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5 Healing Sounds for Each Organ & How to Use Sound for Healing

by Andreea Laza
5 Healing Sounds for Each Organ & How to Use Sound for Healing - 9Pedia.com

Discover five healing sounds for each organ and learn how to use sound for healing with simple yet effective exercise.

Healing sounds are all around us, we should only relearn how to use sound for healing. Last time we discussed 15 healing sounds, namely vowels and a few consonants that create a healing frequency and can help us heal the body and body. This time we want to further discuss with you about five powerful healing sounds for the main body organs and simple ways to use sounds for healing these parts of the body. Without further ado, here is how to use sound for healing each organ of the body.

5 Healing Sounds for Each Organ & How to Use

1. Healing Sound for Lungs

Sit on a chair, with your feet slightly apart, shoulder-width apart, hands on your knees, and palms facing upwards. Don’t close your eyes. Counting to four in your mind, take a deep breath while raising your hands in front of you. When your hands reach the level of your face, turn your palms down, then raise them above your head (elbows slightly bent). All this time, look at your palm movements.

Then exhale very slowly, and pronounce the sound “s-s-s-s”.

Your mouth must be half-open, teeth clenched, lips stretched as if you are smiling. Relax your shoulders, put your hands on your knees with your palms facing up. During exhalation, imagine how all the negative energy stored in your lungs bursts out. Repeat the exercise twice.

A simple massage will help you double the effect of this healing sound exercise.

Warm your palms well by rubbing them against one another, then tap gently the right side of your chest with your left palm and the left side with your right palm. Now use your fists to gently tap the lung region on your back. If you can’t reach your back with your hands, then you can use an empty plastic bottle or a tightly rolled towel. This massage helps to remove toxic residue from the lungs.

If you are a heavy smoker, you will notice the effectiveness of this exercise as your skin will turn a brownish color in the spots that you massaged. Do this healing sound and massage exercise 6 to 24 times during flu epidemics, in cases of bronchitis, asthma, and pulmonary emphysema, and when living in highly toxic environments (smog, pollution, fire smoke). Good to know. Women performing this massage, should not touch their breasts.

2. Healing Sound for Kidneys

Sit on a chair with your legs together (ankles and knees should be glued together). Bend forward, grasp your knees, and pull them towards you. Straighten your back, tilt your head back, so that your gaze is directed upwards.

Round your lips, exhale slowly, as if blowing out a candle, and at the same time make the sound “chihua-a-a-a“.

Pull your stomach in and focus on your kidney area. While exhaling imagine that the residues, sand, and toxins in your kidneys are removed, and at the same time, they fill up with a healthy, blue energy. Straighten your body, and hold your hands at the level of your kidneys for 5 seconds. Take a few normal inhales and exhales, then repeat the exercise twice. For kidney conditions, including kidney stones, as well as hearing loss, ringing in the ears, fatigue, and dizziness, ideally, perform this sound healing exercise at least six times.

3. Healing Sound for Liver

Sit on a chair, with your feet a little more than shoulder-width apart. Counting to 4, take a deep breath and move your hands to the side with your palms up. Then slowly raise your hands above your head, get your hands together with fingers intertwined, and turn your palms upwards. Push your hands up as far as you can reach, then spread your arms wide apart.

Bend your body to the left, open your eyes wide, and pronounce a gentle “s-s-s-s” sound while exhaling.

Now imagine how while exhaling, all the built-up toxins, negative energy, and fear are eliminated from your liver. After exhaling, separate your hands and move them for 5 seconds to your liver area. Take a few normal inhales and exhales, then repeat the exercise twice. For hepatitis, gallbladder conditions, atherosclerosis, obesity, and poor eyesight, repeat the exercise 6 to 24 times.

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4. Healing Sound for Heart

Sit on a chair and count to 4, while taking a deep breath in, and at the same time take place your feet on the ground a little more than shoulder-width apart, and lean to the right side.

Begin to exhale, while pronouncing the sound “h-h-h-a-a-a”.

Imagine how your heart releases irritation, anger, and negative energy. Bring your hands together for 5 seconds before your heart area. Take a break, and then repeat the exercise twice. If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases, depression, chest pain (angina), and inflammation of the gums or tongue, repeat the exercise 6 to 9 times.

5. Healing Sound for Spleen & Pancreas

Do this sound healing exercise immediately after eating, without uttering any word or sound previously. Sit on a chair, legs apart, a little more than shoulder-width apart, and place both your palms on your stomach, just above the navel, on your left side – where the spleen and pancreas are located. Focus on this area, press it with your index fingers, and bend your body forward.

Take a deep breath in, then exhale while making the sound “h-h-h-u-u-u”, imagining how the toxins, negative energies, restlessness, and sadness leave these two organs.

The sound should be barely audible, but your vocal folds should be strained to the maximum. While inhaling, imagine how the air does not enter through your nostrils, but through the spleen and pancreas, and your body is wrapped in a healing gold color energy. Break for a few minutes and then repeat the exercise twice. For diabetes, pancreatitis, indigestion, diarrhea, and nausea, you can repeat the exercise 6 to 9 times.

How to Use Sounds for Healing – Simple Tips

For prevention, make the healing sound exercises above three times each, starting with the sound of the lungs, and continuing with the healing sounds for the kidneys, liver, heart, and finally the spleen and pancreas (in the above order).

  • Wear clothes that do not restrict your movements while doing these healing sound exercises.
  • Choose a quiet place to do the healing sound exercises, where no one will disturb you.
  • The ideal time for these healing sound exercises is before going to bed, or when you feel pain or discomfort. Sit on the edge of a hard chair and perform the exercise in a relaxed state.
  • If you are hungry, eat something light before doing the healing sound exercise, a salad, or vegetable soup, and you can start the exercise 45 minutes later. If you had a hearty meal we do not recommend doing the sound healing exercises.
  • We do not recommend doing these healing sound exercises when feeling agitated or indisposed. According to the Chinese view, restlessness damages the spleen, anger affects the liver, indisposition impacts the lungs, fear is the enemy of your kidneys, and sadness is harmful to the heart.

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The songs of the birds, the rustle of the forest, the murmur of the streams, and the symphony of the sea invigorate and stimulate the nervous system. The sound of small raindrops induces relaxation and calm. Dripping water normalizes the heartbeat, while the breeze of the spring wind through the trees is healing for heart spasms and apnea. The sounds of spring coming into season are truly healing.

When the trees wake up after a hard winter, their branches begin to crack slightly. Listening to the sounds of spring, you can feel your physical strength increase, libido, and will to get out and do stuff. Try to visit parks and forests more often in the spring, and if you don’t have this possibility, listen to recorded sounds of nature as often as possible. Do you want to be always active and healthy? Fill your life with healing sounds. If you’ve enjoyed this article on how to use healing sounds for each organ of your body, please share this article so more people can use these exercises and heal.

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5 Healing Sounds for Each Organ & How to Use Sound for Healing

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