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7 Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism & How to Use Them

by Andreea Laza
Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism & How to Use Them - 9Pedia.com

Looking for the most powerful medicinal herbs for exorcism and how to use them to drive away negative entities? Continue reading.

Exorcism is that process by which a person “is freed from the devil through prayers, incantations, etc.“. This is a brief and somewhat brutal definition, but it contains an extremely useful key verb: to set free. From time immemorial, people have felt the need to free themselves from bad influences, bad habits, negative thinking, and feelings. And, for this purpose, they used fasting, prayers, incantations, and rituals, with the role of healing the soul.

Prayer & Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism in Medieval Europe

In Romanian folk medicine, the exorcism rituals were not only for the purpose of healing the body but also for soothing the mind and soul. In all these rituals, two elements were present: prayers (including those with pre-Christian influences, such as incantations) and medicinal herbs for exorcism, the latter being credited with miraculous soul-healing properties. Through a tradition handed down for millennia, Romanian peasants always knew how to balance their energies, so that they did not need sophisticated psychotropic drugs, dark spells, or spectacular exorcisms.

Some folk traditions regarding exorcism are supported by science.

Medicinal herbs, used for thousands of years to get rid of bad influences and to balance the soul, were carefully studied. These studies showed that these medicinal herbs for exorcism have powerful action on the nervous system, mild sedative, and calming action, and anti-depressive and anxiety-fighting properties. Even more, they fight internal parasites, cleanse the body and thus, help purify the mind and energy of the individual.

The subject of this article is not about spectacular exorcisms, but popular traditions from Eastern Europe people still use to free the soul from evil influences with the use of medicinal herbs for exorcism. Let’s get to them.

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7 Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism & How to Use Them

1. St. John’s Wort

(Hypericum perforatum)

St John's Wort - Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism & How to Use Them - 9Pedia.com

In winter, yellow St. John’s wort flower bouquets were indispensable in the kitchens of country houses. Romanian peasants used this medicinal herb for exorcism in very many ways.

  • In magical folk medicine, St. John’s wort was used, together with basil, against “possessions” or, in terms more accessible today, against serious mental disorders.
  • Flower buds, picked on Saint John the Baptist (June 24), were used against heartbreaks (deceptions in love) – thus the name of the flowering plant.
  • In the first days after breaking religious fasting, they prepared and drank a decoction with this plant to protect the liver and internal organs from the negative effects of a much heavier diet.
  • They also drank a cup of St. John’s wort before a feast, to prevent overeating, especially during Christmas time.

Why Is St. John’s Wort One of The Top Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism?

Studies show that St. John’s wort is extremely effective in the fight against various forms of depression, as well as its psycho-emotional manifestations. Depression is a state of poor mental and emotional state that can be caused by malevolent influences that dictate our thought patterns and lower our vibration. St. John’s wort extract has become the most prescribed anti-depressant remedy in Europe. The extract causes the cerebral cortex to release certain neurotransmitters, i.e. natural substances that induce certain emotional states, such as optimism, enthusiasm, and positive mental tone. Then, this medicinal herb alleviates, through unknown neurological mechanisms, the feelings of pessimism, inner emptiness, and paralyzing guilt.

How to Use St. John’s Wort in Exorcism?

Specialists recommend St. John’s wort extract with the powdered herb (equal amounts), for a better effect and to avoid adverse reactions. The daily dose of St. John’s wort extract varies between 600 and 1200 mg a day, in three installments, for up to six weeks, followed by two more weeks of pause.

2. Valerian Root

(Valeriana officinalis)

Valerian Root - Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism & How to Use Them - 9Pedia.com

Its main “specialty” was to repel evil erotic influences, such as unlawful or immoral erotic lust. In the Romanian fairy tales, it was also said the evil zmei that fly through the sky, above the houses, cannot approach the houses that had valerian on the porch, as this medicinal herb for exorcism chases them away. And then they sing: “If it weren’t for the valerian and the peppermint, we could also have a life”.

  • Valerian root was added to wheat flatbreads that were given to young people that went with the cattle to graze, to “protect them from the fliers, evil entitites that took away their appetites and minds, but also to protect them from other temptations“.
  • It was consumed and worn by young men, to protect them from adultery, but also by marriageable girls, so as not to give in to impure temptations.
  • During the Winter months, girls had to wear valerian hidden in their breasts, to protect them from the evil eye.
  • People believed that marriage-binding and erotic spells have no power over those who consume the root of this medicinal herb.
  • At night, people slept with a bundle of valerian, lovage, and peppermint on their pillow, to drive away all the impurities from the body and soul.

In the mountainous area of ​​Oltenia, southeastern Romania those possessed by the unclean were fed for 49 days with crushed valerian root. A pinch (approximately 1.5 grams) of valerian at sunrise and at sunset, swallowed down with holy water.

Why Is Valerian Root One of The Top Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism?

