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9 Magic Uses of Linden Tree You Didn’t Know About

by Andreea Laza
9 Magic Uses of Linden Tree You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

Want to know what are the magic uses of linden tree? Continue reading this article and find out.

The linden tree is one of the most healing trees for both the body and the soul. Its beautifully scented flowers bring peace to the soul, invite introspection, and soften the heart, preparing it for the wonders and discoveries of the summer ahead. Alongside the already-known medical uses of linden flowers, there are less-known magical uses of linden tree, known from very old times by ancient cultures and civilizations. Some of the magic uses of linden tree have been passed on from generation to generation, and we’re about to reveal them to you right now. Without further ado, here are the 9 most amazing magic uses of linden tree.

9 Unknown Magic Uses of Linden Tree

  1. Ancient Rome. In the mythology of Ancient Rome, the linden symbolizes conjugal love and fidelity in a couple, being at the same time the tree of Venus (goddess of love) and Juno (goddess of wisdom). Especially young couples would decorate their home altars with flowering linden branches, in order to benefit from wisdom and stability in love, as this was one of the magic uses of linden.
  2. The poet Ovid, who was exiled on the banks of the Pontus Euxinus (The Black Sea), states that on the festival dedicated to the goddess of fertility, Dacian maidens adorned themselves with crowns of linden flowers to boost their fertility and birth children.
  3. The Germanic tribes considered the linden tree a tree of peace and justice two millennia ago. Every year, in early summer, when the linden tree was in bloom, it was worshiped as a sacred tree and celebrated with dances and music. They also had their tribal judgments made under a linden tree, to help the counties to give the correct verdict. Thus, one of the magic uses of linden tree was that it brings clarity of mind and justice.
  4. The Scythian soothsayers divided a linden leaf into three equal pieces, which they wrapped around the fingers of their left hand, in order to obtain inspiration and gain the power to foresee the future. This is one of the less-known magic uses of linden.
  5. In Polish folklore, there still exists the belief that a linden tree planted in front of the house protects the family from evil spirits, brings luck and peace, and helps people not to lose faith in God, nor succumb to various temptations. Polish people still value the linden tree for its magical uses.
  6. Romanians would bring flowering linden branches back home on Pentecost festivity after they have been consecrated by the priest at the church. They would put the branches at the entrance or, more often, around the religious icons. They were kept all summer long, as Romanians believe linden has the magical power to drive away hailstorms and other destructive storms, while also maintaining peace and serenity in the house. In many villages in Bukovina, Romania, people still adorn the graves of beloved ones with flowering linden branches, to bring them peace and reconciliation. It is believed this ritual helps their ancestors watch over the living and protect them from troubles.
  7. In Estonia and Lithuania, there is an ancient custom for young women to bring food offerings to a flowering linden tree, asking for fertility and peace in the family. This is one of the less-known magical uses of linden tree. This explains why, in many archaeological sites in Switzerland, archeologists have discovered garments imprinted with linden extracts. This custom was preserved and continued by the Slavic peoples, until modern times.
  8. According to an ancient popular French belief, the marriage will never fall apart if the bride and groom go under two linden trees that had their crowns interwoven.
  9. In early Christianity, linden wood was considered holy and most of the statuettes depicting the Virgin Mary and the iconostasis in Orthodox churches were necessarily carved from linden wood, also referred to as the lignum sacrum, or the sacred wood.
9 Magic Uses of Linden Tree You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

Did you know? In astrology, linden tree is associated with the moon, its scent being attributed an aphrodisiac effect.

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In Antiquity, many people planted a linden tree when a child was born, convinced that in this way the newborn would be protected from diseases. If, however, they fell ill, they were laid in the shade of a flowering linden tree for healing and protection. These are only a few of the magic uses of linden tree that we still know today. If you’ve enjoyed learning about the magic uses of linden from ancient times until today, please share this article so more people can enjoy this information.

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9 Magic Uses of Linden Tree - 9Pedia.com

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