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9 Most Powerful Crystals for Abundance & How to Use Them

by Andreea Laza
Powerful Crystals for Abundance & How to Use Them - 9Pedia.com

Looking for the most powerful crystals for abundance and how to use them for maximum wealth and success? Continue reading this article and see what are the best crystals to attract abundance.

Crystals for abundance can be used consciously to enhance the wealth, success, or opportunities in your life. Abundance is not just financial abundance, is that what our spirit really wants.

The best definition of abundance that I know is “the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it”.

When we become more aware of the track of our thoughts, we can more easily manifest abundance, in the sense that we need it. We always create abundance, we create abundantly, but sometimes we are abundant in lack because that is the main focus of the thoughts that work on auto-pilot in our subconscious mind.

There are powerful crystals for abundance that work with our inner core anc shift our perpective and help change our thoughts. These crystals can also be used as a reminder to manifest consciously and create the abundance that you want in your life. Without further ado, here are the top 9 most powerful crystals for abundance and how to use them.

Powerful Crystals for Abundance & How to Use Them - 9Pedia.com

9 Powerful Crystals for Abundance & How to Use Them

9. Moss Agate

In Ancient Greece, moss agate was used to ensure a bountiful harvest, due to its appearance that resembled plant life for them. Protects awaits evil eye and tragedies. Agates encourage self-awareness and contemplation of the inner world within. Moss agate can help us become aware of our beliefs and attract abundance by consciously creating more of what we want, thus it’s one of the best crystals for abundance.

How to Use Moss Agate Crystal for Abundance

Wear a moss agate around your neck on a longer chain, so that the stone reaches your heart area to activate the heart chakra. Use it during meditation or when you visualize how you want to feel when you are abundant.

8. Aventurine

Its name comes from the French word “aventure“, translating into chance or opportunity. In many cultures around the world, this amazing stone is considered a bringer of good fortune, magical opportunities, and is oftentimes associated with money and abundance. Aventurine brings positivity, motivation, and faith, through a deeper understanding that all in life is temporary, and even if you’re not abundant now, your luck can turn at any point. This is one of the most powerful crystals for abundance.

Crystals for Abundance & How to Use Them - Aventurine

How to Use Aventurine Crystal for Abundance

Keep an aventurine crystal in your pocket when you need a sparkle of luck or luck. You can also wear it as a pendant or bracelet, a talisman of abundance and success.

7. Sunstone

The sunstone, as its name tells, is connected to the powerful Sun energy, Yang-type energy. Due to its connection to solar energy, sunstone helps attune the mind, body, and spirit with their higher versions. This helps the wearer of a sunstone to become more of who they truly are, more positive and enjoying life, and ultimately more abundant. This “joie de vivre” state of being induced by the sunstone will help you see the best opportunities to become more abundant in what you want.

How to Use Sunstone Crystal for Abundance

Take with you a piece of sunstone whenever you feel low and gloomy, to remind you that you are the most powerful creator of your reality. You can also wear it as a pendant on your necklace or a bracelet.

6. Pyrite

The name of this crystal comes from the Greek “purites” which means “of fire, fiery“. Due to its golden shades, pyrite used to be called the fool’s gold and was highly praised by Native Americans, who attributed magical properties to this beautiful stone. Due to its innate properties, pyrite is one of the best crystals for abundance, positive energy, and manifestation of all desires.

How to Use Pyrite Crystal for Abundance

The best way to use pyrite for manifestation is to hold a stone in your hand during meditation or to take it with you in a pocket. Or place a pyrite crystal in the abundance corner of your home, according to Feng Shui.

5. Malachite

Due to its amazing properties, the malachite stone is also called the gemstone of transformation and is one of the most powerful crystals for abundance. Yes, this crystal is a powerhouse and this is because it supports financial abundance as well as mental and spiritual growth coming from the heart. It is a great teacher that tells us to keep the good vibes bar up. This is how abundance pours into your life.

Crystals for Abundance & How to Use Them - Malachite

How to Use Malachite Crystal for Abundance

Malachite is such a beautiful stone, it would be a pity not to wear it as a pendant or bracelet. Take it with you whenever you feel low, to help you attune your vibrations to that of love from within.

4. Jade

In the crystals world, jade is called the “lucky charm” due to its unique properties. According to Chinese tradition, jade has all the 5 virtues of humanity, which are: wisdom, compassion, modesty, justice, and courage. Jade is one of the best crystals for abundance because it helps you become aware of self-imposed limitations and overcome the “can’t do” attitude. This magnificent stone helps you discover your inner truth and dissolve all bad habits that keep you from reaching your full potential. Jade invites prosperity and abundance in all aspects of your life.

How to Use Jade Crystal for Abundance

Wearing a beautiful piece of jade around your neck or even better, near your heart will help you tune into your heart and see yourself through the eyes of the infinite love you were made of. Jade rollers have gained a lot of popularity lately. Envision the abundance that you desire while using it for your beauty care.

3. Peridot

The name of this natural crystal comes from the Greek word “peridona” which means “to offer abundance” or equal power. Indeed, peridot is one of the best crystals for abundance that you can use to manifest wealth and other goodies. The reason is that peridot exudes enormous vital energies, helping you to transform your life and your inner world overnight. It’s a powerful spiritual master, a bringer of happiness, and inspiration, and a great cleanser for the heart and plexus solar chakras.

How to Use Peridot Crystal for Abundance

Wear it in your pocket or around your neck so that it reaches the heart. While meditating place a piece of peridot on your solar plexus to activate the inner powers and invite abundance in your life.

2. Tiger’s Eye

This is a powerful Yang gemstone, one of the best crystals for abundance ruled by the beneficial energies of the Sun. Roman soldiers believed that the tiger’s eye would bring them power and protection, while in Ancient China it was believed to bring great luck. Tiger’s eye boosts courage, helps you overcome fear and limitation, and take chances in life. It is a very powerful crystal that attracts abundance and wellbeing and when you’re connecting with a piece of tiger’s eye it will guide your steps to ultimate personal success.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye for Abundance

To make the most of the beneficial energies of this majestic gemstone, use it in your daily meditation practice, or wear one around your wrist as a reminder that you are a fearless and powerful being that creates their reality right here, right now.

1. Citrine

Citrine is the ultimate success and prosperity crystal, and is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is the power chakra of personal power, will, and determination. This magical stone attracts abundance, both on a physical level as well as on a spiritual level. Citrine is also considered a protector against energetic attacks and combats self-destructive tendencies. It’s one of the most powerful crystals for abundance.

How to Use Citrine to Attract Abundance

Wear a piece of citrine in your wallet or purse to attract financial abundance, or use it in daily prayer or meditation. Wearing a long necklace with a citrine pendant can help activate the solar plexus chakra or personal will and creativity.

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Crystals for abundance help you tune with your best version, breakthrough the shadow self, and become aware of your thoughts to change them. These crystals for abundance are permission slips that work if you put the effort into choosing the thoughts that create the reality that you prefer. Abundance is knocking at your door, just let it in.

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9 Most Powerful Crystals for Abundance & How to Use Them - 9Pedia

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