Clinical studies show that valerian is a strong anxiolytic, improves sleep, and reduces mental and sexual arousal. Valerian has shown great results in sexual dynamics disorders. Namely, sexual hyperexcitability or various phobias and fears related to eroticism. Therefore, from this point of view, there is a practically perfect match between the traditional uses of valerian (to ward off evil erotic influences) and its medicinal properties, highlighted through clinical and laboratory studies. This makes valerian root one of the most powerful medicinal herbs for exorcism of lust and desire.

How to Use Valerian Root in Exorcism?

One teaspoon of valerian root powder three times a day for 30-60 days, followed by 7-10 days of pause.

3. Mugwort

(Artemisia vulgaris)

Mugwort - Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism & How to Use Them - 9Pedia.com

Mugwort is one of the most widespread medicinal plants in Romania and Eastern Europe in general, extensively used in folk medicine and magic. A cousin of wormwood, but with a milder action, mugwort has been used on a very large scale.

  • On Saint Basil the Great holiday, considered the saint with the most powerful exorcising powers, mugwort and basil from the church were placed in the corners of haunted houses, to scare away all devilish creatures.
  • It was also believed that those who suffered from somnambulism or epilepsy were under the influence of evil spirits or were possessed by evil spirits, which could be banished with the help of mugwort.
  • Symbolic brooms made from mugwort stems were used for ritual cleaning of houses, before the big holidays, but to elevate the energy in rooms dwelled by seriously ill individuals, to protect them from hallucinations.

In most areas, medicinal mugwort wine was drunk to stimulate the central nervous system and combat asthenia. Fresh wormwood branches were woven into wreaths, used to treat children with epilepsy. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs for exorcism when attacked by parasites.

Why Is Mugwort One of The Top Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism?

Medical research has shown that mugwort is a nerve tonic, which combats asthenia. The active principles in mugwort are strong stimulants of the central nervous system, inducing a state of good mood, and combating certain forms of depression. Especially if accompanied by a lack of appetite, a sedentary lifestyle, heavy sleep, and unclear dreams. Mugwort is also a powerful antiparasitic, with the ability to eliminate almost all parasites from the body, be they worms or protozoa, which cannot resist the action of its aromatic active principles. The effect of expelling parasites from the human body seems to have an equivalent on a spiritual level as well, from where – it was said – it repels all evil influences.

How to Use Mugwort in Exorcism?

Half a teaspoon of mugwort powder four times a day, over the course of two weeks, followed by a two-week break.

4. Angelica

(Angelica archangelica)

Angelica - Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism & How to Use Them - 9Pedia.com

In Eastern Europe, this magical herb is also called the “angel flower” or the “herb of the seven angels”. It was believed, throughout Europe, that it has the power to attract the protection of angels. Romanian folklore, especially that of the mountain villages, is full of enchanting beliefs related to this medicinal herb for exorcism.

  • Its scientific name itself, Angelica archangelica, shows that this plant attracts, through resonance, the help and protection of angels.
  • It is believed that angelica can only be picked and used for healing by people with a clean conscience and soul. If the plant feels that is approached by an evil or greedy man, it loses its strength, as the angels leave her.
  • Angelica should only be picked in the afternoon after it “falls asleep”, otherwise it will long for the place where it has grown.

In Romanian magical medicine, angelica plays a unique role, that of a “magnet” that attracts beneficial influences and is not viewed just as a plain medicinal herb for exorcism. Together with prayer, angelica seems to be a truly magical remedy in these illnesses, in which the individuals need support to overcome the critical threshold.

Why Is Angelica One of The Top Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism?

Angelica is an excellent regulator of the neuro-vegetative system, having both nerve-stimulating (due to the volatile oils it contains) and calming (due to the furanocoumarins in its composition) properties. These compounds with an antagonistic effect on the central nervous system explain its regulatory action. Due to its tonic and psychotropic qualities, this plant is able to eliminate the mental blockage of the seriously ill, characterized by a lack of appetite, vomiting, apathy, pessimism, and the absence of the desire to live and fight the disease.

Some studies have even attested to angelica’s ability to drastically reduce lead toxicity. Lead toxicity can have a wide array of symptoms, including some specific to what people believed to be demonic possessions. Namely mood disorders, vomiting, seizures, sluggish speaking, etc. A Polish study found that imperatorin and osthole, two constituents in the root oil of angelica could be potential drugs to suppress seizure and anticonvulsant activity. Needless to say why people back in the day considered angelica one of the most powerful medicinal herbs for exorcism.

How to Use Angelica in Exorcism?

It is usually recommended in powder form: one teaspoon three times a day, on an empty stomach, before meals. If one has a strong feeling of vomiting, then it is mixed usually with a little peppermint. If the digestive powers are severely reduced, can be taken with a little mugwort or artichoke powder.

