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Natural Homemade Furniture Polish Recipe

by Andreea Laza
Natural Homemade Furniture Polish Recipe - 9Pedia.com

Learn how to make your own natural homemade furniture polish with a couple of natural ingredients. But first…

Wood, leather, and upholstered furniture last longer and have a more pleasant polish if they are maintained regularly. However, most furniture polishes in supermarkets are loaded with toxic chemicals and synthetic perfumes that can cause a lot of mysterious symptoms and health problems, as they add up in the body. Instead, make your own natural homemade furniture polish with just a few ingredients that are easily available in most superstores.

Natural Homemade Furniture Polish with Lemon Essential Oils

To make this simple natural furniture polish, you need only two simple ingredients and a glass sprayer bottle. Virgin olive oil helps to protect wooden furniture, while lemon essential oil cleans in-depth and leaves a pleasant smell.

Mix the ingredients in a glass sprayer bottle and shake well. Apply a small amount on a soft cotton cloth and rub the furniture with circular movements. Use this homemade furniture polish whenever your wooden furniture needs a fresh and shiny look.

Other Tips for Cleaning Furniture Naturally

  • White marks left by hot objects – To remove the white marks left by hot objects placed on wooden furniture, rub the stains with a light or dark-colored candle, depending on the shade of your furniture. Then cover the area with 2 or 3 paper napkins and place the hot clothing iron on top. This will make the colored wax melt and cover the mark. Polish with a soft cloth and repeat the process if necessary.
  • Water stains on wood – Combine baking soda with mayonnaise until you get a thicker paste. Apply some of the paste on a cotton cloth, and rub the stains lightly, then leave for 5 minutes. Rub again with a clean cloth to remove the paste.
  • Removing stickers from wooden furniture – Vegetable oil easily removes stickers stuck to wood. Apply a generous amount of vegetable oil over the stickers, leave overnight, and then rub the stickers off with a soft cloth.

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If you’ve enjoyed learning how to make natural homemade furniture polish and care for your furniture with simple, natural tips, please share this article. Let us know in the comments below what is your go-to natural furniture polish.

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100% Natural Homemade Furniture Polish Recipe - 9Pedia.com

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