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9 Health Benefits of Going to The Seaside

by Andreea Laza
9 Health Benefits of Going to The Seaside

The seaside is healing not only for the soul, but also for the mind and body. Indeed, going to the seaside comes with way more health benefits than meets the eye. The sun, the wind, the water, the sand are all natural elements that have amazing purifying and healing properties. The seaside or the ocean side welcomes everyone with great many benefits. Here are the most important 9 health benefits of going to the seaside.

Let’s do this and go to the seaside!

9 Health Benefits of Going to The Seaside - 9Pedia.com

9 Health Benefits of Going to The Seaside

1. Breathing Conditions

If you suffer from lung or breathing conditions, especially bronchitis, allergic asthma and pollen allergies the seaside is your go-to doctor. To make the most of it and restore your lung health, walk 3 hours on the seaside shore. For these conditions, a 1 week seaside cure should do.

The air at the seaside is purified and does not contain dust and microbes.

More so, the pulverized particles of seawater penetrate like a mist into the airways, moistening them with natural mineral salts such as sea salt, magnesium, calcium, potassium etc.

2. Rheumatism

Have you ever wondered why sea fishermen don’t suffer from rheumatism, even though they are simply soaked with the sea every day? Due to the mineral-rich content of seawater.

The warm sea water and air “wash off” the body aches, especially rheumatism.

To treat rheumatism at the seaside, bathe twice a day in the warm sea water, at least 24 degrees C. The first results you can see after about three weeks.

3. Healing The Heart

Going to the seaside is not only beneficial for the spirit, but also for the heart itself. A swim in the sea stimulates the blood circulation similar to when we jog or ride the bike.

With one small difference: the heart must pump blood only horizontally.

Sunlight at the seaside naturally lowers cholesterol levels and together with the bathing, we significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. This is why after a swim in the sea water we feel rejuvenated, like newborn babies.

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4. Back & Limbs

In salt water, our body weighs only one-seventh of its actual weight. This helps our limbs and spine take a good rest and enter repair mode. The muscles in our arms, legs and back are fully relaxed when we lay on the beach to enjoy the sun.

To make the most of it, alternate swimming on the belly with swimming on the back in the sea water.

Spending time in the sea water for about 2-3 hours a day is what you need to help the limbs and spine fully relax and begin to recover. On one condition: the sea water must be above 22 degrees C.

5. Psoriasis Remedy

Did you know The Dead Sea is a popular psoriasis treatment place? Well, it is true. Millions of people suffer from psoriasis today. At the Dead Sea (Israel), healing from psoriasis can occur after 3-4 weeks.

The high salt concentration in the water washes away harmful substances from the skin and helps the skin flakes caused by psoriasis calm down. In addition, ultraviolet sun rays help boost vitamin D, which cleanses and smooths the skin.

6. Neurodermatitis Cure

Sea water soothes itching caused by neurodermatitis. Every 5th child in the world suffers from a form of neurodermatitis. We can say that this is the one of the new diseases of this millennium. The culprit is the heavily polluted air we breathe.

The sea breeze acts as an intensive cure for neurodermatitis.

Just like with psoriasis, the sea side air eliminates the sources of this skin infection, and nourishes the skin with much needed minerals.

7. Thyroid

For those suffering from iodine deficiency thyroid gland conditions, the sea side is a great cure. A sick thyroid makes us feel sluggish, not in the mood to do anything.

A simple 4 hours walk on the beach every day helps replenish the iodine deficiencies in the thyroid. The reason is that the sea air naturally contains iodine. In addition, have plenty fresh sea fish, sea food and algae from unpolluted areas.

8. Fractures Heal Quicker

Bone fractures weld faster in the warm sea water. Swimming in the sea water and the waves that hit our body support a better irrigation of the tissue with blood. This helps fractures heal much faster.

In addition, the body is loaded with calcium and magnesium, that are very important for strengthening bones.

The atrophied muscles regain their volume, while the shortened tendons become more elastic and stretchable after spending time in the healing sea water. Thus, if you want your fracture to heal faster, spend some more time at the beach.

9. Healthy Legs

Walking barefoot by the sea helps the legs rejuvenate. To make the most of it, take 2 hours walks on the beach, where the water touches the sand. This seaside therapy works wonderfully for varicose veins, tired and swollen feet.

Swimming in the sea water also puts pressure on the muscle tissues. This helps causes excess water from the legs to be reabsorbed and relieve the swelling in the feet.

Happy feet? Walk by the shore and have a swim in the sea water.


The seaside also helps activate the metabolism, revive the vegetative system and ditch fatigue and depression after only 1 week at the seaside. There are many more other health benefits from going to the seaside.

The seaside with all its wonderful healing aspects is a complete medicine for the entire body.

You don’t need a doctor for your illnesses if you spend a few weeks by the seaside and enjoy all its marvels. It boost the feel-good serotonin hormone, strengthens the immune system and makes us stronger mentally and physically. Stay safe, enjoy the sun, the beach, the waves and the seaside.

The beach waves and the sun are the remedy aching souls.

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