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Color Therapy: How to Use Yellow for Healing

by Andreea Laza
Color Therapy: How to Use Yellow for Healing - 9Pedia.com

Want to know how to use yellow for healing? Discover all you need to know about yellow color therapy and how to bring more yellow light into your life.

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, harnesses the therapeutic power of colors to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Each color in the spectrum carries unique properties that affect our mood, energy levels, and even physiological processes. Among these, yellow stands out for its warmth, positivity, and stimulating effects on the mind and body. In this article, we delve into the healing benefits of yellow light therapy and how you can incorporate it into your daily life for improved health and vitality. Let’s see how to use yellow for healing.

What Is Color Therapy

Light affects our body and mind in multiple ways. The most significant impact is from the light radiation on our retina, which instantly influences both our mood and our physical health. Additionally, it’s been found that our skin has so-called photoreceptor cells that are sensitive to light. These cells send signals to the nervous and endocrine systems, regulating their activity without us being consciously aware of it.

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The Best Time to Use Yellow for Healing

It seems that our bodies have been programmed since ancient times to use yellow spectrum light for healing especially during the autumn season. Researchers have observed that not only the golden sunlight but also the yellow light from an incandescent bulb or a candle flame provides the same beneficial psychological effects, although not with the same intensity.

How to Use Yellow for Healing

The best time for bathing in the golden-yellow light is in October, in the afternoon between 4:30 PM and 6:00 PM, when the yellow spectrum emission is strongest. The simplest way to use yellow for healing is to take a “light bath” under the canopy of yellowing tree leaves in the forest for at least 30 minutes each day, looking at the well-lit tree crowns (but not directly at the sun). If it’s not too cold outside, you can expose not just your face but also your neck and arms up to the elbows to the yellow sunlight, to enjoy the beneficial effects of this color therapy.

When you can’t enjoy the autumn sunlight from being outside, bright yellow electric light (such as that produced by incandescent bulbs, but not LEDs) is very useful for relaxation, socializing, and stimulating creativity. Additionally, the yellow light from a candle flame or the orange-red light from a fireplace or campfire greatly enhances intimacy and psychological comfort, calms anxiety, and eliminates feelings of loneliness or emotional isolation. Let’s explore some specific therapeutic applications of yellow light therapy

5 Health Benefits of Yellow Color Therapy

1. Anxiety

The gentle golden light is a true natural calming agent that alleviates fear, anxiety, and insecurity. This effect is achieved through simple visual contact with this light for several minutes daily, as well as through skin exposure. After several days of bathing in the golden-yellow light, individuals become calmer, more confident, more creative, and more inclined towards self-reflection and meditation.

2. Phobias & Social Anxiety

Golden-yellow light is an exceptional remedy for individuals who suffer from phobias or have socialization issues, as it encourages the expression of affection, fosters relationships, and facilitates smooth mental and emotional communication. This is also why events ranging from romantic dates to formal celebrations often take place by warm candlelight.

3. Better Sleep

Several studies conducted in the United States, Japan, and Germany have confirmed that the blue electric light commonly used today, from fluorescent lights or LED lights, is excellent for intellectual activities but detrimental to sleep quality, as it lacks the full light spectrum of the sun that our eyes and skin are used to. This type of light radiation disrupts the secretion of melatonin, which plays a crucial role in sleep onset and the regulation of the sleep-wake cycle.

The antidote to this disruption of melatonin production is exposure to golden-yellow light, which naturally regulates sleep, enables deeper relaxation, and helps adjust the circadian rhythm. Besides taking light baths in the cozy autumn sun, it is also recommended to use incandescent bulbs or even candles that emit the full yellow spectrum light during the evening.

Did You Know? Scented candles contain fragrances that are loaded with toxic chemicals. Please use unscented candles, or ones that have only pure essentia oils in them for scent.

4. Digestion

The golden-yellow light radiation has an excellent tonic effect on digestion and liver activity. Studies show that exposure to golden-yellow light stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, liver and gallbladder activity, and helps alleviate bloating and intestinal transit disorders. Individuals who frequently suffer from indigestion, slow digestion, or hypoacid gastritis will greatly benefit from the effects of this light even while they eat.

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5. Cancer

Being a strong stimulant of melatonin production, natural golden-yellow light is also a powerful ally in preventing and suppressing malignant tumors. This is because melatonin is one of the most potent anti-cancer agents that the body produces. Specifically, increased melatonin secretion helps combat brain, lung, stomach, genital, prostate, breast, and colon tumors. Furthermore, cancer patients exposed to golden-yellow light have shown reduced fear and anxiety, and greater confidence in their body’s ability to self-heal, which is extremely important in the treatment of this disease.

Did You Know? Spending 5 minutes in the morning or evening sunlight after taking natural supplements such as Vitamin D, C and others, potentiates and enhances the beneficial effects of the supplements that you take.

Yellow Color Therapy Contraindications & Safety

Exposure to strong yellow light is contraindicated for individuals with high fever, hyperacid gastritis, hyperactivity, or nervous hyperexcitability. Avoid exposing to the midday sunlight, as you can get burned. Instead, get out in the early morning sun or right before sunset. Do not use conventional sunscreen, as the chemicals in these products can damage your skin and add toxicity to your body.

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By integrating yellow light into your daily routine, whether through natural sunlight, yellow bulbs, or candles, you can tap into its healing potential. Whether you seek to boost your mood, alleviate stress, enhance creativity, or support physical health, yellow light offers a gentle yet effective way to promote overall well-being. Now you know how to use yellow for healing, share the article so more people learn about it.

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