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The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye – 4 Chilling Stories

by Andreea Laza
The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

Want to learn more about the mysterious flying creature from Primorye, Far-East Russia? Here are the most terrifying close close-encounters with the odd flying creature.

In the Far East of Russia, in the Primorye region, close to the border with China, there is a wild, still unexplored region, haunted by animals such as the Amur tiger and the Asian bear. It’s a vast taiga area, where man timidly stepped foot less than a century ago. In recent years, the inhabitants of this remote area have reported, countless times, the existence of a frightening flying creature.

According to the locals, strange screams were heard at night, and sheep, rams, and even cattle disappear from people’s yards. Their remains are then found in the forest, a few kilometers away, on the highest branches of the trees.

But is there such a being that can lift a strong and heavy animal like the calf into the air? What kind of monster lives in the Primorye taiga? The locals say that this creature lives in the caves of the Pidan mountains and they are convinced that it is half man half butterfly: the flying winged creature. Here are the most documented close encounters with the mysterious flying creature from Primorye, Russia, and their chilling stories.

What Does The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye Look Like

The flying creature from Primorye had been described by several witnesses who said that it is over two meters high (6.5 feet) and that it is surrounded by an aura that spreads a strong light around it. It has human-like facial features, big, round, shining eyes, and a human body, only instead of arms it has huge wings that end with claws.

Many Udege hunters have often encountered through the taiga, the traces of the enigmatic creature. Strangely, footprints appeared on the ground and suddenly disappeared, which led them to conclude that the creature “landed” on the ground, took a few steps, and then resumed its flight. The Udege people said that they even tried to hunt this creature down, lurking in the thick of the forest, but every time the flying creature drove them away, scaring them with screams that resembled human ones.

The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

4 Close Encounters With The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye

1. The First-Ever Documented Encounter

The first reference to this mysterious flying creature from Primorye dates from the beginning of the 20th century. In his book “Dersu Uzala“, the Russian researcher Vladimir Arseniev, a famous explorer of the Far East, tells about meeting with a strange creature, in the summer of 1908, in the region of the Sikhote-Alin mountain range, in eastern Siberia. This is a passage from his book, describing the strange encounter with the mysterious flying creature:

“The rain had stopped completely, the air temperature had dropped suddenly, and a thick fog was rising above the waters. Suddenly, on the path, I saw a footprint that looked human. To the left, I heard the sound of broken branches. Alpa, my dog, sprang up and began to growl menacingly, not daring to leave my feet. Although nothing could be seen from the bushes, I was convinced that the animal had not run away, but had stopped nearby, following my movements. I remained frozen for a few minutes, listening.

Then I had no more patience and turned around, with the intention of leaving the place. At the same moment, the animal also moved, but without making its appearance among the trees. I looked with more attention to the place where I thought it was hiding, but the fog was much too dense, and the thick of the forest impenetrable. I bent down, picked up a stone from below, and threw it in the direction in which I suspected the unseen animal to be. Then something happened that I did not expect in any way.

I heard a flutter of wings and out of the fog came a large, dark creature that flew across the river. Even nature seemed to be shaken by a thrill. The forest trembled, the waters swirled, and the wind seemed to blow. Then, from the opposite side where the creature had flown, a woman’s scream was heard. A similar sound is made by the owl when it feels threatened. I didn’t think about it anymore, I stroked my dog to calm him down and went back on the path”.

The Russian explorer, the first European who dared to cross this wild land, which once belonged to the Chinese Empire, was accompanied on his journey by some Udegi natives, a population that has inhabited this territory since ancient times. In the evening, after dinner, the researcher told the Udegi hunters about the chilling appearance of the taiga forest. They didn’t seem surprised at all. They knew from their elders that there lives a human-like creature that can fly.

One of the members of the expedition, the Chinese Dzan-Bao, said that similar testimonies also existed in China, where the winged creature is called “li-dzen-zi” (the winged man). According to reports, it lives in the mountains, far from human settlements.

The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

2. The 1944 Incident

In 1944, a detachment of Soviet soldiers established its military base near the town of Ekaterinovka, in the south of the Primorye region. One afternoon, a few of them who had left for supplies were returning to the unit. They had not traveled more than three kilometers when they saw how something shiny falling over them from the sky. In horror, the soldiers saw that it was a huge winged creature with a human face. The mysterious flying creature made some “woman-like” sounds as if it was moaning. They threw away their baskets with food and ran away to the village, where they told the locals about their encounter with a flying man.

Following their testimonies, a commission arrived from Vladivostok to investigate the case. The soldiers were interrogated for days on end. Later, for unknown reasons, they were sent under surveillance to a secret location, and their traces were lost.

