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The 7 Secrets to Healing All Disease

by Andreea Laza
How to heal any disease with these 7 secrets

Could there be a secret code to healing all disease?

According to researchers and authors Alex Loyd, N.D., Ph.D and Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD there are 7 secret rules to healing any disease. Let’s see what they are. But before.

Alexander Loyd is a physician and psychologist.

He sought 12 years for a treatment for his wife’s depression. Nothing worked until 2001 when, on the plane, the healing code was revealed to him. After a few applications, his wife’s depression began to improve, soon disappearing altogether.

Ben Johnson is a specialist in osteopathy and natural medicine.

In 2004, he used the 7 healing codes, to heal himself from Lou Gehring’s disease, a disease known to be incurable. After this experience, he began to lecture around the world about the way the 7 codes work.

Together they wrote The Healing Code, a bestseller and much appreciated work.

According to the authors, healing is a simple coding matter. It operates under 7 secret principles that once we understand, there’s nothing in the way of our healing. To better understand the 7 secrets to healing all disease, let’s begin with the fundamental principles of health.

The 3 Core Principles for Healing all Disease

  1. There is something that can cure almost any illness or problem: The immune system.
  2. Something that can disrupt the immune system from working: Stress.
  3. There is something that can make the immune system work again: Healing the soul.

According to their research, there is an embedded code inside each one of us that once we understand, we can successfully heal any condition, no matter is a physical or mental problem.

The 7 Secrets to Healing All Disease

1. All Disease Comes from The Same Source

Although health specialists fail to reach a common agreement on the best treatment for treating a disease, they all agree that there is a unique source: STRESS.

Some studies correlate stress with 90% of illnesses, others say stress causes up to 95% of the disease.

We all get stressed daily about little things, and this is called circumstantial stress. But when stress is a constant in our lives for days, weeks, months at a time, that is physiological stress and it is the stress that causes all illnesses and conditions.

Physiological stress points to an unbalanced nervous system

The central nervous system can be described by analogy with a car. If the accelerator pedal is pressed all the time, eventually something will go wrong. The same will happen if the brake is used excessively. The machine is designed to function normally if the brake and the brake are used in a balanced manner.

2. Stress Is Unbalanced Energy Creating Disease

In 1905, Albert Einstein discovered that matter is actually energy. All of our health problems originate from a destructive energy frequency. If we want to address health problems, we need to fix the energy problem. In the future, medicine will focus on controlling the energy of the body.

3. Stress Is Stored in Every Cell

The cause of stress in the body is cellular memory. Cellular memory is the memory stored in our cells.

For a long time, scientists thought that memory is stored in the brain. But after studies, where they removed almost all of the brain, they realized that memories were intact. Then they noticed that in the case of transplants, people began to have thoughts, feelings, dreams, personality changes, or even the appetite of the donor.

When cellular memory resonates with destructive energy frequencies, this memory produces stress in the body. Researchers at Southwestern have made an analogy:

“Cellular memory is like a note that says what cells have to do – only that when there are destructive cellular memories stored, the note sends the wrong instructions to our cells.”

4. All Memories Are Stored on The Hard Drive

The human hard drive is where everything is stored. The computer’s performance is limited by hard disk capabilities. Even when we delete a document, it can be retrieved by an expert who has the necessary equipment and knowledge.

The human hard drive keeps records of everything that happens to us, as memories. Even when we can not remember something consciously, or haven’t been aware of it, it still gets stored.

Of all the memories we have, a whopping 90% is stored into the unconscious mind. This means it would be very difficult to impossible for us to remember. Here is where our own very first memories are stored. The bottom line is this.

Everything that happens to us, is encoded in the cells as memories.

Some of these contain misleading, destructive beliefs that activate the stress response of the body even when it is not the case, which leads to the immune system shut down and causes problems.

5. Bad Memories Can Make Us Sick

The human hard drive works with antivirus software. This software works with stimulus/ reaction principles. It seeks pleasure and it avoids pain. In time, we store in it our beliefs and definitions caused by our life experiences.

Memories are a stimulus/reaction response, programmed to protect us.

The 3 Types of Cell Memories

  • Inherited: there are memories you can inherit from your mom, dad, or grandparents;
  • Before speaking and logical thinking: there are memories that you have since you were a child up to the age of six;
  • Traumatic: there are memories that are recorded whenever something traumatic is happening to us.

In short, the stimulus/reaction response is activated every time we go through something similar. When the stimulus/reaction response is activated, we experience again aspects of the initial event.

6. We Are What We Believe

When we believe we will become poor, for instance, when we quit a job, this belief will create a stress response. This triggered response will thus shape our reality.

Our beliefs can either cure us or kill us.

We always act according to our beliefs. Many of our beliefs come from the stimulus/reaction response, and we are not even aware of.

7. The Soul Always Wins

We are what we believe deep down our soul. And not what we think we are. This is why the soul will always come before the mind.

Dr. Loyd gives the example of his relationship with his wife.

Before getting married, they took dozens of tests to see if they were compatible or not. They passed the tests, but one year into their marriage, they filed for a divorce. At a conscious, mind level they thought the same, but unconsciously they had different opinions.

Life is a journey of the body and soul.

So, we do what the soul says. We use our minds to elaborate on all sorts of wonderful plans for our life. But when the painful memories stored related to these plans, we will react accordingly, whether we want it or not.

Healing All Disease is Possible. Here’s How To.

Removing stress activates the life energy inside. This energy helps the immune system to fight disease. For this to happen, we need to act upon the painful memories stored on our hard drives. And this is an energy-using work.

World renown biology researcher and author Bruce Lipton said the same.

We live life according to the unconscious programs that run in our hard drives. When we become aware of these programs, that we call beliefs, we can change them consciously.

We know we have changed when we react differently to the same stimuli. When the things that used to trigger a negative response no longer create pain in our lives, then we know we have changed.

Stress is Actually a Good Thing

Whether we like it or not, stress is here to point to us the flawed programs that run in the background. Stress is not the problem per se, although it is not at all pleasant. It is the stimuli that show us what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world by the way we respond to it.

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Healing All Disease Is Simple Once We Understand That…

Circumstances don’t matter. They don’t materialize. Only the state of being matters, it makes things come to life. What we believe about the circumstances in our life is what determines the outcome and not the other way around.

We have more power than we oftentimes believe.

Our life is in our own hands. We can only heal our lives and regain our happiness, prosperity, and joy of living. It’s a matter of conscious programming by seeding in the positive beliefs that will help us grow into the most beautiful plant.

The Code to Healing all Disease Has 7 Simple Rules - 9Pedia.com

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