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How to Choose The Right Face Cream for You – Quick Guide

by Andreea Laza
How to Choose The Right Face Cream for You - Quick Guide - 9Pedia.com

Want to learn how to choose the right face cream for you? Continue reading and find out how.

There are tons of different brands of face creams for different needs, but do you actually know what is the right face cream for you? To help you, we offer you a quick face cream guide with the most popular face creams on the market, and how to choose the right face cream according to the main active ingredient it contains. Let’s go.

How to Choose The Right Face Cream for You – Short Guide

1. Vitamin C Face Creams

– Cleanses and brightens the complexion –

Vitamin C face creams play an important role in the protection and brightness of the skin, and this is how to know if a Vitamin C cream is the right face cream for you.

  • Does: this powerful antioxidant blocks the production of free radicals and regenerates vitamin E. In-depth, it stimulates the production of collagen, hence its anti-wrinkle effect.
  • Doesn’t Do: it does not hydrate and it has no effect on skin firmness. Being very delicate, it does not withstand either air or light, so tightly close the lid of the container after each use.
  • How to Use: in the morning; has an immediate effect.
  • Where to Find: “La Roche Posay” (Pure Vitamin C) and OrangeDaily”.

2. Retinol Face Creams

– The most powerful anti-wrinkle face cream –

The true champion of anti-aging face creams, retinol is a pure form of vitamin A and has a profound biological action. Here is how to choose the right face cream for you.

  • Does: stimulates the renewal of the skin, strengthening skin cells, which improves its condition on the surface. Slowly, the wrinkles are erased from the inside out, the pores tighten and the face acquires a healthy expression.
  • Doesn’t Do: it does not have immediate action. It does almost everything to improve the condition of the skin, but you need at least four weeks of application to see the first results.
  • How to Use: preferably at night. If it stings, stop using the cream for a day or two.
  • Where to Find: “RoC” (Retinol Deep Wrinkle) and “Biotherm” (Life Plankton Elixir).

3. Ceramide Face Creams

– Act as a natural defense barrier –

Naturally present in the skin, ceramides are also contained in face creams designed to protect the face from external aggressions.

  • Does: keeps the upper layer of the skin in good condition, limits water loss and environmental aggressions. It plays an essential role in protection and hydration.
  • Doesn’t Do: it does not act in-depth on cellular regeneration, so it does not correct wrinkles.
  • How to Use: starting from the age of 20, it is applied especially in the morning. It is recommended in case of dry or damaged skin (cold, sun, pollution).
  • Where to Find: “Vichy” (Nutrilogie 1 or 2) and “Elizabeth Arden” (Advanced Ceramide).

4. Vitamin E Face Creams

– Prevents skin cell oxidation –

It is the champion of antioxidant face creams and is contained in most day creams, but do you know how to choose the right face cream for you?

  • Does: emollient and anti-inflammatory, it protects the cell membrane against oxidation.
  • Doesn’t Do: alone has limited action, which is why it is associated with vitamin C, green tea, and flavonoids. All these elements are preventive rather than remedial.
  • How to Use: apply every morning, for protection.
  • Where to Find: Jason” (Revitalizing Vitamin E) and Genes” (Vitamin E Creme).

5. Hyaluronic Acid Face Creams

– The best hydrating face cream –

Hyaluronic acid is an active substance with maximum moisturizing properties for the skin.

  • Does: it has the ability to fix water inside the skin cells, giving it a fresh and healthy appearance. Quite expensive, it is used only in small doses or in combination with glycerin.
  • Doesn’t Do: does not make skin firm nor reduce wrinkles.
  • How to Use: tot timpul, dimineata si seara.
  • Where to Find: “Roche Posay” (Hydraphase), and “Shiseido” (Benefiance).

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Hopefully, this short face cream guide will actually help you make the right choice. If you’ve enjoyed learning how to choose the right face cream for you, please share this article so more people can use this information. Let us know in the comment section below what is your favorite face cream and why. Thanks for stopping by!

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How to Choose The Right Face Cream for You – Quick Guide - 9Pedia.com

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