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How To Lose Weight Following The Moon Phases – The Moon Diet

by Andreea Laza
How To Lose Weight Following The Moon Phases - The Moon Diet – Do’s & Don’ts - 9Pedia.com

Want to know how to lose weight following the Moon phases? It’s pretty easy with the Moon diet. Just keep on reading.

Selenology can actually help you lose weight, by simply following the phases of the Moon. According to this mystical science, if we eat according to the phase of the Moon, we can improve our digestion, and what we eat comes into balance with our needs and thus, we can food assimilates better As a result, the toxins stored in our body fat start to come out, and the fat deposits slowly fall off. Want to know how to lose weight following the Moon phases? Here is what you have to do.

How To Lose Weight Following The Moon Phases – Simple Rules for the Moon Diet

  1. Full Moon: The energy force of the food that you eat is at its maximum. Enjoy plenty of fresh, healthy foods, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This is the optimal time to start a weight loss program. They say that if you drink 3 liters of water a day during the Full Moon, you can safely lose up to 3.5 to 4.5 lbs (1,5 – 2 kg).
  2. Waning Moon: Take advantage of this period to get rid of toxins and extra pounds. Drink more fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and drink plenty of water and herbal teas. The Moon is waning for 14 days, and so are you. For best results, do not eat anything after 6 pm, so you can lose weight effortlessly.
  3. New Moon: At this time the Moon becomes invisible to the eye. The three days of the New Moon are ideal for a juicing regime. This will help your body to cleanse residues and toxins out and help you continue your weight loss journey, and it’s the best you can do at this time.
  4. Waxing Moon: The Moon is growing and growing, and so are you, if you are not very careful during these 14 days. Your body better retains not only calories but also vital elements from the food that you eat. To prevent weight gain and continue dropping pounds, eat lots of fresh vegetables, whole grains, wild-caught fish, and fruits. Now is also the right time for skin cleansing sessions (steam baths) and natural facial treatments with herbal masks. Avoid sugar and white flour, and avoid eating after 6:00 p.m.

You can consume fresh fruits and vegetables without restrictions throughout all the different Moon phases. Do not exceed the normal food intake, and continue working out to enjoy maximum results. The Moon diet can actually work if you listen to the rhythms of the Moon.

Remember that on the waxing Moon, the body assimilates and stores maximum amounts of energy from food, so pay close attention to how much you eat. On the other hand, when the Moon is waning, your body actively “spends” everything it has managed to collect, and then you can afford a little indulgence, without the risk of gaining weight. That’s why all weight loss diets and fasting have better results when the Moon is waning.

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The Best Transits for Weight Loss

In addition to the Moon phases, there are also Moon transits when you can lose weight just like that. Let’s look into the best transits for weight loss that you can incorporate into your Moon diet.

  • When the Moon transits Sagittarius, Aries, or Leo, your body has an increased need for proteins, which at this time can help you lose weight faster. It is recommended to combine animal with vegetable proteins (beans, peas, lentils, mushrooms) in a ratio of 1:1.
  • When the Moon transits Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini, your body needs healthy fats to build cells, produce energy, and maintain natural immunity and skin health. The best sources of fat are cold-pressed sunflower, walnut, or olive oils. Do not overindulge, but just have some of these oils in small amounts. You want to lose weight after all.
  • When the Moon transits Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces, you should provide your body with the necessary amount of clean carbohydrates. However, do not go for sugary pastries or sweets. Instead, enjoy some whole wheat bread, al dente cooked pasta, rice, or oats, just to fill your body and soul with that good energy. Clean and lean.
  • When the Moon transits Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo, you can enjoy adding a moderate amount of natural salt to your food for better taste. A small amount of natural sea or mine salt can nourish your blood and prevent salt deposits in the joints. In addition, can actually help you drop weight during this Moon transit. Remember, a little goes a long way.
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The human body is subject to the subtle rule of flow and ebb of the Moon, of losses and accumulations. When the Moon is waxing, we are more likely to add extra pounds and retain water. When the Moon wanes, we can lose weight more easily. By following the Moon phases and adopting an adequate diet, you can keep your body weight under control, without depriving yourself. What is important is not what you eat, but when, and this rhythm is dictated by the Moon. Now you know how to lose weight following the Moon phases. If you’ve enjoyed learning about the Moon diet, please share this article.

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How To Lose Weight Following The Moon Phases – The Moon Diet - 9Pedia.com

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