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ZODIAC: Libra Health Problems, Diet, Herbs & Crystals in June 2024

by Andreea Laza
ZODIAC: Libra Health Problems, Diet, Herbs & Crystals - 9Pedia.com

Want to learn more about Libra health problems, the ideal diet for Libras, herbal remedies for Libra, and healing crystals for Libra? Continue reading and find out.

Libra health problems are related to the intestines, but they can also affect circulation and blood, vision, or eye problems. Libras are cultured, and sophisticated, and have the ability to convince using sophisticated, well-constructed arguments. This is also a limitation of Libras, as it often happens that the balance and harmony-seeking mind of Libra refuses to integrate the coarser and more disharmonious sides of a concrete reality. And this is where most Libra health problems stem from. But before we elaborate more on Libra health problems and their remedies, here are a few words on the physical and health characteristic of Libras.

Libra Health Characteristics

If in Taurus, Venus reflects the beauty of nature and the pleasures offered by earthly life, in Libra, Venus is concerned, on the other hand, with the balance of the mind, justice and principles, but also with aesthetic principles. Although ruled by Venus, one of the planets of femininity, Libra is a masculine zodiac sign, making this native even more interesting. Libra natives will usually have straight arms and legs, and a pleasant way of speaking. They are reasonable and well-bred, and their hands will prove to be dexterous in various professions. Libra will show nobility and a sense of responsibility will hunt, will be attracted to the opposite sex, and can oftentimes be a musician or composer.

  • Libra First Decan (September 23– October 3) – Modest, refined, and endowed with beautiful features. They tend to overwork, suffer head injuries, and experience sharp pains in their hands and feet.
  • Libra Second Decan (October 3–13) – Liberal and friendly, these Libras have an attractive body, face, and demeanor; however, their eyes may show some asymmetries.
  • Libra Third Decan (October 14–23) – Usually have an attractive body and a winning smile, but weak eyes. They may become famous and respected.

Libra Health Problems & Predispositions

Libra’s decision-making process is the result of reasoning that can take quite a long time and pass through various stages, sometimes contradictory. A Libra’s personality is far from spontaneous. It is shaped by mental, aesthetic, and ethical principles. One of the main sources of Libra health problems is a Libra’s need for EVERYTHING to be in complete harmony. This causes many Libras to have problems accepting unpleasant realities that they refuse to face. They will, however, make this effort, for the sake of relationships, which she is constantly concerned about.

The physical energy of a Libra is not great, but it is well controlled, which is evident from the measured, elegant gestures, imprinted by the Venusian energy. The double organs, those which in form resemble the scale, are at least partly under the governance of Libra. We are talking about the lungs (in part), ovaries (also in part), kidneys, and bladder.

  • Something that all these natives have in common is a sensitivity to the respiratory tract (usually up until the age of 24), which can manifest through acute infections, mainly affecting the tonsils. These are some of the common Libra health problems.
  • Another oddity is the tendency for the arms to suddenly go numb, up to the elbow. This health problem can be explained by a certain imbalance between arterial and venous circulation.
  • Libra’s bladder is usually small, which can lead to frequent urination. Their urinary tract is also sensitive, mostly because air signs don’t really like to drink water. Urinary tract infections are common Libra health problems.
  • Libra’s complexion is delicate and needs constant but not aggressive care (for example, chemical peels should be avoided).

Libra governs lower part of the intestines, namely the small intestine, the part just above the appendix; the appendix itself, the large intestine, and the colon.

ZODIAC: Libra Health Problems, Diet, Herbs & Crystals - 9Pedia.com

Most Frequent Libra Health Problems

The energy of Libra is not very high, but it is a good quality energy. With moderate efforts, Libra can maintain good health until late in life. For this, these natives should nurture a state of mental well-being, through creative expression or through spiritual evolution. The second condition for good physical condition is an adequate diet. These are the most common Libra health problems.

  • Store toxins. Libra has a tendency to retain toxins, and the first signs of this are dark circles or dull migraines, possibly associated with photophobia, which can sometimes last for days on end.
  • Venous problems. Libra also needs to prevent venous and lymphatic insufficiency, especially in the pelvic area, which often sets in prematurely in individuals that lead a sedentary lifestyle or have occupations that involve standing for a long time.
  • Respiratory tract issues. Conditions of the respiratory system are common to Libras and require careful treatment until the outbreak of infections completely disappears, otherwise, they may become recurrent.
  • Urinary issues. The good functioning of the kidneys is an indication of the vitality of the whole body, and these organs have a special sensitivity, in the case of Libra. The same is the case with the urinary bladder, which explains why urinary disorders such as cystitis, prostatitis, and colibacillosis are one of the most common Libra health problems.
  • Weight gain. Venus adds the tendency to gain weight and a sweet tooth, which if not kept under control, can lead to obesity, and increases the risk of venous insufficiency, and diabetes.
  • Ovarian issues. Venus is also associated with the ovaries, which are sensitive to Libra, and, quite commonly, one is positioned lower in the body than the other (the so-called “fallen ovary”).
  • Skin infections. The beautiful and silky skin of Libra is not immune to skin infections, which are one of the common Libra health problems. Stay away from toxic, irritating agents, and ideally, avoid conventional beauty products, and go for natural alternatives.

Most frequent Libra health problems impact the lower part of the intestines, but they can also suffer from frequent hemorrhagias, acidic urine and lazy eyes.

