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9 Spiritual Uses of Trees You Didn’t Know About

by Andreea Laza
Spiritual Uses of Chestnut Tree

Looking for the spiritual uses of trees and how to connect with trees for spiritual and energetic healing? Continue reading this article.

Trees have great spiritual uses in addition to their practical uses as wood, oxygen factories, and shade. Indeed, trees have great spiritual powers that they can imbue us with if we ask for their help. In this article, we are going to talk about 9 magnificent trees and their spiritual uses, so that you know how to connect with them and embed some of their characteristics within you. Get ready to learn the spiritual uses of trees.

9 Tree and Their Spiritual Uses – Spiritual Uses of Trees

1. Beech Tree

Finding self-confidence

Beech grows with great vigor, is very resilient, and has a strength intertwined with serenity, trust, and stability. The beech tree is never invaded, neither by ivy nor by mistletoe and you will not see weeds or bushes growing under it. The serenity and strength the beech tree exudes disarms the invaders. Instead, this tree grows very easily together with other species, which does not prevent it from showing its true colors.

This combination of self-confidence and trust expressed by the beech tree is also found in its type of wood, which is solid and hard, very difficult to work with. Well aware of its value, the beech tree teaches us to be as strong as it is and to find the inner strength that will help us face every critical situation in life, safely and calmly. This is one of the main spiritual uses of beech tree.

Spiritual Uses of Beech Tree - Spiritual Uses of Trees You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

2. Ash Tree

Strengthing will

Hildegard, a famous German nun from the twelfth century, said about the ash tree: “It is the symbol of good judgment“. The main spiritual use of ash is to strengthen your will. Look for its presence and your projects will be fulfilled more easily, as the ash boosts commitment and consistency. Its energetic field makes the connection between the conscious and the subconscious more permeable. With its help, you will be able to recognize the purpose of your life more easily, and you will know more clearly what decisions to make.

Even more, you will be less sensitive when facing challenges, and you will be less reactive to the attacks directed against you. The Celtic priests always had an ash nearby, around which they gathered the warriors, before a battle. One by one, they rested their hands and weapons on the ash tree, while the priest uttered spells of protection for them.

Spiritual Uses of Ash Tree - Spiritual Uses of Trees You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

3. Chestnut Tree

Healing the wounds of the soul

If your heart is aching, if you feel in great doubt about how you feel about any given situation, seek refuge under a chestnut tree. With its branches laden with flowers in spring, the chestnut tree resembles a huge natural cathedral, with hundreds of burning candles. Just like in a church, you will find peace and you will regain your lost trust near the chestnut tree.

Chestnut energy heals the wounds of the soul and restores self-respect, and trust in the future, these being some of its key spiritual uses. To enjoy these amazing spiritual uses, touch its trunk with your palms to receive its current of energy and see how your soul is relieved from all the pain.

Spiritual Uses of Trees You Didn't Know About - Spiritual Uses of Chestnut Tree - 9Pedia.com

4. Linden Tree

Protecting love

When you meet a linden tree on your path, you meet pure love. Linden clears feelings, tames rebellious hearts, and pours love into the restless soul. It is not a coincidence that poets want to be buried in rivers of linden flowers. The summer butterflies carry on their wings the sweetest scent in the world, the linden flower scent is a love medicine that no mortal can escape. Connect as often as possible to the energy of linden, and your soul will come into harmony with your mind. A “thoughtful” love is much stronger than the simple intoxication of the senses.

Entrust your hopes to the linden tree, and it will stimulate your intuition, helping you to discern what’s best for you when it comes to love. Lie on your back, in the grass, with your eyes lost in its strong branches and your bare soles resting on its trunk. This is how the ancient Celts healed from the aches and burns of love. Read more about the magical uses of linden tree.

9 Magic Uses of Linden Tree You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

5. Birch Tree

Strength from gentleness and vulnerability

The grace with which its branches join each other gives the birch tree a delicate and gentle suppleness. Its leaves rustle in the wind and in winter, its branches move at the slightest breeze. Beneath the silky smoothness of its bark, the birch hides, however, a hard and solid wood. When you sit at the root of a birch tree, you enter a soft, protective atmosphere, which gives you the feeling that you are freeing yourself from burdens.

Birch exhorts us to believe that life is not only made of struggle but that it can often be pleasant and harmonious. Even more, it helps us to reconcile the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves that are present in each one of us, helping us to become creative, to make peace with ourselves, and to accept ourselves as we are. This is one of the main spiritual uses of birch tree.

Spiritual Uses of Birch Tree - Spiritual Uses of Trees You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

6. Black Locust Tree

Rebirth and renewal

The black locust is the tree governing changes and things that follow stagnation. Life always pushes us towards change and adaptation, and black locust helps us to take on the challenges that we face. Are you traumatized by changes? Are you afraid of changes that you cannot control? The beauty of its May flowers proves that renewals are not only fraught with dangers but also with great achievements.

Sit under the bright and fragrant corolla of a black locust tree and you will look to the future with peace and confidence. In addition, acacia provides moral support and spiritual help to people who are going through a period of suffering, following the loss of someone dear and close. These are some of the most important spiritual uses of black locusts.

Spiritual Uses of Black Locust - Spiritual Uses of Trees You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

7. Walnut Tree

Independence and strength

The walnut is the tree that encourages us to follow our own rhythm of life and intimate needs, to develop our sense of independence and responsibility. It is always alone and sovereign, in the middle of a field, in a garden, or on the side of a road. Its independence resembles that of the gods: whoever violates its territory dies. Hence the belief, sometimes confirmed, that it is not a good idea to sleep under a walnut tree.

The walnut teaches us that true independence comes from within, from the moment we own who we really are. This ability to know who we truly are and what we can do opens the doors of inner freedom. The walnut tree’s overwhelming energy emanates from its trunk branches and leaves which have an incomparable scent.

Spiritual Uses of Walnut Tree - Spiritual Uses of Trees You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

8. Fir Tree

In northern Europe, the fir tree was considered the tree of birth, that magical moment that connects the earthly existence with the heavenly one, due to its energetic strength. The spiritual quality of the fir tree is the expression of fluidity that connects the spiritual with the material, the spirit with matter.

The dominant quality of the fir tree is fluidity, thus the fir helps to free us from the blockages caused by the bad circulation of energy or stagnant fluids through the physical body. In all cases, the energy of the fir tree helps us in two main ways: eases and releases breathing, and regulates the circulation of fluids in the body. Read more about the magical uses of fir tree.

9 Magic Uses of Fir Tree

9. Pine Tree

Generally, the spiritual uses of pine are comparable to those of spruce (Picea abies), and larch. As a rule, the action of the pine is more energetic than that of the fir or spruce. Pine radiates an unusually high life force and also a lot of heat and does not possess the finesse of the fir and the spruce, but a tough, almost warlike attitude. One of the main spiritual uses of pine is that it can help compensate for the lack of power and enthusiasm, as well as the lack of self-confidence.

People who need the help of pine are the ones that usually give in to the smallest obstacles, while also suffering from their lack of assertiveness. If you feel hesitant, and often have cold extremities, due to poor circulation, use the healing energy of pine.

Spiritual Uses of Pine Tree - Spiritual Uses of Trees You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

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