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9 Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn’t Know About

by Andreea Laza
9 Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

Want to discover the most amazing Bucegi Mountains mysteries? Continue reading this article and learn about the mysterious Bucegi Mountains from Romania.

Bucegi Mountains located in the Carpathians Mountains in Romania are one of the most mysterious mountain ranges in all of Europe, if not the entire world. The Bucegi Mountains are located in the arch of the Carpathian Mountains, where they make a curvature, almost in the heart of Romania.

Where Does Bucegi Name Come From?

Although opinions amongst philologists are still divided, the name Bucegi, pronounced as boo-che(as in chest)-gi(as in genius), is considered to be related to several Romanian names such as Buceac, Buceag, Huceag or Bugeac. In the local language, huceag or buceag is a thick and low forest, or a carpet of green and soft moss, or even a deserted land, devoid of forests, only with weeds and grass. According to linguist Sextil Pușcariu its name is derived from the root Buc, Bucur, an authentic Dacian word meaning happy in the Romanian language. Now let’s get to the most inexplainable Bucegi Mountains mysteries.

Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com
Bucegi Mountains seen from Poiana Brașov

9 Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn’t Know About

9. Energetic Anomalies

One of the most popular Bucegi Mountains mysteries is related to the energetic anomalies that people experience while hiking certain areas of these mountains. Some of the most known areas where anomalies take place are Valea Albă (The White Valley), Gura de Rai (The Heaven’s Mouth), and the warm stones at Gura Diham (Diham Mouth). These places are characterized by an atypical magnetic anomaly, where the equipment starts on its own, and people live inexplicable experiences.

Gura de Rai is supposedly located on the road between Cabana Omu to Peştera Hotel, alongside Culmea Doamnele. In the Romanian traditions “mouths of heaven” drive away fatigue as if by magic, envelop the human body in positive energies and cure certain diseases. A similar place was identified on a slope on the Bucegi plateau, near the Sphinx. Geophysicists who have studied the underground with state-of-the-art equipment have discovered atypical geomagnetic anomalies in the area.

Gura de rai Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com
Me, having a sit on a stone in the area known as Gura de Rai, Bucegi after a long hike on the Doamnele trail, with a view towards Hotel Peștera (2017)

Valea Albă is perhaps the most popular route in Bucegi, a route that attracts adventurers like a magnet. Geographically, Valea Albă separates Mount Caraiman from Mount Coştila, being bordered on the right by a huge vertical wall, and on the left by Picăturii Peak. In the valley, digital cameras suddenly reset and then come back just as suddenly and inexplicably, or they suddenly go off and take very good pictures.

Valea Alba - Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com
Valea Albă in Bucegi – Source
9 Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - Gura Diham Stones
Gura Diham stone picture – Source

In the Bușteni – Gura Diham area, a few stones were discovered, around which phenomena that are difficult to explain occur. The parallelepiped stones resembling funerary monuments are found on the forest road leading to Gura Diham chalet, about 4.2 kilometers from Bușteni. These mysterious stones are always warm, indifferent to the weather conditions, which is in itself inexplicable.

Even more, around them, people have experienced similar events as in Valea Albă. Camera and phone batteries discharging, and devices suddenly coming back after moving away from the area. Even more, people feel drained of energy, very fatigued, and completely dizzy around these mysterious stones or when touching them. These unexplained phenomena are part of the very many Bucegi Mountains mysteries.

8. Israeli Military Helicopter Crash

On July 26, 2010, an Israeli Sikorsky CH 53 Sky Stallion helicopter with 6 military personnel on board, which was taking part in a secret Israeli air exercise, crashed in the Fundata-Zărneşti area, in the Bucegi Mountains. There were no survivors. While being presented as an unfortunate accident, in 2015, a general from the Romanian Intelligence Directorate published on a blog under anonymity what actually happened with the Israeli helicopter.

He said that the Israeli mission was top-secret and that the Romanian counterparts were not allowed to approach the load that the Israeli military aircraft were transporting after landing in Romania. The location of the mission was changed a few times, and the Romanian officers were unaware of what the Israeli mission was actually about. He declared the following.

Isreal Helicopter Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

“The Israeli military airplane hatch opens and immediately their officers begin to gesture “we will unload and no one approaches.” The Romanian soldiers secured the perimeter, and our group of officers remained in the waiting room, while they unloaded some huge wooden boxes wrapped with two rows of green military tarpaulin.”

One of their generals told us that there is a certain kind of high-performance equipment in the boxes that only they know how to operate. He asked us to immediately form a secured road on the Bucharest-Ploiești-Azuga-Predeal-Sinaia area and to make sure that there are no complications on the road. From that moment on, I knew that something very ugly was going to happen that day. About two hours after we started the actual preparations for the exercises, I received a message from the task force and I was informed that on the plateau near the Sphinx there are six individuals with reception stations in their hands speaking Hebrew.