Libra Mental Health

ZODIAC: Aries Health Problems, Diet, Herbs & Crystals - 9Pedia.com

It has always been said about Libra that they are a balanced zodiac sign. As if these natives had been born with the “scales adjusted” in such a way that they always stand at the same perfect level. But what else could an already well-balanced Libra weigh? Nothing, let me tell you. It is much more correct to say that Libra is a sign that knows how to look for and, most of the time, find its balance.

Libras have a very strong intellect, against the background of a will that is not always as strong.

It often happens that, due to an excess of diplomacy or an excessive need to maintain good relations with others, Libra does not put things in order, although the native is perfectly aware of the nature of the respective situation and knows, mentally, what should be done. To understand, at least in part, this attitude, let’s refer to the judge, as a symbol of Libra.

The judge does not get involved in the case, as his role is that of a careful but passive observer. He speaks only at the end, dry, unequivocal, and unemotional. If he were to get too close to the subject, to the actors of the drama before him, he would risk losing his impartiality, without which he could no longer be a good judge. That’s why Libra often risks expressing a firm opinion, especially in ambiguous situations. Libra’s ability to see both sides of the problem helps preserve the sharpness of mental perceptions and, moreover, to learn from complex situations.

“The arm that supports the two plates in balance contains all the profound thinking of Libra. A balance between two aspects alternating in opposition (…), which reach the union of complementary sides, at the moment when Libra discovers the center, respectively the midpoint of the arm”.

André Barbault

There are also two sins into which Libra can fall. One of them, which refers to the less spiritually evolved Libra native, is the pleasure of judging everything, feeling entitled to pass judgment on situations that do not concern her or that she is not entitled to comment on. The second is the opposite of the first: an excessive tolerance, which can dull, in the end, her refined discernment.

The Best Diet for Libra

Libra needs a well-controlled diet because these natives have a sensitivity to a certain type of acidity. A balanced diet can help overcome the most common Libra health problems. Like Taurus, also ruled by Venus, Libra likes to indulge in refined food and, above all, sweets. It’s just that Libra’s health is less robust than that of Taurus, so her diet must be more strict to avoid health problems.

  • Hydration. Libra is not a big water drinker, and this is something she needs to learn, as her kidneys need help to eliminate toxins, which otherwise predispose her to urinary infections. Elderberry tea or cherry stem tea are pleasant to taste and can help solve this problem as well. With the exception of the occasional good-quality beer, alcohol should be strictly avoided.
  • Fruits that are too acidic should be avoided, as should strongly alkaline mineral waters.
  • Nuts do them a lot of good.
  • Libra’s diet should include various types of cereals, apples, pears, and grapes. Beans, artichokes, and asparagus are also in harmony with the sign of Libra.
  • All spices are good for Libras, which allows these natives to play with a variety of tastes.

Best Healing Herbs for Libra

Some of the best healing herbs for Libra health problems are:

  • Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) proves to be particularly effective in treating upper respiratory system ailments, such as tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, and even pulmonary edema, being a powerful expectorant. It also acts as an antiseptic and antispasmodic. Topically, can be used on acne-prone skin.
  • Verbena (Verbena officinalis) infusion soothes migraines, removes physical or mental fatigue, and seems to alleviate the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. Poultices with verbena are good for the skin, as they soothe eczema and can heal dermatitis.
  • Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) is used to treat various skin conditions and even canker sores. Coriander oil is an ingredient in remedies for conjunctivitis. Because it stimulates the insulin production of the pancreas, it can improve diabetes.
  • Watercress (Nasturtium officinalis) is recommended for skin care and the treatment of a number of dermatological conditions. Its purifying and diuretic effects make it effective in the case of kidney and bladder problems. It also works against diabetes.
Coltsfoot Leaf (Tussilago farfara L.) -...
Lemon Verbena Leaf (Aloysia Citrodora L. -...
365 by Whole Foods Market, Coriander Ground...
Watercress Herb - Dried Nasturtium officinale...
Coltsfoot Leaf (Tussilago farfara L.) -...
Lemon Verbena Leaf (Aloysia Citrodora L. -...
365 by Whole Foods Market, Coriander Ground...
Watercress Herb - Dried Nasturtium officinale...
Coltsfoot Leaf (Tussilago farfara L.) -...
Coltsfoot Leaf (Tussilago farfara L.) -...
Lemon Verbena Leaf (Aloysia Citrodora L. -...
Lemon Verbena Leaf (Aloysia Citrodora L. -...
365 by Whole Foods Market, Coriander Ground...
365 by Whole Foods Market, Coriander Ground...
Watercress Herb - Dried Nasturtium officinale...
Watercress Herb - Dried Nasturtium officinale...

Homeopathic Remedies for Libra

The homeopathic remedies associated with Venus and Libra are:

  • Thuya
  • Apis
  • Pulsatilla
  • Anacardium

Healing Crystals for Libra Zodiac Sign

The healing colors of Libra are pastels, especially pink, pale blue, and delicate varnish tones, so it is somewhat surprising that the Egyptians and Greeks chose carnelian, with its intense shades of red and brown, as the perfect healing stone for Libra. But so did the Byzantines, who opted for ruby. In modern-day astrology, the sapphire and the jade, both in delicate colors, are attributed to Libra. Amazonite and moonstone are considered to be protective stones for this zodiac sign.

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Now you know what are the most common Libra health problems and what to do to overcome them. If you’ve enjoyed learning about the most common Libra health problems and how to alleviate them with herbs, diet, and crystals, please share this article so more Libras can use this information.

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ZODIAC Libra Health Problems, Diet, Herbs & Crystals

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