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15 Amazing Minimalist Earrings You Can Buy Online

by Andreea Laza
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Minimalism is the trend not only because we simply enjoy it, but also because it’s sustainable and it also makes life easier. We absolutely love minimalism. Lifestyle, fashion, minimalist trends. And because we love it so much, we wanted to share with you the most amazing minimalist earrings that you can buy online. Without further ado, let me show you which are the top minimalist earrings we love.

15 Minimalist Earrings That You Can Buy Online

15. Opal or Onyx Triangle Stud Earrings

First in our countdown, the gorgeous hypoallergenic 14k gold dipped stainless steel earrings from Benevolence LA are a gorgeous piece of minimalist jewelry. They come in two different natural stone, opal (white-ish) and onyx (black), so you can more easily accessorize them with your outfit. They are elegant and classic and a great choice for everyday wear.

14. Bohemian Fan Earrings

If you like geometric earrings but the bohemian trend, then these minimalist earrings from Ailov are for you. These are a pair of bald, statement earrings, great to match with a casual outfit for a night out with the girls or even paired with a dress for a date. They come in two sizes, two color, gold and metallic and two finishes, so there’s plenty varieties to choose from. We find them absolutely stunning.

13. Crawler Minimalist Earrings

More on the boho side of minimalism, these absolutely lovely best-selling earrings from Sluynz are a great choice for more special occasions. They would look awesome matched with a summer boho outfit or a festival look, but you can also wear them every day if they are your style. We find them absolutely gorgeous.

12. Delicate Link Bar Earrings from Honeycat

If you adore stud earrings with that extra special something that makes them stand out, these delicate link bar and circle earrings are for you. Honeycat is a jewelry designer specialized in minimalist earrings and accessories for different occasions. You can wear them solo or together with your everyday studs for extra coolness.

11. Post Crawler Earrings Cuff Studs

An absolutely stunning pair of minimalist earrings from Pavoi, the crawler earring cuffs are a different way to adorn the ears. These may not be the ideal earrings for everyday wear, but they can help you stand out on special occasions. We think they are super-pretty.

10. Upside Down Chich Hoop Earrings

Minimalism is not just about simplicity and usability, but also about easy to wear fashion and accessories. The upside-down hoop earrings from Humble Chic NY are the perfect easy to put on and take of earrings you’ll definitely love. They are pleated in silver or 18 k gold and there are a variety of colors and shapes to choose from. Simply lovely!

9. Dainty Mini Bar Stud Earrings

If you like tiny stud earrings, these mini bar stud earrings from Pavoi will definitely be on you taste. They are cute and delicate and have a sterling silver base and are 14k gold plated. You can get them in gold, white gold and rose gold colors. They make the perfect minimalist earrings for every day wear.

8. Dagger Drop Elegant Minimalist Earrings

If you’re looking for a more elegant pair of minimalist earrings, the dagger drop earrings from Benevolence LA Store are a great choice. We love the fact that their jewelry business has a mission and you have this feeling that you’re making the world a better place when buying from them. Plus, they are elegant and very nice looking.

7. Minimalist Tiny Dot Earrings from S.Leaf

The tiny dot studs from S.Leaf are proof that good things come in small packages. Why we love these minimalist earrings studs? They are made from 925 sterling silver and plated with rhodium for extra shine and are basically the simplest earrings you can wear. Bare basics.

6. Drop Bar Chain Earrings from Honeycat

The threader drop bar chain earrings from the minimalist jewelry designer HONEYCAT couldn’t have missed from our list. They are delicate, gorgeous looking and come in three different finishes: gold, rose gold and silver. We love the fact that they come in one piece and are so easy to put on and take off with “minimalist” movement.

5. Triangle Geometric Minimalist Earrings

Geometry is, indeed, a staple of minimalism. This is why we had to include these beautiful earrings from Valloey to our list. We love about them the clear cut lines that harmoniously come together in a lovely open triangle figure. These earrings are very trendy looking, ideal for day to day looks, as well as more special events.

4. Shield Paddle Minimalist Earrings by SPUNKYsoul

In minimalism, statements earrings are rather rare because it implies baldness and opulence. However, the artists at SPUNKYsoul know how to combine minimalism with that tribal boho feel and create great pieces of earrings, such as this one here, that we think is absolutely gorgeous.

3. Dainty Chain Minimalist Earrings

Straight lines and geometric figures are a theme when it comes to minimalist earrings. This is why we had to include in our list the dainty chain earrings from Meow Star. These earrings look very delicate, yet very fashionable, easy to wear, and easy to pair. We love them.

2. Minimalist Vertical Bar Dangle Earrings

Dangle earrings will never come out of fashion, especially these minimalist-looking vertical bar drops earrings from Daochong that we’ve picked for our list. These trendy earrings in high polished sterling silver are very easy to combine with any minimalist outfit and give off that elegant, yet minimalist feel we love about them.

1. Minimalist Small Hoop Earrings from PAVOI

We absolutely love the small huggies from PAVOI. These earrings come in 3 different colors, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold, which are plated in 14k gold for a longer-lasting and are ideal for daily wear. Easy to put on, versatile, and very nice looking, these are perhaps the coolest minimalist earrings you can get.

If you enjoyed this article, we recommend that you also read our article on the most popular downsizing movements that include minimalism. And if you’re into the aesthetics of minimalism, check out some amazing minimalist planters for that cool urban jungle vibe. Let us know in the comments below which pair of minimalist earrings you like the most.

15 Amazing Minimalist Earrings You Can Buy Online

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