What happened next is inexplicable and definitely not something from this reality.

“We got there and they loaded the helicopters while we monitored the area carefully. When they rose in the air, the earth began to shake slightly and I did not pay much attention to this, thinking that everything has to do with the vibrations from the propeller. Five or ten seconds later the earth suddenly started shaking in the most serious way possible and we were scared, as we believed it was a very powerful earthquake.”

The wind began to blow so hard, and I had no idea when it turned into a typhoon, as most of us were thrown to the ground. Our lieutenant has his head broken in four places after being hit by some of the falling trees. Above the trees, we saw a few white spheres that seemed to be electrically charged and immediately began to grow rapidly and take on the shape of an old man dressed in white. We heard something like thunder, a very loud roar, that howled like a whistling wind saying in perfect Romanian:

“What are you doing on the ancestral land?”

Some of us say that they saw quite clearly a huge hand, something ghostly appearing from the mist, grabbing the helicopter and throwing it to the ground with great force. We have no idea how long it took, minutes or seconds we can not figure out, but we saw the Israeli helicopter on the ground. Something was leaking from it like a liquefied metal and the bodies were charred, some of them turned to ashes. Later I found out that the Romanian soldiers were commanded to move the remains of the helicopter at a distance of ten kilometers so as to not coincide with the area where other helicopters had mysteriously crashed several years before this incident.

The Israeli helicopter crash remains one of the unexplained Bucegi Mountains mysteries.

Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com
Bucegi Mountains view

7. Vanishing People

The locals from Bușteni, but also people living up in the Bucegi mountains say that on the Jepii Mici route, climbing Valea Comorilor (Treasures Valley), in certain weather conditions, but especially in summer, a thick fog forms on the mountain, without an explanation. The fog forms a narrow path, approximately 20 centimeters wide, parallel to the main path. In reality, this foggy path does not actually exist, and those who venture to hike on it vanish in plain sight.

According to locals, only the lucky ones reappear after a long time, in other places in Bucegi, disoriented and lost, even injured, However, most of those who walk on the mysterious path disappear without a trace, despite the search, and their bodies are discovered crushed between the mountain rocks the following season. The vanishing people is one of the most popular Bucegi Mountains mysteries still haunting these areas.

6. Bucegi Megaliths – The Sphinx

The 45 Ancient Secret Laws of Zalmoxis - Getae Dacians
The Bucegi Mountains Sphinx

The Bucegi Sphinx, a human-shaped rock an anthropomorphic megalith located at an altitude of over 2,200 meters was named due to its resemblance to the Egyptian Sphinx. Geologists attribute its formation to wind erosion but this is far from the truth. Valentina Gralea considered the greatest psychic woman in Romania, claims that a huge stream of energy is emanated by the Sphinx from Bucegi, similar to that of the Giza pyramids. Moreover, she claims that there are underground galleries that connect it with the Egyptian Sphinx. As you will see later in this article, evidence pile up to support this claim.

As the clairvoyant admits, she has never been to Bucegi nor Egypt, but she states that underneath the Bucegi Sphinx is where the true history of mankind lies, as the corridors under the Bucegi Mountains have inscriptions and documents revealing the Mystery of Life and Eternity. This is also backed by the strange halos and holograms that are often seen around the Caraiman Cross, on top of Bucegi.

Furthermore, every year on the 28th of November another inexplicable phenomenon happens around the Bucegi Sphinx. On that day, it is said that the sun’s rays create an energy pyramid around the face of the Sphinx at sunset. There are a number of people who have been healed by the energetic pyramid, and they meet every year on November 28. Similar to the Bucegi Sphinx there are other megaliths nearby, namely the small Sphinx and the Babele, which in Romanian means the old ladies.

Babele Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com
The Babele megaliths and the Bucegi Sphinx in the background

5. The Living Water in Bucegi

One of the Bucegi Mountains’ mysteries is related to the “living water”, present in Romanian mythology by association with fairies and beautiful girls who regenerate their powers after sipping from it. Such a place is considered to be the waterfall of the seven springs from Bucegi, located between Lake Bolboci and Lake Scropoasa, in the Ialomiţa Valley. There are many myths about this waterfall, as it is one of the most unexplained Bucegi Mountains mysteries.

First of all, the water carried by the 7 springs is credited as the purest water in the world after thorough microbiological studies. There are two theories for water purity. Either the water stream passes through a magnetic field, which reorders its molecular structure, or it passes through a silver deposit that kills off bacteria and purifies the water. Some say that the seven springs waterfall stems from the sacred springs of Zalmoxe, the main Dacian deity, located right on the site of the waterfall.

