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9 Cool Planters for a Modern Urban Jungle

by Andreea Laza
urban jungle apartment planters and pots

The concept of the modern urban jungle has gotten a lot of momentum over the past few years. And this is no wonder.

People living in big, crowded cities want to bring some nature inside.

And this is the whole concept behind a modern urban jungle: a sacred space filled with plants that turn a boring city apartment into a basking jungle full of living plants.

The Benefits of Turning Your Place into an Urban Jungle

Having an urban jungle inside comes with very many health benefits too. Plants are natural factories of good health. This translates to:

  • natural oxygen and a much cleaner air
  • reduced dust, because plants absorb it
  • less EMF radiation
  • a natural climate because plants regulate humidity and temperature
  • growing your own natural herbs and spices
  • caring for plants is healthy for the mind and soul too
  • making your home more natural and beautiful

There are many other amazing health and overall lifestyle benefits of creating an urban jungle space in your apartment. Moreover, there are many ideas you can find online on how to start an urban jungle apartment project.

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The first thing you need, are some amazing and cool looking planters that give off that urban jungle vibes. We have selected a list of 9 cool planters, baskets, and accessories that will help you kick start your dream of living in an amazing urban jungle. All of the pots and planters here can easily be purchased online.

Share the word if you’ve found our list in inspiring. Without further ado, let’s being our countdown.

9 Cool Planters for a Modern Urban Jungle

9 Cool Planters for a Modern Urban Jungle

9. The Woven Seagrass Belly Basket

Now this one here is already a classy urban jungle item. And I am sure you’ve seen it on Pinterest many times. Still, the woven seagrass basket is such a versatile thing to have in your home.

You can use it to put pots of lush exotic plants somewhere in the corner of your bedroom or living area or even use it to store other essentials. It’s easy to integrate into any modern urban jungle space. Simple as is, the woven basket will make your home get into the jungle vibe easy.

This is a must have for any urban jungle beginner.

8. The Versatile Bamboo Plant Stand

Any deem urban jungle needs a versatile plant stand on wheels. One reason is that this is a great display for those lovely succulents and small exotic plants. Then, of course, you can easily move it to one spot to another. This makes your urban jungle mutable and more like a playground.

And if you’re one of those plant lovers like me, who likes to move the plants around, this stand is exactly what you need. Ditch the traditional TV console and replace it with a great looking jungle-vibey plant stand on wheels. I just love it!

7. Metallic Hanging Planter

What would a lush exotic jungle be without plants hanging from above and crawling all over the walls and ceilings? Not much a jungle, I agree. In addition, the ceiling and walls are the most unused spaces in any apartment.

This hanging planter is ideal to create that modern urban jungle vibe.

It can hold three potted plants, either succulents or the hanging type such as the money plant. What a lovely and great painting replacement this hanging potter is. Live art at its finest.

6. Adjustable Mid-Century Wooden Flower Pot Holder

The mid-century pot holder is another staple item for any minimalist yet lush modern urban jungle apartment. This wooden flower pot holder is very hip because it looks so stylish, yet simple and clean. Exactly what you need for a modern minimalist urban jungle.

But there’s even more.

This potholder here is also adjustable to fit different flower pot sizes. And not only this, but it can also be adjusted vertically, to the desired height you want to plant to be at. What a cool feature. I love it.

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5. Boho Macrame Plant Hanger from Mkono

This planter should not miss from any urban jungle sanctuary. The macrame plant hanger has gained a lot of popularity amongst plant lovers. The reason is that it allows you to build the urban jungle vertically, thus making precious space for more amazing plants.

What plants to hang in the macrame plant hanger?

Basically any plants that love to overflow their leaves and crawl, but also succulents and small baby plants that love some alone time. Such a cool accessory for any modern urban jungle apartment!

4. Marbling Ceramic Flower Pots from Sun-E

These lovely planters are made from the best quality clay and have a contemporary marble design that adds a breath of fresh air to any urban jungle. More so, these marble effect planters can be used as garden props and decorative accents.

They come in a set of 4 pots, so just make sure you get your plants ready for their new homes. Ideal for cacti, succulents and baby plants, these ceramic pots add just a touch of style to an urban jungle. Absolutely fabulous for that modern urban jungle feel.

3. The City Jungle Self Watering Planter

Let’s talk about some real gardening now. The modern urban jungle is not just about lush plants packed sanctuary, but also about growing your own food. Growing herbs and veggies on the balcony or terrace of a city apartment is a new thing. And moreover, it is such a nourishing activity, not only for the body but also for the mind and spirit.

For this, the City Jungle self watering planter is the thing you need.

2. Geometric Wall Planter Vase from Umbra

Another cool urban jungle planter and accessory are the geometrical wall planters for small succulents. These wall planters from Umbra are made from 2 pieces, the triangular ceramic vase and the gorgeous golden frame that secures the vase on the wall.

Such a beautiful combination of materials and colors, deem of a modern urban jungle.

The wall planters come in 4 colors (black, concrete, grey, white) and 3 metallic accents (copper, brass, and nickel) so that you choose the right combination for your taste. There are also 3 sizes, to choose from for your natural sanctuary. Lovely!

1. Vintage Ceramic Planters from Greenaholics

Our number 1 spot is occupied by the classy white ceramic planter. A white ceramics pot is a must-have for any modern urban jungle home. The planter comes in 2 sizes and colors (black and white) to accommodate most small and medium-sized indoor plants.

This is a staple planter for the snake plant.

But of course, the vintage ceramic planters can be used to plant any plant, because the effect will be the same. These pots exude elegance and simplicity, thus allowing for the plants to shine and become the center of attention. A must-have in any modern urban jungle indeed!

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