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How to Remove Stains from Clothes for 7 Stain Types

by Andreea Laza
How to Remove Stains from Clothes for 7 Stain Types - 9Pedia.com

Want to learn how to remove stains from clothes for seven different kinds of clothes stains? Continue reading.

If you want to know how to remove stains from clothes at home, without chemical detergents and very simple? Well, we have here a bunch of all-natural ways to remove stains from clothes for 7 different types of stains, mostly chemical stains, such as motor oil, glue, resin, and rust stains, but also mold stains, grass, and dirt. These simple ways to remove stains from clothes actually work and all you need are simple ingredients, some of which you already have in your home. Without further ado, here is how to remove stains from clothes, 100% natural.

How to Remove Stains from Clothes – 7 Types of Stains

1. Natural Ways to Remove Motor Oil Stains

You can immediately remove motor oil stains from clothes if you smear the stains with a little butter or a whisked egg yolk. Spread over the stain, and leave to dry. Then rub them off with a washing pad soaked in hot water. Motor oil stains on velvet or plush can also be removed by smearing them with unsalted butter that you scrape off with a knife, 5 minutes later. The left motor oil traces can be removed with alcohol or ammonium bicarbonate.

2. Natural Ways to Remove Resin Stains

If we’re speaking about hemp, cotton, or linen clothes, you can use distilled turpentine, a vegetable volatile and colorless solvent, extracted from pine buds through distillation to remove resin stains. If the stain is on woolen clothes, first powder it with talc powder, then rub it with a cloth soaked in a solution of equal parts of distilled turpentine and 90-degree alcohol. If the fabric is delicate, use a piece of cloth soaked in 90-degree alcohol to gently dab the stain several times (do not rub).

3. Natural Ways to Remove Glue Stains

To remove glue stains from clothes, pad the stain with nail polish. Nail polish naturally dissolves glue and then you can wash your clothes normally. Similar to glue stains, chewing gum stains can also be removed at home. First, harden the gum stain by rubbing it with a plastic bag filled with ice cubes. Scrape the gum with a spoon or spatula. If there are still traces of gum left, remove them with a solvent.

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4. Natural Ways to Remove Rust Stains

Rust comes out with citric acid. Rub the stains with hot lemon juice or a combination of citric acid and salt. Leave the clothing item in the sun for an hour and then wash it off. Toothpaste with fluoride is also very effective for removing rust stains. Old rust stains disappear if you moisten them abundantly with rhubarb stem juice or nettle leaf juice (cold-pressed). Then wash the clothes normally. Rust stains on bed linen or underwear can easily be removed if you pour fresh lemon juice over the stain, and then wash normally.

5. Natural Ways to Remove Grass Stains

Grass stains on clothes come out with rubbing alcohol. Rub the stain with 90-degree alcohol, then gently rub it with water and a bar of soap. Rinse well and the grass stain is usually gone by now. Or, rub the grass stain with very hot soapy water, and then with the alcohol. Grass or spinach juice stains on light-colored clothes should be rubbed immediately with a raw potato. Then wash normally, in the automatic machine.

6. Natural Ways to Remove Dirt Stains

After getting your clothes dirty with mud, let them dry, then scrub off the dried mud with a brush. Then wash them by hand with warm water into which you pour some vinegar. If the mud stain is on silk or fine woolen clothing, the stain can be removed with water to which you add a little bit of egg yolk. While, if the stain is on waterproof or rubber clothes, you can remove the stain can with a solution of water and vinegar.

To remove dirt stains from woolen clothes, first, wash them with water, and if the stains don’t come out, rub them with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Superficial stains (dust, mud, etc.) on leather clothes can be removed by rubbing an onion cut in two over the surface of the stained leather. These are some of the simplest ways to remove dirt stains from clothes.

7. Natural Ways to Remove Mold Stains

If the mold stains are fresh, you can naturally remove them with soured milk. If they are older, rub them with boiled lemon juice. If they are resistant, make the following preparation: 1/2 liter of warm water, in which a teaspoon of grated soap, 1 tablespoon of starch, 1 tablespoon of salt, and the juice of a lemon. Mix all the ingredients well, then soak the mold stain in the mixture, rubbing it well. Rinse 2-3 times and leave to dry. Or you can soak them in a mixture of one part ammonium bicarbonate and 6 parts water and then wash them normally. Even simpler, dab the area with hydrogen peroxide diluted with cold water.

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Now you know how to remove stains from clothes without chemical and dangerous washing detergents, but only natural ingredients that cause no harm. If you want to learn more natural ways to wash clothes at home, please read our article on how to make your own 100% natural washing detergent at home. It’s simple, effective and so much more healthy than using conventional washing detergents. Plus, it’s better for the environment. If you’ve enjoyed learning how to remove stains from clothes naturally, please share this article on social media, so more people can use this info.

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How to Remove Stains from Clothes for 7 Clothes Stain Types - 9Pedia.com

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