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10 Funniest Christmas Dog Costumes Online in 2024

by Andreea Laza
funniest dog costumes for christmas

Looking for funny Christmas dog costumes? You’re on the right side of the internet.

Christmas is knocking at the door and we want to get everything ready to make the most of this season, right? So we figured getting our dogs ready for the season should be on our to-do list. What better way to prep your dog for Christmas than getting them a new, fitted Christmas costume.

Your god will feel cozy and warm and you and your family can have a good laugh. Exactly! Ugly Christmas sweaters and funny dog costumes are a must for the Christmas holiday fun. And if you lack inspiration, let us help you out.

10 Funniest Christmas Dog Costumes Online

1. Gingerbread Pup Dog Costume

Gingerbread is a Christmas staple and when you make your dog wear it, it turns out to be quite fun too. If you’re looking for a dog costume that is both sweet and fun, the gingerbread is your smart choice.

2. Santa’s Helper Costume

Being all that busy and jolly, Santa needs a hand or two to deliver gifts to everyone on Christmas night. With this costume on, your dog could make a good helper. And a funny one too!

3. A Ride for Santa

Perhaps the funniest costume on our list, the Santa riding saddle makes a great holiday outfit for your dog or cat. Giving Santa a ride is both helpful, kind, and hella funny.

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4. Santa’s Elf Costume

This costume here is another funny wear for your pet this Christmas. The hat with a bell, the dog bone present, and the attached hands and legs make it even funnier and cool. Looking for vintage Christmas dog costumes that never get old? Santa’s Elf is the one.

5. Walking Santa’s Suit

Santa’s suit is never a poor choice for a Christmas pet costume. It’s classy and thus it never gets old. Nor the laughs and good fun that will accompany your dog wherever it will wear it in public. Ho Ho Ho!

6. Snowball Costume

One of our favorites Christmas dog costumes on our list is the snowball costume. This outfit basically turns your pet into a walking snowball to spice up the holiday Christmas fun. We believe it will look neat on any pup. Cat too.

7. Antler Headband & Collar

If you want your dog to shine this Christmas season, then you really need to get them a costume that will put the pup directly in the spotlight. With the antler headband and collar on, your dog will definitely stand out. And funny.

8. Funny Elf Costume

Another elf dog costume on our list, just as funny and cool. This one has a funny court jester feel to it, with the red jingle ball flairs around the wrists and collar. We think this is surely one of the funnies Christmas dog costumes you can buy online.

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9. Elk Reindeer Santa Costume

Another Santa Clause costume, this time with a funny twist: reindeer antlers. And the Santa on the back, to add more Christmasy feel to the costume. We believe it is really funny.

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10. The Fabulous Christmas Tutu

Perhaps the most spectacular and fancy looking dog costume on our list, the Christmas tutu is specially designed for princesses. It may turn heads from male dogs and people, too, who most likely will enjoy a good laugh.

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We sure hope we’ve inspired you with some of the funniest Christmas dog costumes list right here. We wish you a very holly, jolly Christmas time together surrounded by your loved ones and, with you Christmas cool-dressed pooch.

10 Funniest Christmas Dog Costumes Online

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