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Natural Ways to Clean The Oven

by Andreea Laza
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Looking for natural ways to clean the oven? Continue reading and find out how to do this without toxic chemicals.

Cleaning the cooking oven is not as hard as it seems, and you don’t need toxic cleaning products for this. Simple ingredients that you may already have in your home, such as salt and citrus fruits make excellent natural ways to clean the oven and expel oven odors. In addition, we also have for you a fantastic natural oven cleaner that you can make at home, with cheap and affordable ingredients. Now let’s see what are the natural ways to clean the oven and the oven trays.

Natural Ways to Clean The Oven & Oven Trays

Food stains spilled in the oven can be easily cleaned if you put salt on them while the stove and the oven walls are still hot. As the oven cools down you can easily remove the food stains with a kitchen sponge. Want to remove the burnt stains embedded on the oven trays? Simply soak the trays for 2-3 hours in water with borax. Then wash with a natural dishwashing detergent.

Natural Ways to Eliminate Oven Odor

To eliminate oven odors naturally, spread orange and lemon peels on the bottom of the oven. Place a heat-resistant bowl filled with water between them and turn the oven on. Under the action of the vapors, the peels will release their essential oils and spread their scents. The very persistent smells of food and burnt fats come out if you bring a handful of aromatic plants to boil in a bowl inside the oven. You can use thyme, rosemary, basil, sage, or even fir or pine cones. Then leave the oven door open for a longer period of time.

Natural Oven Cleaner Recipe DIY

Cheap and easy to make, this natural oven cleaner removes grease stains from the oven walls and trays, smells nice, is not toxic, and has a long-lasting effect. You can also use it to clean stainless steel kitchen sinks, as well as wood, tiles, and plastic surfaces/objects.


Preparation and Use
Pour the white vinegar into a glass spray bottle, add the water and the essential oil, and give it a good shake. Put a little bit of the cleaner on a soft damp cleaning cloth and rub the area you want to clean. You don’t need to rinse.

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