4. Inexplicable Bucegi Earthquakes

In 1993, between May 4 and June 10, there were dozens of earthquakes – some claim that there were several hundred – for which there is still no valid explanation. According to locals, the earthquakes occurred daily and at fixed hours, at 8 pm in the evening and 3 am in the morning. Awkwardly, each earthquake was preceded by a loud roar as if something had collapsed inside the mountains, like the ceiling of a cave, or something similar to a huge crash. There were no horizontal or vertical movements.

The earthquakes had a rather low intensity, of 3 or 4 degrees on the Richter scale, and they occurred at a shallow depth of 10 or 15 kilometers, which made the noise in the mountains frighten the locals. The peak was a 5.1-degree earthquake in the Bușteni-Sinaia area, on the evening of May 23, 1993. The Bucegi earthquakes raised many questions, mainly due to the fact that the Bucegi Mountains are not located in a seismic area, but also because the earthquake series stopped abruptly and never happened again.

Busteni Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com
View over Bușteni from the Caraiman Cross, Bucegi

Locals say that they were so energetically charged that anything or anyone they touched produced an electric discharge that could lead to minor burns, and they suffered from insomnia. Radio signals either dropped or were suddenly amplified in certain areas. Unexplainably, even though they could hardly sleep during that time, they said that they never felt tired. Mircea Radulian, scientific director of the National Institute for Earth Physics, Romania, confessed:

“This earthquake series happening in Bucegi in 1993 is unique in Romania. An interpretation of the research made in the area is still ongoing, but the cause of the earhquakes is not yet clear. “

To this day the 1993 earthquakes remain one of the inexplicable Bucegi Mountains mysteries.

3. Bucegi Underground Tunnels

According to a “sci-fi” book by Radu Cinamar, in 2003 a mixed Romanian-American team led a top-secret mission into the undergrounds of the Bucegi Mountains after an American satellite spotted some anomalies in the undergrounds of the Bucegi. Here they have found a web of underground tunnels, one leading to the pyramids of Egypt, one leading to Iraq, and the third one leading inside Earth. The tunnels are known by a very small number of people since the time of the Dacians. The Bucegi underground entrance leading to them has an energetic dome of protection, allowing only highly evolved individuals and people from around these places to enter under special conditions. This is one of the top-secret Bucegi Mountains mysteries.

9 Mysterious Facts about Romania You Didn’t Know - HAV-HANNUAE-KONDRAS - 9Pedia.com
HAV-HANNUAE-KONDRAS alien from The Book of Alien Races

Few know that the Bucegi tunnels also host an extraterrestrial underground base, probably coming from the Draco constellation, according to Romanian researcher Valentin Tîrcă. He claims that the Bucegi Mountains, like all mountains, are an artificial construction built hundreds of thousands of years ago by extraterrestrials coming from the Draco constellation. This explains the Romanian word drac which does not have a direct English translation but is similar to a small, mischievous devil, and the expression drac împielițat, meaning “hairless drac”.

Agartha is located in Romania - Agatars Empire - Constellation Draco
The Carpathian Mountains and the Drago Constellation resemblance; Bucegi are in the arch of the Carpathian Range

Romanian researchers who took care of the measurements say that there are underground galleries that link the Bucegi peaks with the Retezat and Rarău peaks, from the Ceahlău massif. On these peaks, as on Omu Peak, there would have been sanctuaries that, together, formed the “Golden Triangle” of Dacia due to the impressively large energies that would be found in the three points. Curiously, Ceahlău massif is also known for an unexplainable phenomenon, a holographic pyramid that appears every year on August 6th, at sunrise.

Izvor Tunnel Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com (400 × 200 px)
Izvor Tunnel entry in Bucegi

Coming back to the underground tunnels, there was an attempt at the beginning of the 19th century to build an underground railway tunnel underneath the Bucegi to link Prahova and Dâmbovița counties. World War I ceased its construction in 1914, and it was not resumed until 1938 and then abandoned again. In 1941, German occupation troops resumed the construction at the fastest pace ever, but the end of the war brought another cessation of the work. If it had been built to completion, it would have been 20 kilometers long and would have been the largest tunnel in Romania. In 1985, two Romanian secret police teams have detonated the entrance.

To this day, we don’t know the real reason why this tunnel was closed and sealed. Was it because they have found something underground that was so terrible that they had to blow everything off, or maybe they simply did not have permission to continue? We don’t know. But what we do know is that there are underground tunnels in the Bucegi Mountains hiding extraordinary technologies, and if we had access to them it would change the history and course of humankind. If you want to learn more about the mysterious Bucegi tunnels, and other Bucegi Mountains mysteries, I highly recommend Radu Cinamar’s books, which you find below.

