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12 Natural Ways to Store Foods for Longer You Didn’t Know

by Andreea Laza
Natural Ways to Store Foods for Longer You Didn’t Know - 9Pedia.com

Want to discover simple and natural ways to store foods for longer in your home? Continue reading and find out how.

These natural ways to store foods for longer were well-known by our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, and the generations before them. Why? Because back then, food was not found in supermarkets, but everyone was growing and making their own foods, and allowing food to go bad was blasphemy. In the current situation we live in, it’s best to go back to the roots and relearn what our ancestors already knew. And that is, some amazing natural ways to store foods for longer you probably didn’t know.

12 Fantastic Natural Ways to Store Foods for Longer

  1. Bread stays fresh longer if you put it in an enamel bowl, with the bottom covered with a layer of natural salt, as this prevents molding. Or, put a raw potato in the bread box to prevent the bread from molding.
  2. Salami and deli can be kept fresh for longer if you wrap them in a clean cotton or linen cloth soaked in white wine (squeeze wine out before using).
  3. Cheese does not dry out if you put it in a glass container, put a sugar cube next to it, and then cover it with a lid. Hard cheese can be kept for longer in the refrigerator if you wrap it in a clean cloth soaked in white wine, just like deli and salami.
  4. Rice, flour, and semolina will no longer harbor bugs or pantry weevils if you put two or three clean (but not washed) horse chestnuts inside the bag/s.
  5. Dried beans no longer attract pantry weevils, if you keep them in a sealed glass jar in which you add a clove of garlic.
  6. Olive oil stays fresh longer and does not become rancid if you put a sugar cube on the bottom of the bottle.
  7. Walnut kernels can be refreshed if you put them in a glass jar and covered them with water in which you have dissolved a spoonful of natural sea salt. After 5 days of soaking, strain them, give them a good rinse and they are like fresh out of the shell.
  8. Potatoes are best preserved in a cool spot in the pantry, but when they start to sprout, they are no longer good to eat, only to plant. The same for carrots.
  9. Unripe tomatoes continue to ripen in the dark if stored in a cool spot in the pantry or celery.
  10. Parsley is kept fresh for longer, if you chop it, add natural sea salt to it, and keep it in a well-sealed jar in the refrigerator.
  11. Fruit jam or preserve no longer catches mold, if before pouring it into jars, rinse the jars with 90-degree alcohol. Never put the spoon that you use to stir the jam in your mouth because the saliva makes the jam turn sugary and can even spoil it.
  12. Fern leaves are fantastic natural food wrappers, as they protect the foods wrapped in them from spoilage. Even more, fern leaves placed in potato pits preserve them better.

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These natural ways to store foods for longer can be really helpful for those who want to prevent food waste, find natural ways to preserve foods and even people who grow and preserve their own food. When you grow your own food, know how to preserve it, and cook it you are part of the richest people on the planet. That is because knowledge is gold, and if we’ve helped you a tiny bit, please share this article so more people learn these natural ways to store food for longer.

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12 Fantastic Natural Ways to Store Foods for Longer - 9Pedia.com

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