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What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? Find Out in 2022

by Andreea Laza
Druid zodiac signs - Druid zodiac

The Druid zodiac is one of the oldest zodiac systems in the world. Do you know what is your sign in the Druid zodiac? Find out by reading this article. But beforehandโ€ฆ

What is The Druid Zodiac?

In their forest-covered lands, Gauls and their Druid priests assigned virtues to trees, that made these trees sacred.

Druids believed trees were a replica of their fellow men.

Thus, they considered that people inherit certain characteristics from trees. However, trees had much greater powers, because they believed tree roots were connected to the underground earthly spirits, while their crown was comforted by the Gods.

In the Druid zodiac, each individual is associated with a tree.

Druids understood these deep connections and would predict an individualโ€™s character, according to the tree they were intertwined with. And this connection was made according to their date of birth.

In the Druid Zodiac there are a total of 20 zodiac signs.

16 trees that bear fruit in the 4 seasons of the year, and another 4 trees that bloom in-between seasons. Somewhat similar to zodiac cusps.

What Is Your Sign in Druid Zodiac? Druid Zodiac Signs

The 20 Druid Zodiac Signs

  1. English Yew โ€“ 2 โ€“ 11 January & 5 โ€“ 14 July
  2. Elm โ€“ 12 โ€“ 24 January & 15 โ€“ 25 July
  3. Cedar โ€“ 9 โ€“ 18 February & 14 โ€“ 23 August
  4. Pine โ€“ 19-27 February & 24 August โ€“ 5 September
  5. Cypress โ€“ 25 January โ€“ 3 February & 26 July โ€“ 4 August
  6. Willow โ€“ 28 February โ€“ 10 March & 3 โ€“ 12 September
  7. Poplar โ€“ 4-8 February, 1 โ€“ 14 May, 5 โ€“ 13 August, 3-11 November
  8. Linden -11-20 March, 13-22 September
  9. Hazel โ€“ 22 March โ€“ 10 April & 24 September โ€“ 13 October
  10. Maple โ€“ 11 โ€“ 20 April & 14 โ€“ 23 October
  11. Ash โ€“ 25 May โ€“ 3 June & 22 November โ€“ 1 December
  12. Hornbeam โ€“ 4 โ€“ 13 June & 2 โ€“ 11 December
  13. Walnut โ€“ 21 โ€“ 30 April & 24 October โ€“ 2 November
  14. Fig โ€“ 14 โ€“ 23 June & 12 โ€“ 21 December
  15. Sweet Chestnut โ€“ 15 โ€“ 24 May & 12 โ€“ 21 November
  16. Apple โ€“ 24 June โ€“ 4 July & 23 December โ€“ 1 January
  17. Oak โ€“ 21 March
  18. Birch โ€“ 24 June
  19. Olive โ€“ 23 September
  20. Beech โ€“ 22 December

Today the customs have changed, but trees are still inscribed in our collective memory and retain, for each of us, a considerable emotional and symbolic value. So, for the fun of it, find out what is your sign in the Druid zodiac.

What Is Your Sign in Druid Zodiac? Druid Zodiac Signs

What Is Your Sign in The Druid Zodiac?

A faithful and brave yew or a majestic cedar? A willow with mysterious powers or a discreet nut tree? We invite you to discover one of the oldest astrology systems in the world: the Druid zodiac.

Find your Druid zodiac sign below.

1. English Yew

(2 โ€“ 11 January & 5 โ€“ 14 July)

The Tisa is a very strong and vigorous tree and the first sign in the Druid zodiac system. The Gauls would make their battle lances from its wood. With its evergreen leaves, this tree embodies continuity, fidelity, but at the same time the spirit of conquering, and the determination to win.

People who are this zodiac sign are therefore ambitious, combative, and courageous.