5. Hyssop

(Hyssopus officinalis)

Hyssop - Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism & How to Use Them - 9Pedia.com

In Romanian folk medicine, hyssop is considered a mental purifier, a plant that banishes dark thoughts and awakens optimism. Like mugwort, it is believed to have strong house-cleansing properties from evil entities. It is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs for exorcism when we need emotional and spiritual purification. In Romania, but also in the entire European Christian world, hyssop has been used since ancient times in exorcism practices, alone or in combination with other herbs, for a very wide range of psycho-emotional disorders.

Why Is Hyssop One of The Top Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism?

Scientific studies have shown that the aerial parts of hyssop contain active substances with strong psychic tonic properties, which stimulate cognitive abilities such as attention but also have antidepressant effects. The volatile oils in hyssop, which give it its characteristic, fresh smell, have the ability to stimulate the appetite, and fight asthenia and drowsiness, due to their detox and DNA protection properties. These scientific findings shed a little more light on why people in Eastern Europe consider hyssop one of the top medicinal herbs for exorcism.

How to Use Hyssop in Exorcism?

Put a teaspoon of the crushed hyssop plant in a glass of water and leave to cold macerate at room temperature overnight. Strain and drink 1-2 cups of the cold maceration a day, on an empty stomach, usually before meals.

6. Basil

(Ocimum basilicum)

Basil - Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism & How to Use Them - 9Pedia.com

It is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs for exorcism used amongst the Orthodox Christians in Eastern Europe. In Romanian folk and magical medicine, most of the time, basil is associated with St. John’s wort for internal use, as this combination is unbeatable when it comes to balancing the spirit.

  • The bunch of basil, placed on saints’ pictures in the church is used for sprinkling with holy water during services, as basil is a true symbol of soul purification, spiritual renewal, and liberation from “worldly” evils.
  • On Christmas Eve, the Orthodox priest sprinkles the houses of Christians with a bunch of basil soaked in holy water.
  • In the villages in northern Transylvania, there is a custom for the priest to lose, by mistake, a sprig of basil, in the houses with girls to be married, as basil brings good luck and happiness in love if it is worn in the hair, during the holidays.
  • The same basil sprig was used to adorn pictures of saints on the wall, to remove evil and misfortunes from the house.

Why Is Basil One of The Top Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism?

According to clinical observations, basil can boost attention, tone the mind, normalizes appetite, and can also inducing states of good mood and mild euphoria. Some researchers claim that the active principles in basil help to improve cellular oxygenation, which allows the body, and especially the central nervous system, to adapt to stressful conditions. The clinical observations of many specialists show, however, that in many patients basil induces a state of optimism and confidence, which cannot be explained only by simple oxygenation.

How to Use Basil in Exorcism?

One can have a teaspoon of basil and St. John’s wort powder each, 4-6 times a day over the course of eight weeks, followed by two weeks of pause. Resume only if necessary.

7. Passion Flower

 (Passiflora incarnata)

Passion Flower - Powerful Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism & How to Use Them - 9Pedia.com

It is the only medicinal herb for exorcism that is not used in Eastern European popular and magical medicine, as it is not native to this region. The Jesuit monks first made this healing flower popular in the Christian world, and its name actually refers to the Flower of Christ’s Passion. Why did these monks choose to associate its name with the Passion of Christ? Some believe it’s due to the shades of the blood of its flower, others believe it’s due to the mental cleansing properties of this medicinal plant. Needless to say, passion flower has quickly been adopted as one of the most powerful medicinal herbs for exorcism.

Why Is The Passion Flower One of The Top Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism?

If St. John’s wort is the number one remedy against depression, passiflora is, by virtue of its excellence, very effective against anxiety and insomnia. Comparative studies, carried out in specialized hospitals, have shown that the extract from this plant has anti-anxiety effects as strong as benzodiazepines (a group of synthetic drugs, which includes Diazepam), but without the side effects. Unlike synthetic sleeping pills, passion flower induces a light sleep, with clear dreams, and reduced neurological and mental depression. Upon waking up, patients do not experience unpleasant symptoms, such as mental confusion, dizziness, difficulty breathing, and melancholy, as in the case of synthetic sleeping pills.

How to Use Passion Flower in Exorcism?

Passiflora extract – 250-300 mg three times a day, over the course of 90 days.

A Final Word on The Medicinal Herbs for Exorcism

Needless to say, these medicinal herbs are not the only or perhaps not even the most powerful tools in exorcism, but their therapeutic action on the soul has been observed by scientific studies. However, even without the help of these medicinal herbs for exorcism, we can banish the evil influences from our lives, even without us realizing it. For instance, through the power of a sincere smile coming from the soul, which has the power to instantly clear away all the pain, revolt, or upset. Then, the evil from within the soul does not have much space left.

Love in all its forms, is the very best remedy for evil.

Offering a kind word to someone, or maybe a few minutes of our time may be enough to save another soul from the despair and sadness that conjure negative energies. This repeated giving can also free our own soul from sadness, and from the prison of anger and despair.

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