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9 ‘Healthy’ Foods that Are Not Healthy Actually

by Andreea Laza
‘Healthy’ Foods that Are Not Healthy Actually - 9Pedia.com

Want to know which are the healthy foods that actually do you harm? Continue reading the article and find out what they are.

In the world of healthy eating, there are foods that really are healthy and other so-called ‘healthy foods’ that are rather hyped than healthy. So we figured to share with you some of the praised healthy foods that are not actually that healthy. Without further ado, here are the healthy foods and superfoods that actually are not that healthy.

9 ‘Healthy’ Foods that Aren’t Really Healthy

1. Nutritional Yeast

One of the most popular ingredients in vegan cuisine, nutritional yeast or inactive yeast flakes is a type of flavorful yeast that gives a cheesy taste to foods. This is why nutritional yeast is frequently encountered in vegan cheese recipes for sauces. However, few know that nutritional yeast is but another term for MSG, or monosodium glutamate, one of the most dangerous food additives out there. This is why nutritional yeast is so tasty and so addictive and one of the worst ‘healthy foods’ on the list.

2. Green Tea

Beyond its cultural implications, tea drinking is viewed as an act of sophistication and distinguishment. However, not all teas are actually healthy for you, although they are hyped as healthy drinks. We’re talking about green tea, but also black tea and most caffeinated teas. These teas have almost the same amount as coffee, so if you think you’re replacing your morning coffee with green tea is a healthier alternative, think again.

But there’s something more harmful about green tea especially. The green tea plant has the natural ability to extract fluorides from the ground and store them in its leaves. Fluorine is a highly toxic chemical, responsible for the calcification of the pineal gland and that is causing many “mysterious” illnesses. If you want that rush in the morning, replace green tea with yerba mate. Or opt for herbal teas such as mint, chamomile, nettle, lemon balm, which are also healing for the body.

3. ‘Healthy Fats’

Fats are good in smaller amounts than you’d think, even the healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and seeds, avocado, and even coconut oil. A diet high in fats is inflammatory for the body because it puts a lot of strain on the liver, our body’s filter. In the long run, this may affect the body’s bile production and cause symptoms such as indigestion and headaches after large fatty meals.

Nut butters (especially peanut butter), avocado on toast on top of a poached egg, deep-frying, and splashing excess olive oil (like Jamie OliveOil) on food are hyped, not necessarily healthy. Reduce the amount of daily fat (including the healthier kind) and most importantly, have these healthy fats in the afternoon and never in the morning, when the liver needs time to cleanse and detox the body.

Healthy Foods that Are Not Healthy Actually - 9Pedia.com

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Another major food on our healthy not actually healthy foods list is apple cider vinegar. According to the Medical Medium, ACV and vinegar in general (balsamic vinegar included), is acetic acid and creates an acidic environment in the body, very appropriate for the proliferation of bad bacteria, especially Streptococcus. When it encounters the salts in the body, ACV creates a chemical reaction that leads to chronic dehydration.

Yes, ACV supports the proliferation of pathogens and makes you age faster among others. Instead, replace ACV with freshly-squeezed lemon juice, which is at the opposite end and creates an alkaline environment in the body. However, ACV can work wonders for hair, scalp, and skin when used topically.

5. Coffee

The much-praised morning drink, coffee is a dangerous addiction above all. Where should I start? Caffeine in coffee and caffeinated beverages leads to adrenal fatigue, and in time burnt adrenals, it also weakens the liver and can lead to symptoms such as hair thinning and hair loss, weight gain, rapid aging, loss of libido, and very many nutritional deficiencies. Coffee drinking puts you in the fight or flight survival mode, one that is highly dangerous for the body, it leads to excess cortisol and the adrenaline rush that “apparently” helps you stay awake and focused. Thank God, there are natural alternatives to coffee that are caffeine-free and safe, such as chicory root below.

6. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate and cacao could not have missed a spot in our healthy foods that are unhealthy list. Much praised for its antioxidants and low sugar content, dark chocolate is loaded with cacao powder or cacao mass, which is loaded with caffeine, making chocolate at least as addictive as coffee. When you add all that processed sugar to it, dark chocolate is a recipe for disaster. Did you know that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and the main culprit for cancer, especially brain cancer?

Chocolate (dark or not) is a recipe for weight gain, adrenal fatigue, skin problems, fast aging, and mineral and nutrient deficiencies. If you want to make healthy chocolate at home, replace cacao powder with carob powder, sugar with date paste, raw honey, maple syrup, or coconut sugar and coconut butter. Don’t overindulge.

7. Red Wine

Casual drinking is one of the most toxic habits we have been encouraged to develop by influencers, movies, and “scientists”. Social drinking is one of the most damaging things you can do to yourself, even one single glass of red wine. Did you know that drinking only a sip of alcohol every day for a year makes you an alcoholic? Red wine is just like any alcohol out there, it numbs down the white blood cells in the bloodstream, allowing for every garbage to enter the body and create inflammation.

The liver takes the worst hit from alcohol drinking. If you want to enjoy beneficial antioxidants, focus on wild berries and dark-colored fruits and veggies. Just because something is socially encouraged, it doesn’t make it good, by far.

8. Natural Flavors

First off, there’s nothing natural about natural flavors, this is just another term for MSG in all actuality. Yes, whenever you see natural flavors on the ingredients list of a “healthy” product, remember that is nothing else but monosodium glutamate, one of the worst food additives out there, responsible for a large number of diseases we suffer from today, inducing mystery illnesses. Healthy foods don’t need natural flavors added to them, they already are loaded with them, so be smart about it.

Healthy Foods that Are Not Healthy Actually

9. Sugar-Free Products

Last but not least, the low-calorie sugar-free products are some of the worst ‘healthy foods’ you can choose. Most of the sweeteners added to these refined products are some of the most poisoning and damaging sweeteners, even worse than sugar itself. These are aspartame, acesulfame k, sodium cyclamate, saccharin, sucralose, maltitol, fructose, glucose, and others.

If you really want to kick sugar in the butt, you absolutely can. Go for sweet ripe fruits (including ripe bananas, Medjool dates, and grapes), replace sugar with raw honey, date paste, maple syrup, and coconut sugar. These are the safe bunch. Don’t let yourself get tricked by the ‘sugar-free’ label on products, because they are not by any means healthy foods.

How to Stay Away from ‘Healthy Foods’ that Aren’t Actually Healthy

Research, read, get informed, and listen to more than one person. In the healthy foods industry today and there are people out there that don’t have the consumer’s best interest, yes, even in the healthy foods industry. Health gurus and influencers may also not know it all, so the best way is to research and listen to the voice of your intuition.

What feels good to you may not be as good for me, however, there are some foods that, whether we like it or not, cause long-term damage in the form of allergies, mystery illnesses, and auto-immune conditions. I really recommend Medical Medium‘s book ‘Life-Changing Foods‘ as well as reading his list of troublemaking foods we so casually consume. Your health is your responsibility, choose real healthy foods.

9 'Healthy' Foods that Are Not Healthy Actually at All - 9Pedia.com

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