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9 Cool Minimalist Camping Essentials for Your Next Camping Trip in 2024

by Andreea Laza
9 Minimalist Camping Essentials

If you want to go camping and travel light, you should take with you only the bare necessities for camping. This is why we figured a lot of you would appreciate a shortlist of 9 minimalist camping essentials, the very bare necessities to make the most of the camping experience.

Most of the items on this camping checklist are multipurpose, lightweight and essential for camping.

At the end of the article, you will find an image with the minimalist bare necessities camping checklist that you can pin. Use this short list camping essentials guide whenever you want to go camping, but carry less and enjoy more.

9 Minimalist Camping Essentials – The Bare Necessities

9. Camping Backpack

First, you need a camping backpack to fit all the essentials that you need. A couple of t-shirts and underwear as well as a pair of cozy socks to keep your feet warm at night are the basics that you need.

The backpack is essentially the first item you should consider when going camping. If you already have a lightweight backpack that fits all that you need for a minimalist camper, that’s great. If not, choose a backpack that has great capacity, meaning it can feel all your clothing, food supplies, and other camping essentials.

Also, make sure it has bungee elastic ropes so you can attach your tent, trekking poles, and other camping accessories that you need.

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8. Lightweight Tent

A good tent is a must-have on any minimalist camping essentials list.

The very definition of minimalist camping is to travel as light as possible, yet have everything you need. For this, an easy to install and the lightweight tent is a must. When getting a camping tent, also look for one that is water, UV rays, and windproof resistant for maximum comfort.

It is also important to choose a camping tent that has practical storage pockets to help you stay organized and is spacious enough for the best outdoor sleep. If you’re still looking for that perfect tent, we recommend the 1 person, lightweight tent below.

7. Sleeping Pad

Another item that should not miss from your minimalist camping essentials list is a good sleeping pad. Simply having a “roof” over your head is not enough for a comfortable sleep in a tent. On the contrary, the hard earth floor with all sorts of bumps can give you back pain when you wake up the next day. And camping should be fun and relaxing.

For this, a sleeping pad is the solution. What to look for in a sleeping pad for camping? Make sure it’s lightweight, comfy, and easy to carry. If you’re looking for the perfect sleeping pad for your next camping trip, check the one below.

6. Camping Sleeping Bag

Another minimalist camping essentials list item is a good sleeping bag. The role of the sleeping bag is that of a cover that keeps you warm at night. And believe me, even if you’re camping in the hottest summer season, the nights are pretty chilly and you feel in your bones. But when you tuck in your sleeping bag you can rest assured that you’ll stay warm and cozy all night long.

The sleeping bag from Sportneer is lightweight and waterproof. Even more, it has holes for the hands and feet so that you can use it even next to the campfire and basically walk in it around the campsite. This sleeping bag is the next level camping onesie, let me tell you.

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5. Camping Cooking System

To stick the the minimalist camping essentials, we must take care of the food and cooking too. The all in one camping cooking system from Jetboil does the job. It’s the fastest water boiling camping stone out there. The cooking cup can be used as a mug and as a pot too, depending on what you want to cook or prepare in it.

It is a perfect 2 in one mug and pot for the morning camping coffee and ramen packs for lunch.

There are a few great accessories for it, such as a coffee press, skillet and other camping cooking utensils, but if you want to stick to the minimalist camping checklist, the stove cooking system and the fuel can should do.

4. Water Filter for Camping

The heaviest things to carry with you when camping are bottles of water. Of course, water is of paramount importance, but if you want to travel the lightest, then a personal water filter is an essential item. You can use this filter to drink water from creeks or springs, and not worry about getting sick.

Easy to carry and super-useful, the water filters gets the job done and helps you stay hydrated and still camp light. A must-tick on any minimalist camping essentials lists.

3. Spork (Spoon, Fork, Knife)

Eating utensils are also part of the minimalist camping essentials checklist that you need to take with you. But instead of carrying a lot of stainless steel cutlery, go for the all in one spoon, knife, and fork. Meet the spork. You probably may have heard of it before, but I for one didn’t know there was a version with a knife included. This is a big thumbs up!

The spork is extremely light and a great multipurpose tool, ideal for any minimalist camper.

2. LED Camping Lantern

Another camping essential is a reliable LED camping lantern. This is definitely a must-have for anyone going camping, not just a minimalist. The LED battery-powered lightweight camping lantern from Etekcity is a great choice. You can easily open and close it, and it is easy to carry and hang due to its foldable metallic top handle.

A LED lantern should be a priority item on any minimalist camping essentials checklist.

1. Deet-Free Mosquito Repellent

Last but definitely not least and perhaps one of the most important items that need to be on any minimalist camping essentials checklist is a good mosquito repellent. If you’ve never been camping in the woods before during summertime, I can understand why you don’t see how important it is to have a reliable mosquito and insect repellent with you.

But if you have, you totally get me.

A natural deet-free mosquito repellent spray is the one from Repel, based on lemon and eucalyptus essential oils. These oils are a natural barrier against mosquitoes, ticks and other insects that would normally have a bit at it.

Of course, there are other great insect repellents out there, namely the ones that emit ultrasounds to scare the bugs away. Choose whichever feels best for you, but take my advice and never go camping without great mosquito protection with you.

Other Minimalist Camping Essentials

Don’t forget some cook snacks, marshmallows and easy to cook meals, a comfy hoodie for the chill nights and the flint and steel to get the fire started. Whatever you take with you, consider camping as light and minimal as possible so that you can soak up more of an amazing camping experience.

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9 Minimalist Camping Essentials - Bare Necessities Camping Checklist

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