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What Is Spiritual Awakening? 9 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

by Andreea Laza
What is Spiritual Awakening and the Stages of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening or the great awakening has become quite popular over the past few years. If you’re here reading this article you surely heard this term around you and wonder what is it and how it feels to be spiritually awake.

The thing is…

Human consciousness is on a path of ascension from a fear-based reality, to a love-based society.

Spiritual awakening is living in a state of bliss.

But the road to becoming awakened on a spiritual level has its ups and downs. Some call it the dark night of the soul.

This is why not all symptoms of spiritual awakening are pleasant and this is a fact. However, once you’ve crossed that bridge from the ego-based unconscious mind to an aware being, you can call yourself amongst the happiest people on the plant.

Here is the countdown of the most common signs and symptoms that tell you you’re going through a spiritual awakening.

Most Common 9 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

9. Unusual Physical Symptoms

The first symptoms of spiritual awakening are bodily sensations and feelings that you’ve never felt before. The most common ones are scalp and spine itches or tinglings, ringing in the ear, headache and head pressure. Restlessness and unusual sleeping patterns are also common awakening symptoms.

Waking up in the middle of the night for no reason? Insomnia?

These are signs that your crown chakra is opening up and it’s ready to overflow higher vibrational energy in your body. When this high energy pours in it may feel weird and unpleasant, but once you understand the purpose for these changes and allow them to happen you will no longer experience them in a negative way. In fact, you’ll feel blessed that you have started your journey of spiritual awakening.

8. Profound Sadness

Another symptom of spiritual awakening is the intense feeling of sadness, apparently for no reason. You may feel like crying for no particular reason, and this too is a sign of spiritual awakening. How we feel is directly linked to what we think and believe, even if we’re not aware of our thoughts and beliefs.

How to tell if you have a belief that does not belong to you? Simple.

Thoughts that make you sad, fearful and depressed are never yours, they are “stolen” from the collective consciousness. On the other hand, the thoughts that make you happy, positive and hopeful are 100% yours.

When we go through the process of spiritual awakening, we are pushed to dive in deep inside ourselves and see what are the beliefs that do not belong to us and no longer serve us. It’s like a belief detox. It may not be pleasant, but once we pull out the dirt under the rug and dare to face our deeply-rooted negative beliefs, this veil of sadness will lift up and we get to experience the more pleasant side of spiritual awakening.

7. Newfound Interests

Another major sign that you’re on the journey to spiritually awakening is a sheer lack in the mundane. All of a sudden, all the trivial things that were once very appealing are no longer of interest to you. Things like TV shows, celebrities, gossip, magazines, dramas and the sort are #2000-and-late. It’s like you can see through them, the “behind the scenes” and everything has lost its glitz and glow.

And it’s not just this.

Instead of the usual interests, you feel attracted to things you’ve never even considered before. For instance, healthy eating, veganism, healing crystals, minimalist lifestyle, and other alternative living style. Or maybe you’re suddenly drawn into going in nature, camping, learning mushrooms or wild herbs.

All these all-of-a-sudden new and unusual passions you are drawn to tell you that your spirit is yearning to grow and evolve. You’re on the right path.

6. Seeing Repetitive Patterns

Another simple way to tell if you’re on your way to spiritual awakening is seeing repetitive symbols and patterns. Some of the most common are number patterns like 1111, 111, 222 or even 000 and others. A lot of people going through spiritual awakening have a special connection with 1111.

Seeing 11:11 when looking at the clock is a clear sign that you are ready to grow spiritually. This number is a reminder for you to become aware of your thoughts and feelings in this moment because they create your reality. If your focus is not on a positive aspect, then shift your focus to what you want to create or grow.

Other signs and symbols that are here to support your spiritual growth are coins or feathers spotted in unusual places.

5. Feeling Alone

Although you are in the midst of things and living your life, you feel yet separated and alone deep inside. This is another symptom of spiritual awakening, this feeling of alienation from the rest of the society, even close family members of friends.