The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com
Olhovaya Mountains, Primorye

3. Viaceslav Dvujilnii’s Encounter

Professor Dvujilnii, a researcher of the paranormal phenomenon, has been studying the mysterious flying creature of Primorye for over ten years, gathering an impressive collection of testimonies and sketches of the creature, from eyewitnesses. Based on dozens of testimonies from hunters, geologists, tourists, and even border policemen, Viaceslav Dvujilnii made a map of the possible areas where these mysterious flying creatures live.

Convinced that the flying creature is dwelling in the Pidan mountains, the Russian cryptozoologist set off on an expedition in the summer of 2010 to several very deep caves in these mountains. Professor Dvujilnii was accompanied by several hunters, a biologist, and a team of reporters from the “Rossia” television station in Moscow. The incursion through the dense forest of conifers lasted over five hours and the expedition arrived at the entrance to the cave when it was already dark. Here is what he witnessed:

“Without the guidance of the forester Vladimir Eliciev, who knew the geography of the place, we probably would never have found the entrance to the mountain underground. It is so well camouflaged that even the forester, although he knows the area like the back of his hand, wandered around for a while, giving us the impression that he got lost. The cave, totally unexplored, is extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Without adequate equipment and excellent physical condition, you cannot reach the end of it. We went down into the depths, over 30 meters below.”

After traversing whole kilometers, through rugged areas, through galleries that they crossed by crawling on their stomachs, the expedition arrived in a more spacious cave. There they discovered piles of bones, remains of animals that had been devoured. For some time, they felt a strong presence around them, as if someone or something was following them. Several members began to complain of severe headaches and a feeling of weakness. Then Viaceslav Dvujilnii decided that it was time to return to the surface.

The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

They made a few steps back, when, suddenly, a sharp scream of an inhuman creature crossed the tunnel, freezing all the members of the expedition in fear. The echo of the terrifying sound continued for several seconds. They continued their ascent, but the dreadful feeling that something was lurking in the crevices of the cave, did not go away.

Crossing back through the forest, they discovered fresh traces of blood among the leaves. A few meters away, they found the intestines and remains of a ram. The biologist of the team drew attention to the fact that no predatory animal would give away this “delicacy”. Any carnivore first eats the intestines full of vegetables, rich in precious vitamins, then drinks the blood, to hydrate, then eats the water-rich organs and, finally, if it is still hungry, the meat. The detail, seemingly unimportant, proves that this predator was not an ordinary carnivore, among the known species that inhabit the area, such as the Siberian tiger or the wolf.

4. The Winter of 2010

Just a few months after professor Dvujilnii’s expedition, in the winter of 2010, in eastern Siberia, on the road leading from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk, a few drivers had an amazing spectacle: a Siberian tiger was moving disoriented, and scared on the road, among the cars and trucks. Such an appearance is completely abnormal, knowing that this wild predator never approaches human communities.

Thus, something had to make this wild beast come out of the forest and act out of the usual. Most likely a stronger and more terrifying beast had chased the tiger out of the wilderness into the road. The people who live nearby are convinced that it is the same mysterious flying creature that has been disturbing their peaceful living for years.

The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

What Could The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye Be?

These strange incidents led Viaceslav Dvujilnii to reach the hypothesis that the army is behind the “flying creature file”. According to his theory, this creature is the result of genetic experiments, carried out at the 731 bases in Pingfang, northern China today. Here, not far from the border with the U.S.S.R., during the second Sino-Japanese war (1937-1945), the Japanese imperial army carried out terrible human experiments, being responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people. The winged creature would have escaped from there and, later, would have established its habitat in the Primorye region, in the almost uninhabited taiga.

The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com
Altai Mountains

The researcher claims that in the Pidan mountains, in the Sihote-Alin mountain range, there lives a whole colony of such flying mutants and that, most likely, they are the terrible result of an unnatural crossing between two creatures of different species. But if the Russian researcher is right, how can one explain the fact that the testimonies about the existence of the flying creature were reported long before the start of the Sino-Japanese war in 1937 and the creation of the “731 Experimental Center”?

The pilling evidence, doubled by the testimonies of people collected over time and the descriptions of researchers, made a century ago, led professor Viaceslav Dvujilnii to draw the conclusion that the mysterious flying creature (winged man) is not a simple legend, but that it actually lives in the taiga of far-eastern Siberia.

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This is not the first mysterious flying creature with human-like features ever encountered in the unexplored wilderness. However, the mystery still lurks among the trees of the wild taiga of Siberia. What do you think? Could the mysterious flying creature from Primorye actually exist? Leave us a comment below and let us know your honest opinion, and please share this article so more people learn about this mysterious flying creature with man-like features.

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The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye - 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

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