, and cut your hair on the New Moon, you will have rich and healthy hair; also, your hair will grow amazingly fast.
  • If you feel weak, eating a rich diet can replenish and energize your body at this time.

Phase 2: How The Waxing Crescent Moon Influences Your Health

In the first growth phase of the Moon, you may see a rapid weight gain, therefore you should consider how much you eat, otherwise, you may gain unwanted weight. The best diet is to exclude troublemaker foods and have plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable. Moderate-intensity exercise is what your body needs most during this period, and can really help you, both physically and emotionally.

How the Moon Influences Health on The Waxing Crescent Moon
  • In naturopathic medicine, waxing crescent Moon is considered beneficial for starting treatments aimed at increasing organ functions, and boosting blood flow, immunity, potency, and blood pressure.
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Phase 3: How The First Quarter Moon Influences Your Health

When the Moon has grown to a quarter, your body’s energy continues to increase and allows you to achieve and complete your tasks successfully. It is a period of high emotional receptivity, and social contacts are very soothing. But at the same time, this is also a time when your emotional states can intensify due to the influx of energies, and latent tensions can intensify, both positive and negative, reaching a peak on the Full Moon. So pay attention to your state of being and what you feed your mind with.

The Moon Influences Health on The First Quarter Moon Tips
  • Latent tensions begin to manifest under different aspects.
  • Food is completely assimilated and transformed into different types of energy.
  • People suffering from anemia should supplement with vitamins during this phase.
  • It is a generally favorable time for surgical operations.
  • Starting a food fasting at this time can have great results; the same for soothing remedies.
  • Evening facial masks applied during this time will have a much more intense effect.

Phase 4: How The Full Moon Influences Your Health

During the emotional Full Moon, you may experience stormy events, unjustified tension, and mood swings. It is necessary to control your emotions so that you do not become angry or agitated. Some may suffer from insomnia and worsening of nervous system disorders symptoms. This time also brings about an increase in the number of accidents and suicides. Surgical interventions are not recommended, due to the risk of heavy bleeding, nor is the administration of new or powerful medical drugs.

Moon Influences Health on The Full Moon Tips
  • People with predominant feminine energy (Yin) may face health problems due to greater sensitivity to stress and mental tension, and even extreme mental states like depression, anger, aggression, etc.
  • For this, avoid stimulants (alcohol, coffee), avoid going out too much, get enough sleep, and eat predominantly Yang foods.
  • Health problems, such as accelerated rate of tumor growth, decreased immunity, increased pain, decreased muscle tone, and digestive capacity.
  • Your emotions, both positive and negative, are greatly amplified on the Full Moon.
  • A great time to rejuvenate the body and treat chronic diseases (moonlight baths).
  • Women should not make a lot of effort these days, because fatigue will cause them terrible migraines.
  • Brunettes should cut their hair on the Full Moon if they want hair that grows easily and stops falling out.
How the Moon Influences Your Health and Wellbeing – Do’s & Don’ts - 9Pedia.com

Phase 5: How The Third Quarter Moon Influences Your Health

This is a period favorable for all types of activities. Your body has accumulated a large amount of energy which makes you capable of spectacular achievements. Do not miss the opportunities ahead. If you end a relationship that no longer “works”, you will not suffer when the Moon is in this phase. Use this time for the most important and valuable activities, because as the Moon wanes, your powers also begin to decrease.

How The Moon Influences Health on The Third Quarter Moon Tips
  • The ideal time for dieting, quitting smoking, and giving up addictions.
  • People suffering from stomach problems should pay attention to what they eat because the Third Quarter Moon can cause them pain.
  • Major surgical operations are not recommended, because anesthesia has a much-reduced effect at this time.
  • The ideal time to start a new treatment, as diseases have a higher chance of healing.

Phase 6: How The Waning Gibbous Moon Influences Your Health

The waning gibbous Moon comes about with a loss of energy. As the Moon wanes down, your level of energy decreases, and potential nervous breakdowns and depressive episodes lurk around the corner. To prevent stress, you must enter this period with the full conviction that you did not waste time, and that you did everything you could. The waning Moon phase is good for cleansing the body or following slimming procedures, and replacing junk food with healthier options.

How The Moon Influences Health on The Waning Gibbous Moon Tips
  • It is a period favorable for starting treatments for shrinking tumors and reducing inflammation, decreasing the abnormal values of physiological markers, and flushing toxins from the body.
  • On day 29th, the possibility of becoming dependent on unfavorable factors is high, while the last day of the lunar cycle can heighten inner contradictions which result in emotional breakdowns.

Moon’s Influence On Your Health – Things You Didn’t Know

The moon plays an important role in your health, determining in part your physical appearance, but also the cyclicity of many functions of the body (such as the menstrual cycle). Everything that has to do with the circulation of fluids in the human body – not only genital secretions – falls under the influence of the Moon. Here are a few things you didn’t know about how the moon influences your health and wellbeing.

  • The Moon rules the breasts and can favor the formation of cysts or nodules.
  • The Moon can slow down certain glands, especially the thyroid, pituitary, and thymus, leading to hypotension, hypothermia, or asthenia.
  • The Moon also governs assimilation, absorption, and nutrition, and influences especially the stomach and large intestine.
  • The Moon influences the reproductive system and exerts its influence primarily on the uterus and ovaries.
  • The Moon often determines the accumulations of lymphatic tissue, tumors, and benign cysts and as well as water retention in tissues.

The homeopathic remedies that correspond to the Moon are Selenium, Bellis Perennis, Bovista, Kali Carbonicum, Sepia, Natrum, Sulfuricum, Thuya, Aranea, Diadema, Folliculinum, and Moon Drops.

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The different phases of the Moon (New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter) can be compared to a movement of flows and ebbs of the subtle energies of the cosmos, with direct implications in the unfolding of the course of existence. The energy of the different phases of the Moon influences everyone, equally. But the way in which we receive these vibrations is different, in accordance with the physical and mental structure of each one, and most importantly, to our beliefs.

If you’ve enjoyed learning about how the Moon influences your health and well-being, depending on the different stages it goes through every month, please share this article so more people can use it. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you also feel the lunar influence on your emotional and physical bodies.

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