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15 Healing Sounds & How to Use Sounds to Heal

by Andreea Laza
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Want to learn how to use healing sounds and how to use sounds to heal yourself? Continue reading and find out.

Since antiquity, scientists have established a correlation between the human voice, sounds from nature, and human health. Some sounds have a favorable, healing effect, while others can irritate us, exhaust us, and even cause various diseases. Each sound causes different vibrations, which in turn act differently on our state of health. These healing sounds can be used as first aid when feeling low or uneasy.

How Do Healing Sounds Work?

Each body organ functions on a certain frequency range. As long as we are healthy, this frequency of the waves remains stable. But when we get sick, this frequency is disturbed. Fortunately, the natural vibrations of various sounds can help restore the health of different organs and body parts. When pronouncing certain sounds, they help eliminate the frequency disturbance and the affected organ begins to work at its normal frequency. It is not difficult, we just have to learn to pronounce certain sounds correctly.

What Are The Most Healing Sounds and How To Make Them?

The most healing sounds are the sounds that have the same height at the beginning, middle, and end. It is not recommended to start with a high tone and end with a weak sound. Stop before you run out of breath so that after the end of the sound there is still air left in your lungs. Take a break and repeat 2-4 times. During the healing sounds exercises, you must focus as much as possible on the affected organ and ensure that your tonality is uniform. For heart or lung diseases use a low pitch, while for liver, spleen, stomach, kidneys, or bowel conditions, use a medium or high pitch.

According to research, vowel sounds (a, e, i) show a high level of energy compared to consonant sounds (s, c, p). That is why the prolonged pronunciation or singing of vowel sounds is an amazing way to awaken the huge reserves of energy in your body and influence the activity of your internal organs. Each healing sound has its own psychological and even chromatic characteristics. Let’s get to know them better.

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15 Healing Sounds & How to Use Sounds to Heal

1. Healing Sound “A”

Pronounced as the first vowel sound in the word “mother”

Since ancient times, oriental healers have established that the sound “A” (associated with the color red) has a strong influence on the body, it activates its entire vibrational range, and makes the chest vibrate. At the same time, it makes breathing deeper, boosts tissue saturation with oxygen, and eliminates various pains. The healing sound A is particularly used for heart and upper lungs, liver, and large intestine issues, and health problems such as paralysis and respiratory conditions. In the winter, when many people suffer from colds, sore throats, and lose their voice, the use of the healing sound “A” can help relieve these symptoms.

2. Healing Sound “O”

Pronounced as the vowel sound in the word “more”

The healing sound “O” (associated with the color yellow) is the sound of harmony, which together with “A” influences the whole body, giving the command to all cells to take action. “O” is also called “the sound of the lungs”, as the vibrations it produces in the chest help to cure respiratory system conditions, including cough, bronchitis, tracheitis, and pneumonia, but also relieve spasms and aches and pains and facilitate the treatment of tuberculosis, heart, and liver conditions.

3. Healing Sound “ə”

Pronounced as the last sound in the word “the”

The healing schwa sound “ə” (associated with the color orange) was used since ancient times to heal those affected by the evil eye. The psychological characteristic of this healing sound is related to emotional restlessness and eccentricity. The healing sound “ə” supports the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the thyroid gland, and the stomach, strengthens the ligaments, activates the good functioning of the brain, and also brings about beauty.

4. Healing Sound “Δ

Pronounced as the middle sound in the word “hmmm”

The healing sound “Δ (associated with dark brown color) is the most mysterious sound, which is believed to have links with our past. It is also responsible for the health of nails and hair. This healing sound does not exist in the English language, actually, there are only a few languages in the world that have this sound represented by a letter, which is the case of Romanian, where this sound is one of the seven vowels represented by letter “î”. This makes the healing sound “Δ quite difficult to pronounce by most people.

5. Healing Sound “I”

Pronounced as the vowel sound in the word “me”

The healing sound “I” (associated with the color blue) is the sound of reason, and it has a broad healing action: it helps to improve heart, eye, and ear conditions, as well as kidney failure, and it clears the airways when suffering from catarrh. When we pronounce the sound “I”, the vocal cords, larynx, and ears vibrate, oscillations occur in the head, hearing improves and harmful vibrations in the body are neutralized. Gradually, you will feel the influence of these vibrations on top of your head, as pleasant sensations.

6. Healing Sound “U”

Pronounced as the vowel sound in the word “do”

The healing sound “U” (associated with the color green) helps support the psyche, because it calms emotional excitement, reduces insomnia, and increases the feeling of security and safety. In the ancient East, this healing sound is believed to help makes people smarter. The healing sound “U” can help relieve throat and vocal cords problems, but also soothe the organs located in the abdominal area, improves vision, as well as the oxygenation of the lungs.

7. Healing Consonant Sounds

  • The healing sound “M” is unique (pronounced as “m” in mother). It acts on the entire body and restores the balance of all organs and systems, treats heart diseases, and positively influences the blood vessels in the brain. Apart from “M”, brain functions can also be improved when we pronounce the sounds “V”, “N” and “A”.
  • The healing sound “V” (pronounced as “v” in vulture) acts positively on the central and peripheral nervous system, including the spinal cord.
  • The healing sound “N” (pronounced as “n” in nose) makes the brain vibrate, activates especially the right hemisphere, and contributes to the reduction of brain problems, as well as improving intuition and developing artistic qualities.
  • The healing sound “H” (pronounced as “h” in hmmm) supports the previous sound that it follows (can be used in combinations), it restores the nervous system, helps to eliminate stress and depressive states, and harmonizes all body systems.
  • The healing sound “S” (pronounced as “s” in sand) is used for hormonal problems, but also issues concerning the heart, and it also improves the condition of the blood vessels.
  • The healing sound “Z” (pronounced as “z” in zebra) – its pronunciation is recommended for those suffering from thyroid issues or laryngitis.
  • The healing sounds “T”, “C”, and “SI” are used in treating ear problems.

How to Use These Healing Sounds

One simple exercise is this one. Knee down and place both your hands on the floor, in a dog position. Pull your tongue out and try to reach the tip of your chin with it. Take a deep breath and pronounce the sound of your choosing. Repeat 10 times. In the case of chronic diseases, the exercise is repeated 2-3 times a day, and in an acute condition – 5 times a day, until you feel relief.

How to always be healthy using healing sounds

Then, once or twice a day, repeat the following exercise 3-6 times: take a deep breath, then pronounce the healing sound of your choosing and, at the same time, direct it mentally (with the help of thought) to the affected organ. Extend the sound as much as the air in your lungs will allow. The best effect is obtained if you have the patience to sing the string of sounds: A, O, U, IU, I, E, A, IA, M, N, Z, S, B, H, CI in this proposed order.

Boost the healing effect by writing each of them down, using colored pencils for each respective color, focusing at the same time on both the color and the healing of the affected organ or system.

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If you’ve enjoyed learning about the most powerful healing sounds and how to use sound to heal, please share this article so more people can use this information. Let us know in the comments below what is the most healing sound for you and how you’ve used sounds to heal.

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