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St. Hildegard 5 Magic Herbs for Spells and How to Use

by Andreea Laza
St. Hildegard 4 Magic Herbs for Spells and How to Use

Looking for St. Hildegard’s magic herbs for spells? Continue reading this article and discover the most fantastic magic rituals with herbs from medieval times.

St. Hildegard and her vision on mankind - 9Pedia
St. Hildegard’s vision of the world

In the Middle Ages, incantations and prayers were widely used. Animal skins, precious stones, herbs, prayers, and incantations, were all part of these magical recipes. St. Hildegard, a German nun of the 12th century, made popular the magic herbs for spells that she used through her writings that have been kept up to this day.

She believed that humanity is always at risk of sinking into “darkness“, as the forces of evil try to destroy those of good. Many times, Hildegard has clashed with powerful people – princes, bishops, and even emperors – because she believed that they can be dominated by the forces of evil. Faced with uncontrollable elements or events, Hildegard turned to prayer and white magic. She used magic herbs for spells, as well as crystals and rituals to support goodness and heal humanity.

St. Hildegard’s 5 Magic Herbs for Spells

1. Magic Herbs for Protection Against Magic Spells

In an era when sorcerers and magicians prospered (just like today) it was indispensable to have a talisman or a magic powder to protect yourself against magic spells cast upon you. For this Hildegard had a magical recipe with herbs that goes like this.

Magic Herbs for Spell

  • fennel (Foeniculum vulgaris)
  • marshmallow (Althaea officinalis)
  • plantain (Plantago major)


In the month of April, around lunchtime, harvest the following magical plants (with the root): one sprig of fennel, two sprigs of marshmallow, and seven sprigs of plantain. Separate the roots and leaves from the stems and flowers. Water some soil and put the roots and leaves on the humid soil until sunset. In the evening, sprinkle them with water, so that they do not dry out. Leave them like this, to dry on the still-wet ground, for the next 24 hours.

Next evening at sunset, put the leaves and roots on a linen sheet and put a wooden board over them. Around 9 o’clock in the evening, put everything on a lintel outside the garden wall or gate. At midnight, lightly crush the leaves and roots between your fingers and add dry cranberry powder to them. Leave them to dry together, moving them regularly, so that they do not rot.

How to Use

Put all the magical herbs in a linen sachet that you tie around your waist, in direct contact with the skin. Or, you can powder the plants in a mortar, mix with a little bit of wine and swallow them down. According to Hildegard, “He who wears these herbs will keep his health and strength because they are tempered by the whole balance of day and night.”

2. Magic Ritual to Break Unwanted Love Spells

Arranged marriages were a common theme in the Middle Ages. Oftentimes the parents were the ones using magical spells to make their daughters fall in love with the young man of their choosing. They usually were demanded to drink a potion that pushed them into the arms of someone they didn’t love.

Magic Herbs for Spell

  • plantain juice (Plantago major)

Hildegard had foreseen this and has a magic herb, especially for this situation. She left in one of her writings the following: “If a man or a woman drank an evil love blend, they should drink plantain juice diluted, possibly with water. And after that, they should also drink something “strong”. They will be purified from the inside and their condition will improve “.

3. Magic Herbs for Unfaithful Love Bonds

Hildegard believed that falling in love with someone other than your husband or wife is not a natural feeling. The person suffering from this disease is divided between belonging to their spouse and the irresistible new relationship. This rupture is so painful and so outside of any divine logic that it could only be caused by the devil or magical practices. For this, she used the right prayers, but also magic herbs for spells that would break unwanted love bonds.

Magic Herbs for Spell

  • common hedgenettle (Betonica officinalis)

The common hedgenettle is a beautiful and vivacious flower with heart-shaped leaves. Not only its color and shape are obvious symbols of love, but also its magical properties. Hildegard used this magical flower due to its reputation of sexually stimulating women that lacked discernment.


Pick one common hedgenettle flower. Remove its leaves and put one in each nostril, one under the tongue, one under each foot, and one in each hand. Then gaze into the flower with focus. Repeat the magical ritual every day, until you see improvement. The man or woman will be set free from the unfaithful love bond, provided that he or she does not eat, drink or use anything that could further excite their passion. According to Hildegard, one should not eat or swallow the common hedgenettle leaves, as it hurts the senses and the spirit and can lead to insanity.

St. Hildegard 4 Magic Herbs for Spells and How to Use - 9Pedia

4. Magic Herbs for Severe Melancholy Caused by Evil Spirits

When it exceeds simple sadness, melancholy becomes dangerous both for the person who suffers from it and for society. Someone who suffers from melancholia would risk, apparently, falling gradually into a state of furious madness. Hildegard considered the cowslip to be one of the best magical herbs against melancholy.

Magic Herbs for Spell

How to Use

Cowslip draws her power from the sun and the moon and that is why she heals the melancholy in the human soul. The spirits that haunt him, can drive a man into madness with their ill advice. Therefore, one must wear, everywhere on the skin, cowslip leaves, until they start to turn warm The evil spirits that tortured the man, fear the virtues offered to this magical flower by the sun, and will stop tormenting him.

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Pagan rituals for healing and spellcasting have not actually disappeared. They are much more widely spread than we can imagine. Green witchery, for instance, is an emerging new-age trend gaining more and more momentum. Magic herbs for spells do work, but only when used from a place of integrity and love for the self and others, and never to cause harm. So please be mindful and use magic herbs for spells and healing only for the benefit of all. And if you’ve enjoyed learning about St. Hildegard’s magic herbs for spells and how to use them, please share this article.

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St. Hildegard 4 Magic Herbs for Spells and How to Use - 9Pedia

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