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7 Best Indoor Plants that Absorb EMF Radiation in 2024

by Andreea Laza
Best Indoor Plants that Absorb EMF Radiation - 9Pedia.com

Looking for the best indoor plants that absorb EMF radiation? Continue reading this article and find out what are the best plants for EMF radiation.

EMF radiation is one of the most hidden, yet widely-spread causes of disease that we know today. That is because of the fact that we don’t see EMF radiations, most of us can’t even sense it, yet it’s there, attacking all living beings at the cellular level and making us prone to getting sick. The good news is that there are things that we can do about it, and one of the simplest ways to counteract the negative effects of EMF radiation is with indoor plants.

Some indoor plants can absorb EMF radiation, as numerous studies show. And below are the best indoor plants that absorb EMF radiation and that we can use as shields of protection. Let’s see what they are.

7 Best Indoor Plants that Absorb EMF Radiation

7. Cacti

By default, plants clean the air in the room through their use of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen, but indoor plants such as cacti also absorb radio frequency (RF) radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi-routers, and microwave radiation. The best way to use cacti for EMF radiation is to place a potted cactus in the room where you have the most Wi-Fi technology, computers, such as an office. Succulents in general, are one of the best indoor plants that absorb EMF protection, due to their high water content, cacti being one of them.

6. Asparagus Fern

(Asparagus setaceus)

According to EducateEMF, asparagus fern protects against non-ionizing radiation with its dense net of roots, packed with loads of water. Yes, this indoor plant loves water and can be more high maintenance because of it. However, it’s totally worth having an asparagus fern in your home, not only because of its lovely appearance but most importantly for the anti-EMF protection it offers. Place the plant so that the roots are at the router level, to protect against EMF radiation.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is not only one of the best emergency medicine for burns and other skin problems (Aloe vera barbadensis), but also one of the best indoor plants that absorb EMF radiation. The water content of Aloe Vera makes the plant protective against radiofrequency radiation, as well as a great natural oxygen booster. Keep an Aloe plant in your living room or bedroom for its amazing anti-EMF properties.

4. Rubber Plant

(Ficus elastica)

Another amazing house plant that absorbs EMF radiation is the beautiful rubber plant. This indoor plant is able to remove all toxins in its surrounding environment, including radiation. The best way to use its cleansing properties is to place a potted rubber plant near Wi-Fi routers, computers, or where you keep your mobile phone and other Wi-Fi devices.

3. Spider Plant

(Chlorophytum comosum)

The spider plant is the underdog of indoor plants. We have them in most homes around the world, unknowingly on their innate ability to ditch harmful EMF radiation. More so, this beautiful indoor plant has proven to clean out various harmful gases such as formic acid and aldehyde, according to studies. Hang a spider plant in the living room area, near the TV set, or in your bedroom.

2. Pothos Ivy

(Epipremnum aureum)

Perhaps one of the loveliest houseplants, pothos ivy can turn any city apartment into an amazing urban jungle. Pothos are ideal to hang on the ceiling especially in kitchen spaces since they are known for their ability to remove cigarette smoke. According to studies, pothos is also very good at removing carcinogens like chloroform and benzene from homes. Even better, the lovely pothos plant is also one of the best indoor plants that absorb EMF radiation.

1. Snake Plant

(Dracaena trifasciata)

One of the best indoor plants for pollutants and maximum oxygen release is the snake plant. Snake plant is ideal to keep in the bedroom because it cleanses the air during nighttime, and also protects from harmful EMF radiation while you sleep. Since EMF radiation travels in a straight line, for the most part, ideally place a snake plant directly between you and the device nearby that is emitting EMF radiation.


Plants are directly affected by EMF radiation. The reason is that most plants absorb this radiation from electromagnetic fields like sponges. This is why having lots of indoor plants throughout the house is one of the best ways to reduce the amounts of electromagnetic radiation in your home. Other simple ways to reduce EMF are:

  • Put your mobile phone and tablets on plane mode overnight.
  • Use internet through cable to connect computers to internet.
  • Keep mobile wireless devices out of your bedroom overnight.
  • Reduce the use of mobile internet devices as much as possible.
  • Replace your microwave oven with an electric over.
  • Use crystals to protect from EMF radiation such as shungite and black turmaline (black crystals in general).

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And of course, add as many potted plants in your home as you can, so you protect your home from high EMF radiation and improve the quality of air. Plants are high-vibration, and they will imbue your home with love, wisdom, and all those good vibes. If you’ve enjoyed our article, please share it with friends so more people can read it. Thank you!

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7 Best Indoor Plants that Absorb EMF Radiation - 9Pedia.com

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