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What Do My Nails Say About My Health?

by Andreea Laza
What Do My Nails Say About My Health? - Nail Health - 9Pedia.com

Are you asking yourself what do my nails say about my health? By the end of this article, you will know everything about nail health.

Chinese doctors believe that the hand and nails are a map of the whole body. Indeed, hands and, particularly, nails can be an indicator of health if you know what to look at. The shape of your nails, their structure, and color can be an indicator of your health. So if you wonder “what do my nails say about my health“, let’s find out together.

What Do My Nails Say About My Health – 9 Telling Signs

1. Bulging nails, looking like a watch glass

Possible cause: If you have bulging nails from birth, it is generally harmless. But when their bulging occurs over time, the cause can be related to serious lung or heart diseases.
Solutions: Consult a medical doctor.

2. Narrow, spoon-shaped nails, arched upwards, often brittle

Possible cause: Your nails can be like this from birth and do not represent a danger, but if they appear suddenly, the cause can be iron deficiency and anemia. Brittle and ridged nails are a sign of zinc deficiency and a liver-related issue.
Solutions: In case of anemia, consult a medical doctor. If you are iron deficient, you can eat fresh fruit (especially cherries), parsley, gluten-free oats, sprouted oats, spirulina, and nettle to boost iron naturally.

3. Nail arches downward and sometimes thickens and resembles a claw

Possible cause: If not hereditary, claw nails can be signs of blood disorders. If the “claw” appears only on the index nail, it may point to a predisposition to developing asthma or a lack of calcium.
Solutions: Consult a medical doctor if you suffer from circulatory problems. In case you lack calcium, eat lemon water in the morning, plenty of legumes (beans, peas, lentils), four oranges and/or tangerines a day, fresh fruits and vegetables, and plenty of water.

4. One or more indentations along the nail

Possible cause: The most common is a poorly done manicure or an illness that has prevented the growth of the nail for a short time. If you also have a stain on your nail, it means that the nail was once crushed or hit in that place.
Solutions: A nail is usually restored in 130-180 days, during which time the dent disappears by itself. When it comes to manicures, pay attention to the root of the nail (the skin must be pushed gently with a soft stick.)

5. Vertical streaks, or white streaks under the nail

Possible cause: These nail strikes or marks are generally associated with dry skin and are harmless. But they can also be a sign of psoriasis that is about to set in or signs of arthritis. Long white stripes can also be a sign of nail fungus (mycosis).
Solutions: Sometimes it’s enough to hydrate well (spring water, coconut water, smoothies, fresh juices, etc.) If the strikes are permanent, they can be removed by carefully filing the nail. In the case of mycosis, consult a medical doctor. Tea tree essential oil is a natural remedy for nail fungus.

What Do My Nails Say About My Health? - Nail Health - 9Pedia.com

6. Dark spots under the nail

Possible cause: The most common cause is bleeding from injuries (bruises). Less often, black dots and spots under the nails indicate a large presence of toxins in the body.

Solutions: In the case of an excess of toxins in the body, detoxify the body with fresh cilantro, blueberries, bananas, spirulina, green barley juice powder, dulse flakes, and water to make a powerful heavy metal detox smoothie. Burdock root, dandelion root, milk thistle, wormwood, and artichoke are some of the most powerful detox herbs. Drink lemon water in the morning, and cut out all dietary fats until noon. AVOID eggs, dairy, gluten, pork, farmed fish, soy, corn, canola oil, MSG, artificial sweeteners, processed sugar, natural flavors, food additives, alcohol, and caffeine. Stay away from conventional cleaning products, perfumes, makeup products, home or car fresheners.

7. Yellow spots on or under the nail

Possible cause: If you are a smoker, you may have traces of nicotine on your nails, but if your nail also becomes brittle and thickens, the cause may be a mycosis or a malfunction of the liver or gallbladder. Brittle nails also show a zinc deficiency.
Solutions: Nicotine stains can be removed with a solution of lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide diluted with water. If the reason for the appearance of the yellow nail spots is unclear, please consult a doctor.

8. Temporary swelling of the fingers, hands and wrists

Possible cause: If you are a woman between the 24th and 28th day of your menstrual cycle, this could be fluid retention. In general, if the swelling is permanent, there may be problems related to the circulation of the lymph, and you should consult a doctor.
Solutions: Hydrate: drink at least 2 liters of spring water a day or herbal teas (nettle, bean pods), drastically reduce salt, and supplement with potassium (bananas). Juniper tincture can be used for edema.

What Do My Nails Say About My Health? - Nail Health - 9Pedia.com

9. Cold hands and fingers, even when it’s hot outside

Possible cause: Blood circulation disorders or low blood pressure. If the fingers suddenly become cold as ice and pale, the cause could be the so-called Raynaud’s syndrome. Consult a medical doctor for a diagnosis.
Solutions: In case of circulation disorders, stop smoking and drinking coffee, and move your body. People suffering from Raynaud’s syndrome often suffer from anxiety and stress, in which case, you can try relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, ASMR, etc.

What is a Healthy Nail Color?

Healthy nails often have a pinkish or rosy hue. This is because the blood vessels underneath the nail bed contribute to the color. If your nails are too pale or have a bluish tint, it could indicate poor circulation. A consistent color across all your nails is generally a good sign. The tips of your nails are typically a bit whiter than the rest of the nails, and this is normal. Healthy nails are generally smooth, without ridges, dents, or grooves.

Did you know? Zinc deficiency and a liver problems are the main responsibles for issues with your nails.

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Various factors can affect nail color, and health including aging, medications, and lifestyle. Now you know the answer to the question “What Do My Nails Say About My Health?”. If you’ve enjoyed reading this article and you’ve found it informative, please share it so more people learn that nail health can be an indication of health.

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What Do My Nails Say About My Health? 9 Types of Nails and Their Meaning - 9Pedia.com

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