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10 Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

by Andreea Laza

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts is a rising trend.

More an more people are becoming aware of their impact in the world. And thus they want to do their best to be as gentle as possible to our planet Earth.

At 9Pedia.com we too support alternative lifestyles that enrich our lives and have a less negative impact on our surroundings.

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We figured a collection of unique eco-friendly Christmas gifts and ideas would be appreciated for those who think alike.

Let’s get inspired together and make Christmas more environmental friendly!

10 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts & Ideas

1. The Zero Waste Starter Kit

Zero Waste Starter Kit - Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

What better way to surprise your friend who wants to live more consciously and reduce their footprint on Earth than with a zero waste started kit?

The started kit includes all the necessaries to help anyone begin their zero waste lifestyle. It is made of reusable products and it contains a stainless steel straw set, a reusable storage box, biodegradable travel cup, bamboo toothbrush and travel case as well as organic reusable grocery string bags and beeswax food wraps.

Basically, it’s the complete set of biodegradable, reusable and eco-friendly products that we need to start a more environment friendly lifestyle.

This is indeed a neat eco-friendly Christmas gift.

2. Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set - Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

When we think eco-friendly, we shouldn’t be only thinking friendly to the planet, but also kind to ourselves.

The original jade roller for facial massage and the gua sha stone are revolutionary natural facial treatments. They are made of natural jade crystal, bringing nature closer to us. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese stone for facial and body massage.

Both of this natural cosmetic tools help restore the skin through a simple massage. They also help the lymphatic system, thus reducing puffiness and lymph blockages. The jade roller and gua sha stone are also especially good for anti-aging treatments because they help reduce wrinkles.

Made of natural jade stone, they also work on an energy level to restore and replenish the skin.

This is a great eco-friendly Christmas gift for your mom, a friend or even for yourself.

3. Handcrafted Silicone & Bamboo Baking Set

Silicone & Bamboo Baking Set - Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Another great eco-friendly Christmas gift is this cooking set. It comes with a set of 6 handy tools handcrafted from natural bamboo. They all have ultra smooth non toxic, food safe, vegetable oil coating finish that makes them safe for use. In addition, they come with a cotton muslin bag.

The handcrafted set of 6 set cooking tools is packed in a super-cute bio-degradable cartoon that makes it a perfect gift for Christmas or other occasions.

4. Zero Waste Drink Set

Zero Waste Drinking Set - Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

This makes a great eco-friendly Christmas gift idea for someone who loves their morning coffee or tea.

It is a zero-waste eco-friendly set that contains a reusable bamboo eco travel mug, 4 reusable bamboo straws, 2 reusable stainless steel straws, 2 silicone straw tips, and wood portable straw case with cleaning brush. All eco-friendly, reusable and fun to use.

This is also a great Christmas gift idea for a travel lover, either family or friend.

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5. Coconut Bowls Set

Coconut Bowls Set - Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Coconut bowls have conquered the eco-friendly and zero-wasters out there. They are everywhere. Vegan smoothie bowls, poke bowls, soups and everything in between. I personally own two coconut bowls that I absolutely love and would definitely recommend.

This set here comes with 4 handmade coconut bowls covered with organic, food-safe white coating for a longer lasting.

In addition, the set also contains 4 wooden spoons, 4 wooden forks, 4 reusable bamboo straws, a straw cleaner, and a canvas pouch. Plus, a free e-book to download upon purchase with 10 awesome vegan recipes to make and serve in these lovely coconut bowls.

I admit, this would be a great eco-friendly Christmas gift for myself! 🙂

6. Eco-Friendly Christmas Scented Candles

Eco-Friendly Christmas Scented Candles - Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

What would Christmas be without the lovely cinnamon, pumpkin, pine and fir scents and burning candles? Candles always make a great gift idea, especially when they are themed for that special occasion.

These candles from La Jolie Muse are made from lead-free cotton wicks and premium, soft, highly-refined perfume-grade fragrance oils and soy wax. This makes them biodegradable and eco-friendly, safe to burn and fun to enjoy.

They make great Christmas gift ideas for that special friend who lighting up candles to create cozy Christmas scene.

7. Eco-Friendly Thermos with Infuser

Eco-Friendly Thermos with Infuser - Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

What a better Christmas gift for your tea or coffee lover friend, who’s always on the go than a thermos with infuser and strainer? Well, an eco-friendly one.

The thermos from Sacred Lotus Love is exactly that.

A environmental friendly and conscious made infuser and flask with a mission to make every sip more conscious and connected to all that is. It is made from bamboo, BPA free and lead free and stainless steel, all food-grade, high quality materials. In addition, the thermos uses a vacuum insulation tech that keeps beverages warm for up to 12 hours and cool for 24 hours.

From functionality to design and purpose, this is an amazing eco-friendly Christmas gift everyone would love to receive.

8. Unisex Eco-Friendly Razor

Unisex Eco-Friendly Razor - Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Another neat Christmas gift that environmental friendly pees will love is the eco-friendly razor. Handmade from the best bamboo wood, this razor is a great gift idea for both men and women. Aside from classic plastic razors, this one here uses a safety razor that is easy to dispose of and recycle.

With a lifetime razor warranty, this razor is durable, and the double blade assures a safe and perfect shaving.

We love the design of the razor and the box too.

9. 100% Biodegradable Lunch Bag

100% Biodegradable Lunch Bag - Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

This is a great gift idea for both men, women, kids too. The canvas lunch bag is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly, and is a stylish accessory to have at work or school. It is large and durable and also chic.

We love the design, the functionality and also the fact that it is a product with a purpose.

The MadeReusable gives 1% from the sales to Oceana, who works to take care of the world’s oceans.

We think this is a wonderful eco-friendly Christmas gift for everyone.

10. Sustainable Home by Christine Liu

Sustainable Home by Christine Liu - Unique Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Last but not least, a good read will always make a great Christmas gift. Especially if is a book with a purpose and the intention to make us more knowledgeable about sustainable living.

There are many zero waste, sustainability or vegan books out there and we chose this one because home is where our heart is.

And sustainable living starts at home.

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Hopefully you’ve found many inspiring eco-friendly Christmas gift ideas here on 9Pedia. If you liked this article, like and share.

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