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9 Healthy Vegan Protein Powders for Muscle Building

by Andreea Laza
Healthy Vegan Protein Powders for Muscle Building - 9Pedia.com

Looking for healthy vegan protein powders for muscle building and weight loss? Continue reading this article and find out what they are.

Protein, while it is arguably the main building block for muscles, cannot actually help muscle building, if not helped by natural sugars and carbohydrates from fruits, whole cereals, and starchy foods. To build muscle naturally and even lose fat deposits, eating enough fruits, leafy greens, and vegetables will help you achieve your fitness goal, together with regular exercise. Natural high-carbohydrate foods actually help prevent muscles from atrophying and also flush out the toxins that prevent muscles from growing. 

That is the naked truth about proteins.

Then again, some protein powders, especially vegan proteins that come from a natural source, with no added flavors (including natural ones), fillers, and preservatives can help muscle growth and weight loss. This, alongside regular exercise, and a diet beautiful in fresh fruits and vegetables, starch, and whole grains. Without further ado, here are the best healthy vegan protein powders that you can add to your healthy diet for muscle building and natural weight loss.

Healthy Vegan Protein Powders for Muscle Building - 9Pedia.com

9 Best Healthy Vegan Protein Powders

9. Epic Protein

The Epic Protein blend from Sprout Living is one of the best healthy vegan protein powders for a couple of reasons. First, it delivers a whopping 26 g of pure protein per serving size (35 g) and its protein is made from five natural plant sources, namely yellow pea, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, the Incan sacha inchi, and cranberry seeds. Lightly sweet to taste and creamy, with no fillers, no gums, and flavorings whatsoever, this vegan protein powder is the real deal.

8. Superfood Protein Powder

The unflavored Protein Powder with Superfoods from Four Sigmatic is another one of the healthy vegan protein powders, that deserves a place in our countdown. In addition to providing a clean source of plant-based proteins, this natural protein powder is also packed with a mushroom blend and adaptogens to boost immunity during strenuous exercise and support brain function at the same time. One serving provides 18 g of protein and a rush of good vibes.

7. Hemp Seed Powder

Hemp seeds are an amazing source of plant-based proteins. The Hemp Protein Powder from Nutiva delivers 15 g of pure hemp protein per serving (30 g) with is amazing, and not only that, it is 100% cold-pressed raw hemp seed protein powder, with no other nasty flavors or fillers added. This is one of the healthy vegan protein powders we definitely recommend.

6. Protein Classic Plus

The vegan Protein Classic Plus plant-based protein powder blend from Sunwarrior is one of the healthy vegan protein powders options. It has no flavoring, but a proprietary protein blend from organic fermented brown rice and pea, and organic quinoa, chia, and amaranth. Has no soy, dairy, GMOs, or gluten and is raw vegan. One scoop of this vegan protein powder delivers 20 g of clean plant proteins.

5. Chia Protein Powder

The Chia Protein Powder from Foods Alive is one of the healthy vegan protein powders you can find, with 35% protein content per serving. What makes this protein powder healthy? It is 100% chia protein resulting from cold-pressing the organic chia seeds into a powder. Even more, chia is a superfood filled with antioxidants, minerals, and other goodies. Chia seeds make a jelly texture when hydrated, so expect this consistency if you drink the chia protein powder shake hours after making it.

4. Sunflower Seed Protein Powder

The Sunflower Seed Protein Powder is another amazing product for lean muscle building from Sprout Living, with 15 g of pure protein per serving size (28 g). What we love about it is that is made from organic cold-pressed sunflower seeds protein powder only, with no artificial or natural flavoring, thickeners, artificial sweeteners, or sugars. This is definitely one of the healthy vegan protein powders deserving a spot in our countdown.

3. Protein Warrior Blend

The Protein Warrior Blend is the other healthy vegan protein powder we love from Sunwarrior. The reason is that it comes with a whopping 19 g of plant protein per scoop (25 g), has no flavoring, thickeners, or sweeteners, only organic fermented pea and hemp protein, super antioxidants, goji berries, MCTs, legumes, and ground coconut. Clean and healthy for natural muscle building or weight loss.

2. Renew Plant-Based Protein Powder

The Renew Plant-Based Protein Powder from Laird is another one of our picks for the healthy vegan protein powders countdown, and for a few good reasons. This organic plant-based protein powder is based on hemp and pumpkin seeds powders, and a blend of functional mushrooms with a slightly nutty flavor. It does have a sweetener, which is coconut sugar, which is a healthy source of sugar. Other than that, this vegan protein powder delivers 19 g of protein per serving (39 g), which is amazing.

1. Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder

With a whopping 20 g of pure protein per serving size (30 g), the Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder from Sprout Living is one of the best vegan protein powders you can put your hands on. But more importantly, this is a healthy protein powder, as its sole ingredient is cold-pressed pumpkin seeds protein powder. And even if we’re talking pumpkin seeds, and we know how high in fat nuts and seeds are, this natural protein powder has only 10% fats in it. One of the best healthy vegan protein powders out there.

Look Out For When Buying a Protein Powder

When buying a protein powder, always read the ingredients list. Avoid protein powders that contain flavor and (organic) natural flavors, fillers, and preservatives, as well as highly-processed ingredients such as processed sugar and artificial coloring agents. Protein powders based on whey protein (which contains MSG) and concentrate l-carnitine supplements are also on the no list. Even more important, fats prevent you from building muscle, so beware of high-fat protein powders.

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9 Healthy Vegan Protein Powders for Muscle Building - 9Pedia.com

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