You may even experience the feeling that you want to withdraw from everyone else and retreat to some place where you feel safe. This is a clear sign that you’ve started to walk down a sacred but solitary road of spiritual enlightenment.

Feeling alone is normal when we start to awake spiritually. Eventually this feeling will fade away when you understand that we’re all deeply connected and separation is a mere illusion to be able to experience the 3D reality.

4. Major Life Changes

When you start your journey of spiritual awakening you automatically change your frequency vibration. This means that you become a different, more evolved being. What this means is that the circumstances around your are also going to change to reflect this new you.

You can expect major relationship changes, such as a breakup or finding a new partner, even changes in relations with your family and friends. Some people can exit your life suddenly, making way for new people who will assist you on your way.

These changes are more likely to impact your career as well. You may find yourself in having to make an important job decision and career change. Your soul will yearn to do something that you also enjoy and dare to change a passion into a business, while your ego-based mind will tell you to stay safe (and unhappy) where you are.

Remember that change is the only constant.

3. An Urge to Know

Some call it existential crisis or mid-life depression, but we should probably call it spiritual awakening. If you’re feeling this deep urge to know more, to understand how life works and find answers to the most important questions that are still unanswered, then you’re on your way to spiritual enlightenment.

This is one of the clearest symptoms of spiritual awakening: the urge to know.

At this point you can see through the veil and the official narrative doesn’t add up anymore. In fact it has left you with more questions than satisfactory answers. Binge watching spiritual teachers and reading books of this nature is a sure sign you’re there, on your path to becoming a spiritually awakened being. This is great news!

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2. New Sensations & Skills

Another clear sign of spiritual awakening is developing new skills and sensations. By this I mean you feel more telepathic or have weird telepathy experiences, sense other people’s energy much deeper, or you can even feel like you can read people’s minds.

You’re not weird, you’re just becoming super-human. And this is perfectly fine.

The clear symptom of spiritually awakening is when you’re becoming an empath. It can be both a blessing and a curse, because feeling in on everyone’s feeling (especially when they suffer) can be quite exhausting, and sometimes you can confuse how they feel with your own feelings and believe their feelings are yours.

When you learn to check in with yourself and see where you are, energetically, it will be easier for you to separate your emotions from other peoples’ emotions. It takes some practice but when this becomes a habit, you can count yourself amongst the select few super-human empaths.

1. You’re Not the Same Person Anymore

Spiritual awakening is like opening a door you’ve never opened before and. Once you open that door and see what’s inside that room you cannot unsee it. It’s acquiring knowledge on the self that you simply cannot put aside and forget about it, negate or dismiss. What this leads to is a feeling like you’re never going to be the old you that you used to be.

Spiritual awakening leaves you forever changed, more empowered, and more emphatic.

At the end, you don’t feel like you’re the same person anymore and others will see this too. They will try to understand what’s going on with you and why you’ve changed, but in time they will accept you because this is a road they will eventually take anyways. The best thing at this point is to accept your new self, embrace it and be thankful to have changed in a way that brings more love, light and acceptance into the world.

Spiritual Awakening – What To Take from It

There are even more symptoms of spiritual awakening and they vary from person to person, depending how many negative, limiting beliefs one has to debunk and overgrow.

Spiritual awakening is a remembering who you really are and how the world really works.

At first it feels weird to put it mildly, then it’s filled with insights and finally, things start to fall into place, just like a giant puzzle. This growth will make those around you irritated at first, intrigued and then curious and ready to take on the same journey as yours. It’s important to leave them be and do not let your awakening judge, condemn or try to change others. Respect their journeys and appreciate yours.

Sooner or later we will all go through spiritual awakening.

What we see in the world today is an accelerated mass awakening paving the way to a new golden age the world has never seen before. This is very exciting times!

Enjoy your personal journey through spiritual awakening, be kind to yourself and others and know that all that comes to you is in perfect alignment and synchronicity. Namaste!

The 9 most common signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening and how to tell if you're going through spiritual awakening.
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