They have an unusual mental resistance, but at the same time are idealists, and passionate about metaphysics. Although they value integrity a lot, they are ready to do anything to seduce and conquer the ones that match their heart. People in this sigh may be hasting, and in a hurry, sometimes too much. This is why they can sometimes be sad, and austere.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? -  English Yew

2. Elm

(12 โ€“ 24 January & 15 โ€“ 25 July)

Beautiful and strong, the elm tree is the second sign of the Druid zodiac. This tree is the expression of gentleness and simplicity. There is nothing excessive, neither in their form nor in the places where they grow. On the contrary, elms have a soothing, benevolent appearance, made to calm tension.

People in the elmโ€™s sign are friendly, open to love, but at the same time also orderly and very sociable.

Sometimes too Utopian and idealistic in their thinking, which ultimately gets them through disappointments. Their optimism is always high, though. They sometimes have the tendency to close in, adhere to conventional beliefs and attitudes, and rarely leave their place of birth. Be very careful not to become too intransigent.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Elm

3. Cedar

(9 โ€“ 18 February & 14 โ€“ 23 August)

The third sign of the Druid zodiac, cedar is rich and evergreen. Cedar branches were offered to young Gauls when they went to war against the Roman legions. Cedar is a symbol of courage and endurance, a majestic tree with a dense crown.

His human correspondent carries within him the same energy, which makes his life throbbing, shining, full of the unexpected. With a good sense of humor and brilliant intelligence, the elm sign seduces but does not stay in place, always in a quest for new adventures.

Sometimes cedar people can be susceptible, even aggressive when criticized.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Cedar

4. Pine

(19-27 February & 24 August โ€“ 5 September)

The last representative of the conifers trio, just like the English yaw and the cypress, the pine is, of unusual strength. Without making any special efforts, pine has a straight and fine figure in the forest, above the other trees.

Just like the pine, his fellow human has a very good sense but doesnโ€™t need recognition for it.

In love matters, people who share this Druid zodiac sign will always claim an equitable distribution of rights and duties between them and their partners. They, at times, may bring cruelty to love. Very ambitious, pine people will do everything to achieve their goals.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Pine

5. Cypress

(25 January โ€“ 3 February & 26 July โ€“ 4 August)

Bright as the luster of gold, and with stone-hard wood, the cypress is the most popular of the conifers. The Gauls reverently worshiped cypress and considered it as a half-brother. They were convinced that cypress resin on the soles of the travelers, allowed them to walk on waters.

People in this Druid zodiac sign are altruistic and generous, ready to be of service to others with their exceptional force, devotion, and simplicity.

When it comes to love, they know how to be loved without prejudice and can seduce all the cardinal points. Friendship or love, you feel good around cypress people. Their humanity makes them extremely easy to attach to.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Cypress

6. Willow

(28 February โ€“ 10 March & 3 โ€“ 12 September)

Willow exudes this feeling of sadness, hence the name โ€œweeping willowโ€. The people in this sign are not sad by definition but have an inclination towards melancholy, which they cultivate with delight. They are champs when it comes to over-dramatization, heartbreaking love, and passionate relations.

People born in this Druid zodiac sign are by no means role models when it comes to faithfulness and commitment.

They use their innate psychic abilities to gain power by pulling the strings backstage. The willow people have undeniable artistic abilities, due to their fidget personalities.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Willow

7. Poplar

(4-8 February, 1 โ€“ 14 May, 5 โ€“ 13 August, 3-11 November)

The nobility and finesse define the general allure of this beautiful tree. Poplar has symmetrical leaves, light green on one side and dark green on the other. For the Druids, poplar was the tree dedicated to the heroes whoโ€™ve died in battles.

Poplar is a confidant, and a quiet and faithful friend, that evokes the realm of peace, reconciliation, and secrets.

Poplar people are very eager to be independent, sometimes to the point of closing themselves in. These people have a very acute critical sense, which can make them too pessimistic. They are trustworthy and gifted with brilliant intelligence. Those who will get to love them will find a generous and sensitive heart.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Poplar

8. Linden

(11-20 March, 13-22 September)

Linden tree has a round, shining crown, a straight trunk, and rich, thick leaves. With a sweet and subtle scent throughout summer, Druids used linden flowers to prepare potions meant to induce sleep. They attributed hypnotic virtues to this tree, making it even more magical.

