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How to Connect with Trees

by Andreea Laza
How to Connect with Trees - 9Pedia.com

Want to learn how to connect with trees? Continue reading this concise article and find your way back to nature.

Trees represent our connection with the vital force of creation, and thus, our own sacred nature. They are living and loving beings, and is enough to take a walk in a forest to recharge your batteries, and dust off all that negative charge. Our ancestors knew how to connect with trees to clear their spirits and regain clarity, and awareness. Now is our time to remember how to connect with trees, a long-forgotten knowledge that can tune us back to who we truly are. Let’s get to it.

How to Connect with Trees

The tree stands before you, motionless, in all its simplicity and strength. It seems to have been waiting for you for a long time somehow. When you want to connect with a tree, do this without fear of being ridiculous or silly. First, approach the tree in silence, using your mind to send your good intent, then with your soul, expressing your eagerness to communicate, and last but not least, with your senses. Here is how to do it.

  1. Choose a tree that you prefer, for its shape or colors, or simply because there is something that attracts you to it.
  2. Place your palms on its rough or smooth bark and try to distinguish its texture, to feel all its nooks and crannies, but always keep in mind that you are touching something alive and vibrant, just as alive as you are. Know that the tree enjoys your touch and responds to it, and this is the start of your dialogue. Your communication is shy at first, then stronger and stronger, until you realize that what you feel is, in fact, the love that the tree has for you.
  3. Extend the intimacy with your tree friend, by pressing your ear to its trunk, to perceive what is happening in the secretive universe under its bark. This is where its heart lays, and you can start listening to its living heartbeat. If you listen carefully you will slowly hear its heart beating, a muffled and barely hearable sound.
  4. Then press your nose to the bark of the tree as well, to inhale its bitter or sweet aromas. Did you know that every tree has a particular smell? (The best time to do this exercise is in the autumn before trees shake their leaves. Inhale the scent on different tree trunks and try to identify their scent as best as possible until you can tell them apart.)
  5. In a last gesture of tenderness, place your cheek on the bark of the tree that you want to connect with. Don’t use your hands this time, just press your face on its trunk. You will feel how, little by little, your skin warms up and starts twitching at the tender touch of the tree.

Connecting with trees requires peace of mind, so try to free your mind from thoughts before trying to connect with trees. Do a relaxation or deep breathing exercise or, even better, say a prayer, in which you ask for permission and support to connect with the living energy of the tree.

How to Know You Have Connected with Trees

After a week of “meetings“, you will feel how much your inner state of being has changed, and the true impact that the tree has had on your mood. Most people feel sad when they first place their palms on the tree trunk, but now they feel happy. Others feel tired when they touch the bark of the tree, and now they feel vigorous and energized. If you too felt doubtful and faithless before connecting with the tree, and how you feel more serene and peaceful, this is your sign that you have connected with the tree.

Know that these are lasting effects, that you can recreate in the back of your mind even if you stop connecting with a tree physically. You can always reconnect on an energetical, spiritual level just by remembering these feelings.

Slowly but surely, you will see that each individual tree has a different identity, different qualities, and different beneficial effects on you. Indeed, trees can be used to heal the emotional body, and their healing abilities vary from one species to another. Certain trees energize and fortify the human spirit, others induce calm and relaxation, while others can console us when we face life’s hardships, grief, and disappointments. If you want to learn more about how different trees can support your well-being, you can read this article here.

How to Connect with Trees for Healing

Connecting with a tree is different from one person to another and can take more or less time. Sensitive individuals and empaths often find it easier to connect with trees compared to people who are rather trapped in their ego minds and disregard the intelligence of trees. But regardless of the duration, the moment you feel connected to a tree, and you feel that your tree friend has become “a person” with a unique identity, you have established an emotional connection and can move on to the next stage, in which you can use the tree to heal. Here is a simple exercise to do that.

  1. Wrap your arms around your tree friend in a loving hug. Try to identify as much as possible the sensations you have in your body when you do this. Then place your palms flat on the trunk, raised at shoulder height.
  2. Close your eyes and slowly remove your hands from the trunk of the tree, focusing on the sensations in your palms. Observe what you feel: tingling, stinging, warmth, or other sensations. Move your palms further apart from the trunk, until you no longer have these sensations.
  3. Bring your palms closer to the trunk of the tree again, until you start feeling the sensations once again. This is where the aura of the tree begins, the border point between its energy and yours. Move forward with your whole body so that you “bathe” in the beneficial energies of the tree. If you don’t feel anything, don’t stress out. Practicing, little by little, you will feel the healing aura of the tree. Healing with trees works even without awareness, but if you are also aware of what is happening, the healing power of the tree is much enhanced (“I feel the energy emanating from the tree is good for me.”)
  4. Turn your back to the tree and stick as close to its trunk as possible. Close your eyes and try to feel how its vibrations penetrate you, giving you an extraordinary feeling of well-being, peace, and affection. Thank the tree in the back of your mind for its cherished friendship and for accepting you into its privacy.
  5. Lie down at the root of the tree, with your head resting on its trunk. Sit quietly for a while, listening to your breathing. Then focus your attention on what you feel, and identify the feelings that you have: peace, excitement, happiness. Allow yourself to be engulfed by the thoughts that come to you, and lose yourself in the magic aura of the tree. Using the powers of the tree is a unique way to heal, by reconnecting to the soul of nature.

Trees have always been a symbol of strength, power wisdom, fertility, and life. Once you relearn to connect to trees you are one of the fortunate ones, as the tree energy is fulfilling, healing and very peaceful. Using trees to heal is an emergent medicine that more and more people will become aware of in the years to come.

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If you’ve enjoyed learning how to connect with trees, please share this article so more people can use this information for their own benefits. Know that nature is always inviting, unconditionally loving, and healing, so use this information wisely and respectfully.

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How to Connect with Trees - 9Pedia.com

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