Mystery of Egypt: The First Tunnel...
Inside the Earth: The Second Tunnel...
The Etheric Crystal — The Third Tunnel...
Mystery of Egypt: The First Tunnel...
Inside the Earth: The Second Tunnel...
The Etheric Crystal — The Third Tunnel...
Mystery of Egypt: The First Tunnel...
Mystery of Egypt: The First Tunnel...
Inside the Earth: The Second Tunnel...
Inside the Earth: The Second Tunnel...
The Etheric Crystal — The Third Tunnel...
The Etheric Crystal — The Third Tunnel...

2. Entry Into Agartha

Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

Bucegi Mountains are filled with caves, tunnels, and small entries in the rocks, most of which are still unexplored and unknown, some of which look like being carved by man. There are unresearched caves sealed with huge boulders that have fallen as a result of earthquakes, and others that are waiting for their discoverers.

Teachings of Zalmoxis’ School of Spiritual Mastery - Dacian Warrior
Dacian warrior holding the Draco flag

According to Valentin Tîrcă, the last king of the Agatârsh Empire on the surface, in the early 1800s, there was a massive earthquake that has sealed most of the entries to the underground tunnels that were connecting the Agatârsh people on the surface, with those living underground. The Agatârs people were a highly evolved civilization living in close connection with nature, were vegetarians and lived in matriarchal societies of the beehive structure.

Dacians were the military army of the Agatârs people, who were called the bravest and the most fierce of the Thracians because they believed in immortality. Whenever they had to fight against an invading tribe, they streamed out of the Carpathian mountains where they lived underground.

Agartha is Located in Romania
Agatârs Empire map encompassing modern-day Romania, Moldavia, parts of Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Bulgaria

The Bucegi Mountains are a portal entry into the center of the Earth, as one underground tunnel there leads to the inner Earth or Agartha. However, this entry is protected by an energy dome that cannot be deactivated, allowing only for highly evolved humans that are native to these lands to pass through. Some of the underground cities of Agartha are Apelos and Tomasis, the first one being located somewhere below the city of Alba-Iulia (Apuseni Mountains), and the second below Constanța, Romania (also known as Tomis).

Similarly, in Agartha: The Earth’s Inner World book, the narrator tells about Telos, the second-largest underground city after Shamballa, where most surface dwellers end up when they first make it into Agartha. Telos is said to be located underneath Mount Shasta, and Agartha is believed to be a vast country of evolved 5th-dimensional beings inside the Earth’s crust. Bucegi mountains are one of the entryways to this peaceful land of evolved individuals that dwell inside Earth, of a higher vibrational frequency. This is one of the top Bucegi Mountains mysteries.

1. True History of Humankind

Perhaps the most important of the Bucegi Mountains mysteries is the Hall of Records found in one of the underground tunnels. The Hall of Records underneath the Bucegi Mountains is one of the top-secret Bucegi Mountains mysteries and there are forces that want to keep it secret because the implications are as huge. When the American-Romanian military team went down the underground tunnels underneath Bucegi in 2003, once they passed the energetic dome, they reached a series of gigantic rooms, one of which contained a special holographic technology, that allowed you to see in real-time the historical events as they actually happened.

Basically, the real history of mankind.

Hall of Records Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn't Know About - 9Pedia.com

The Romanian officials wanted to make the Bucegi discovery public immediately, but the American officials “closed a deal” with the Romanians to keep this a secret. In truth, the American secret service put a lot of pressure on the Romanian officials to not disclose the discovery as this would change the power structure of the world, induce panic and jeopardize their self-imposed role as rulers of the plant. This is the actual reason why Romania became a NATO member not even a year later, as part of the deal.

Will we get to discover the real history of humankind in this lifetime? We sure hope so, as we need truth to break down the illusion of this ill civilization we are currently living in. Will this truth come from the underground tunnels of the Bucegi Mountains of Romania? If enough positive energy and good intentions will overcome the dictatorship and censorship of the fake “democracy” ruling the “civilized countries”, then the answer is yes. We are 100% positive that the human history books will be rewritten in the following decades and truth will prevail.

What we can say is that most of human history is a fake story, specially created to keep us ignorant and gullible and at the mercy of religious dogma, and the financial interests of the few so that the humans lose their sovereignty, and confidence in their own creative powers, while under the impression of living free.

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Bucegi Mountains are one of the most spectacular and mysterious mountain ranges in the entire Carpathian Mountains, and you’ve only discovered a glimpse of them. The best way to discover the Bucegi is to pay a visit. If you’ve enjoyed learning about the Bucegi Mountains mysteries please share this article so more people can find this information.

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9 Bucegi Mountains Mysteries You Didn’t Know About - 9Pedia.com

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