Its mysteries and ambiguity are also found in the natives whom it protects.

Endowed with genuine compassion for their peers, people in this Druid zodiac sign often resort to lying to convince others. Strong in appearance, but fragile on the inside, linden people need to feel secure.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Linden

9. Hazel

(22 March โ€“ 10 April & 24 September โ€“ 13 October)

A Gallic legend goes that one day a virgin turned into a bird. She chose a hazel twig to sit on and said, โ€œPeople will eat from these nuts from now onโ€œ. Thus, for the Gauls hazels have fertility virtues and symbolize prosperity at the same time.

Small and seemingly discreet, people who share this Druid zodiac sign are generally associated with femininity.

Those born in this sign hide a passionate temperament, capricious sexuality, and sometimes a confusing versatility behind their grace. Original and fantastic, they can be cruel to those who donโ€™t know how to calm them down. They usually are gentle and patient people.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Hazel

10. Maple

(11 โ€“ 20 April & 14 โ€“ 23 October)

Maple treeโ€™s wood is very strong and resistant. Majestic and balanced, the maple is not devoid of solemnity, though. For the Gauls, maple primarily symbolizes warrior virtues, courage, and power.

The same qualities are found in their human brethren.

The maple people can be brilliant doctors, lawyers, even priests. They like to succeed in life and convince others of their beliefs, but they do not turn away from notoriety either. These people know how to manage their entourage. When they fall in love, they like to conquer but also like to complicate things.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Maple

11. Ash

(25 May โ€“ 3 June & 22 November โ€“ 1 December)

For the Gauls, ash was the symbol of power and immortality. It was the tree of life par excellence, whether positive or evil forces were involved. Druids believed that if the ash was cut, the sky would fall down on them.

Quite ambiguous, ash sign people are both generous and selfish.

They always seek to elucidate the mysteries of life and death. Difficult characters and sometimes hard to put up with on a daily basis, they attract people around them, because of their strong intelligence and original personality.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Ash

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12. Hornbeam

(4 โ€“ 13 June & 2 โ€“ 11 December)

Not very tall, but highly regarded as a talisman against curses, the hornbeam was planted by gals, who used it to make carts. Maybe this is why people born under this Druid zodiac sign are excellent communicators.

Somewhat superficial and mundane, they do not like loneliness in anyways and are very attached to social conventions.

Natural-born aesthetes, the natives have a taste for beauty and luxury and are ready to do what it takes to reach aesthetic perfection. And this search is by no means superficial. Their need for perfection is just as important in their professional and sentimental lives alike.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Hornbeam

13. Walnut

(21 โ€“ 30 April & 24 October โ€“ 2 November)

The Walnut tree is mysterious, lonely, and ambiguous. Gauls admired it and feared it at the same time because they believed walnut has magical properties. Druids used this tree to make special potions in their initiation rituals. They venerated the tree as a horn of abundance and as a symbol of spirituality.

Those born under this Druid zodiac sign can suddenly become introverted and cultivate fantasies that are far from reality. Intelligent and versatile, they can be both brilliant strategists and defenseless victims, drowned in their lunatic sensibility. People in the walnut sign are sometimes open to the outer world, generous, and attentive to those around them.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Walnut

14. Fig

(14 โ€“ 23 June & 12 โ€“ 21 December)

A rather strange tree, the fig was considered by Plato the โ€œfriend of the philosophersโ€œ, and has always represented abundance. The Gauls worshiped the fig trees for the medicinal virtues of their fruits. But it is a much more fragile tree than it seems, which, if not happy with where it grows, can become barren.

Those born in this Druid zodiac sign are as fragile as the fig.

