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The Moon Influence On Health – Full 30 Days Cycle

by Andreea Laza
The Moon Influence On Health - Full 30 Days Cycle - The Moon Diet – Do’s & Don’ts - 9Pedia.com

Want to know the Moon influence on health for each day of the month? Continue reading and find out how the Moon influences your health.

Moon influence on health may not be only folklore, as people have observed this from very old times. They have found that the Moon can impact human health in both a positive and negative way. On some days of the month, people are more susceptible to getting sick or getting involved in accidents, while on other days they are more likely to heal faster or improve their health. Without further ado, let’s get to the Moon influence on health for each day of the month starting with the first day of the New Moon.

The Moon Influence On Health For Each Day of the Lunar Cycle

  • 1st day (New Moon). Physical exhaustion, consuming spicy foods, and drinking alcohol are not recommended.
  • 2nd day. Recommended for dental procedures. Start working out.
  • Day 3. Intense physical effort is welcome, followed by a sauna or a hot bath. You should pay special attention to your hearing (if necessary, follow therapeutic procedures).
  • Day 4. Head surgery and dental extractions are not recommended. Protect your vision and avoid overwork (excessive fatigue).
  • Day 5. Check your esophagus. Meat and foods that are too hot are not recommended on this day.
  • Day 6. A favorable day for anti-aging procedures, and walks in nature to keep the bronchi in good shape.
  • Day 7. The danger of catching a cold is high. Tooth extractions are not recommended.
  • Day 8. Great day for natural remedies, and digestive tract cleaning procedures.
  • Day 9. Prophylactic or healing procedures for angina pectoris and intercostal neuralgia.
  • Day 10. Extra energy must be directed towards strengthening your health. The best day for steam baths or hot sauna.
  • Day 11. A wonderful day for cleansing your body and water fasting. Avoid sedentarism.
  • Day 12. Great for beginning a cleansing treatment for the lungs and the respiratory system. Ideally, give up heavy, oily food, drink a lot of water, and go swimming.
  • Day 13. Therapeutic treatments, skin care, and anti-aging procedures have the maximum effect.
  • Day 14. Consuming walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, and pickles is recommended. Reduce spicy foods and sweets to a minimum or do not consume them at all. The same for alcoholic beverages.
  • Day 15. Pay close attention to your pancreas, protect it or start treatment (if necessary).
  • Day 16 (Full Moon). Giving up meat and mushrooms.
  • Day 17. A favorable day for improving or refreshing relations with your spouse.
  • Day 18. Don’t sleep too much. Fasting, bowel cleansing, and strengthening immunity are beneficial.
  • Day 19. Your large intestine and appendix can become inflamed if you eat the wrong foods. Depressive states can be heightened.
  • Day 20. Eating meat and straining your eye muscles is not recommended.
  • Day 21. Working out is recommended, but do not overstrain your liver.
  • Day 22. Vegetarian food is recommended. Pay attention to your hip, and sacrum joints.
  • Day 23. Fasting and moderation are good for health. Not a good day for cutting your nails, or undergoing surgical procedures.
  • Day 24. Prepare and drink healing herbal infusions. A retreat in the middle of nature is beneficial for you on this day.
  • Day 25. Listen carefully to your inner voice and you will gain new powers.
  • Day 26. Give up too energetic activities. Fasting and abstinence are recommended.
  • Day 27. Inactivity and narrow-mindedness are not good for your health.
  • Day 28. The best day for giving up food and drinks (black fasting) and purifying the body. Watch your blood pressure carefully, and protect your head and eyes.
  • Day 29. Great day for fasting and abstinence, purification of body and soul. Before going to bed, take a shower and keep your feet in cool water.
  • Day 30. A great time to take refuge from the daily hustle and bustle, and give up on things that are superfluous or useless. Food should be light.
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Moon Transit Influence On Health

Alongside the Moon influence on health for each day of the complete Moon cycle, the Moon can also impact our health depending on which zodiac sign it is transiting. Here is what you should know.

  • When the Moon transits Aries, Taurus, or Capricorn, your teeth may become more fragile than usual, that’s why it’s good to give up peanuts, nuts, and toast.
  • Dental checks and dental work are done ideally when the Moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, or Libra.
  • Moon in Leo. Your heart may become very vulnerable, therefore physical effort must be reduced.
  • Moon transits Virgo. Surgical interventions (especially in the abdominal area) come with a high risk of hemorrhage.
  • Moon transits Aquarius and Pisces. You may feel your legs get tired faster and even swell. Therefore, choose the most comfortable shoes and reduce your standing time.
  • When the Moon transits Gemini is the ideal time for a relaxing massage. Lymphatic massages have good results when the Moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.
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In ancient times, emperors did not take a single step without the “prescriptions” of the astrologer, who carefully followed the phases of the Moon. Our ancestors did not start plowing and sowing either until they consulted the Moon, the Sun, the wind, and the stars first. In Antiquity, medical doctors even wrote treatises on the preparation and administration of medicines, on certain days, related to the position of the Moon in the sky. Why should we not make use of the amazing knowledge our ancestors left behind, which teaches us how to govern our health according to the cycle of the Moon?

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The Moon Influence On Health - Full 30 Days Cycle - 9Pedia.com

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