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9 Amazing Gifts for Green Witches in 2024

by Andreea Laza
Amazing Gifts for Green Witches - Green Witch Gift Ideas - 9Pedia.com

Looking for some unique gifts for green witches or need some green witch gift inspiration? Continue reading this article and allow inspiration to pour in.

The modern witch is a master of her own energy, intention, and purpose, and there are different types of modern witches. A green witch relies on the magical properties of herbs to concoct potions for health and wellbeing. She has a real interest in botany and herbalism and she loves picking and working with herbs, that she uses to make essential oils, tinctures, and other herbal extracts. A green witch is also into folk magic and she sometimes uses herbs for magickal spells for love, health, and abundance.

In other words, a green witch is a very cool person to be around, and if you have a green witch best friend and want to impress her with an amazing gift, here are 9 green witch gift ideas that we hope will inspire you.

9 Amazing Gifts for Green Witches – Green Witch Gift Ideas

9. The Ultimate The Green Witch Book

9 Amazing Gifts for Green Witches - Green Witch Gift Ideas - 9Pedia.com

Perhaps one of the best gifts for any green witch is the bible of green witchery. That is Arin Murphy-Hiscock’s compendium The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More. This book is packed with great info on using herbs and flowers, to make natural potions at home but not only that. It is also a great read on how to use crystals, gemstones, and other natural elements to bring balance and harmony into your life. This is undoubtedly one of the best green witch gifts you can buy.

8. Essential Oils for Healing

Herbal oils sets are a great gift idea for any green witch who loves using essential oils. Especially great quality essential oils for therapeutic use, as well as for aromatherapy. The set below contains six magickal oils made from herbs and flowers that can be used for their different purpose. For instance, orange oil is energizing while lavender induces relaxation and sleep. Peppermint oil temples massage is great for headaches and eucalyptus oil is a great addition to a cleansing hot steam bath. Your green witch friend will love this set.

7. Botanical Wall Art

Being a green witch is not just about using herbs to make magickal potions and cast spells, but more like a lifestyle where botanics and herbalism are also used for their aesthetic functions, not just for practical reasons. This is why we firmly believe that botanical wall art or print is one of those great gifts for green witches. We have scattered all around the web and discovered this set of six unframed botanical wildflower prints that we absolutely love and think that your green witch friend will love too.

6. Tinctures Making Set

What better gift for a green witch than a set of nice amber tincture dropper bottles with funnels, measured pipettes to easily refill, and stickers to effectively organize and store all your essentials? With this mini-kit, she is ready to prepare all sorts of herbal serums, body and hair oils following her own magickal recipes. This tincture-making set is one of those inspired gift ideas for your lovely green witch bestie.

5. Intention Candles

In the world of modern witchery, candles play a big part, because fire stands for purification as well as for creation with intent. The intention candles are next-level green witch gift ideas because they are already designed to manifest a specific desire when lighting them up. We have found this set of three intention candles from Crystal Journey that we find absolutely adorable. They are handcrafted using lead-free materials and come with different inspirational messages and affirmations to be used depending on mood. We love this gift idea.

4. Herbs for Witchcraft

Crystals for Abundance & How to Use Them - Aventurine

What would a green witch be without her collection of dried herbs, ready to use for a new magickal potion or a new spell on the full moon? Herbs are the main interest of any modern green witch because she is a healer that uses herbs above all. Yes, a green witch is attracted to healing herbs because she is a healer at heart and wants to help others with her knowledge and energy. This is why this kit of 20 dried herbs which also includes a lovely crystal spoon is one of the best possible gifts you can give to your green witch friend.

3. Assorted Seeds

Growing herbs is another speciality of a respected green witch, hence a kit of assorted seeds is another brilliant idea as a gift. These assorted seeds from The Mountain Valley Seed Company Store are a selection of non-GMO medicinal herbs to grow your own herb garden for medicinal or culinary purposes. These herbs are also great for brewing tea, but also for making healing potions, and even cast magickal spells. What a wonderful gift to offer!

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2. The Green Witch Oracle Cards

An oracle deck of cards is always a good green witch gift idea. Especially this one here that is not your ordinary oracle cards pack, but The Green Witch Oracle set of cards. The set contains 44 cards of botanical magick that depict herbs, plants, and flowers, their healing properties, and magical use, and of course, the hidden messages they hold. Using this deck of cards can help develop one’s intuition and insight and also learn the different healing powers of herbs and flowers. The Green Witch Oracle is beautifully designed by Cheralyn Darcey, an ethnobotanist, botanical history author, and environmental artist with a clear passion for nature. We absolutely love it!

1. Pampering The Witch Within

Last but not least, one great green witch gift idea is a handmade bath set to help transform a simple bath into a ritual deem of a majestic woman. There are plenty of bath set gift ideas out there, but we’ve stumbled upon one that we really enjoyed from Hemlock Park Store. Their artisanal spa collection is a beautiful handcrafted set containing one apothecary candle, organic shea butter & coconut oil soap, one shea butter bath bomb and one mineral salt bath soak sachet all infused with the divine palo santo scent for that extra cleansing. We absolutely love this bath set and we think your green witch friend will love it too.

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Which one of the gifts for green witches above you enjoyed the most? Have you found your inspiration for green witch gifts here on 9Pedia? If so, share, like and help us reach more people. Much love!

9 Amazing Gifts for Green Witches – Your Girl Will Love - 9Pedia.com

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