They are generous with words but donโ€™t wish to attract attention, they can fade away from lack of love. Fig people are totally attracted to family life. Here is where they can push their respect for social conventions to the maximum. Still, in the long run, they find it sometimes difficult to take on this role for a long time.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Fig

15. Sweet Chestnut

(15 โ€“ 24 May & 12 โ€“ 21 November)

Rather thick than tall, this rustic tree can be mistaken for an oak tree from afar. In fact, the sweet chestnut tree is much more โ€œshyโ€ than the oak. At the same time just as useful, because its fruits have long constituted the basis for the food of our ancestors.

His human correspondent shows the same timidity, but sometimes adopts a confused, even shocking behavior that actually masks a deep fear of not being loved.

People in the sweet chestnut zodiac sign have a keen sense of organization and respect for the hierarchy. This makes them perfect work colleagues. In friendship, as well as in love, these people are not very show off, but they always come around in the right place and at the right time.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Sweet Chestnut

16. Apple

(24 June โ€“ 4 July & 23 December โ€“ 1 January)

Considered to be a friend with the Magi, the apple tree holds a leading position in the Druid โ€œastrologyโ€. They valued the apple tree so much, that cutting it was punished with death. Symbol of invulnerability, the tree is a simple, familiar tree, born to give off love and support life.

Its human correspondent has the same candor, which sometimes turns into naivety.

For people born in this Druid zodiac sign, there is no such thing as elaborate math calculi or tangled strategies to express their sensuality and love aspirations. Still, they run away from movie-like love romances and prefer the simple happiness of a quiet life, whose conformity they like. Their spirit remains open, especially for science knowledge.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Apple

The 4 Druid Signs Between Seasons

17. Oak โ€“ Spring

(21 March)

For the Gauls, the oak tree was considered the guardian of the house, a symbol of life, power, and energy. Just like the tree sap, oak brings renewal with every spring season. For them, an oak tree meant awakening and starting fresh.

Given its form, the oak reaches up to the heavens, and his large, protective branches evoke a temple, a place of communication between people and the gods, where there are no flaws hops, and reborn.

Those born on March 21st are generally stable, generous, and strong. They are known for always keeping their word. Just like the oak tree, these people know how to impose respect, but at the same time, also know how to birth love and friendships that last for a lifetime.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Oak

18. Birch โ€“ Spring

(24 June)

Even though it is believed to have been used for making brooms for witches, this modest, protective, courageous tree, is associated with the Moon. Birch was especially loved by the Gauls, who glorified it in the celebrations of marriage and motherhood.

People of this Druid zodiac sign are courageous, hardworking, discreet, full of fantasy and generosity.

Born with a strong artistic sense, they are fulfilled without making waves and seduce with simplicity and gentleness. In order to please them, you must not shake them or attach their modesty. Otherwise, these people will get scared and gather their branches together in defense mode.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Birch

19. Olive โ€“ Autumn

(23 September)

Symbol of fire and heat, the olive tree embodies the quiet and immutable light that casts away evil spirits. It has calming energy deep inside which makes it an exceptional livelong tree. The Gauls gave it the attributes of fertility, peace, strength, and purification.

In the Druid zodiac, those born under this sign prefer to convince rather than defeat, to understand rather than judge, to calm rather than confront. They are philosophers and psychologists at the core.

Their exceptional tolerance and wisdom often propel them much further than they intended. They donโ€™t feed off of this, moreover, they close in their inner worlds, where they cultivate their interest in art and reading.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Olive

20. Beech โ€“ Winter

(22 December)

Beech is a beautiful and very balanced tree, especially pleasant to the touch. The beech was revered by the Gauls because they believed the beech tree is their connection with their ancestors. They would lay down stones at their roots that represented the dead so that they could get closer to them.

People born on December 22nd have an undeniable talent for communication, according to the Druid zodiac.

Thanks to the eloquence of their speech and their lively and skillful spirit, these people know how to tie relationships and how to make the most of them. Pragmatic and realistic, they do not lose their heads easily. In the matters of the heart, they are very cautious and sensitive to elegance.

What Sign Are You in The Druid Zodiac? - Beech

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