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6 Moon Magic Rituals & Mystic Knowledge

by Andreea Laza
6 Moon Magic Rituals & Mystic Knowledge

Want to learn more about moon magic rituals and other mystic knowledge about the moon? Keep on reading and find out.

The moon has always fascinated the imagination of people, who even celebrated it as a deity. Countless legends and superstitions show what a strong presence the moon had in the spiritual life of people. The moon is also related to magic – it makes plants grow faster, favors magic spells, enchantments, and fecundity, and can also be used to enhance beauty and well-being. These moon magic rituals actually work if we respect the moon phases, and use the moon’s power from a place of gratitude and love.

6 Moon Magic Rituals & Mystic Knowledge

1. Moon Magic and The Human Consciousness

Full Moon, New Moon, and crescent Moon are the major moon phases that influence the magic rituals performed for the moon. They can be compared to a movement of flows and ebbs of the subtle energies of the cosmos, with direct implications in the unfolding of the course of existence. Here is what these moon phases represent, and how to understand them in the context of moon magic.

  • The New Moon appears deceptive, associated with death, pregnancy, and witchcraft. The equivalent of this lunar phase is embodied by the dark Greek goddess Hekate, mistress of births and black magic. It reflects the “black” or negative states of lunar people, which they suffer from when they have to separate from one stage of the evolutionary cycle, in order to enter the next.
  • The Crescent Moon, with its virginal, ethereal air, induces a state of expectation, like a promise that will be fulfilled. This phase of the Moon is associated with the virgin goddess Persephone, the one kidnapped by the lord of the underworld, the dark Hades. Persephone symbolizes the stage in which the maiden is ready to find the unraveling of the mystery of her own femininity.
  • The Full Moon appears in all its perfection, ripeness, and fulfillment. Now the Moon is at the peak of its cycle, and its equivalent in the Greek Pantheon is Demeter, the goddess of fertility (mother of Persephone), also considered the mother of all that lives. The moment of maximum fulfillment is when she gives birth to children or creative ideas. Another need of the mature Moon, illustrated by Demeter, is food, the need to feed its own creations.

The Greek goddess Selene represents the unifying aspect of the Moon, which flows in its silver glow over all the elements that appear separate to us during the day, in a unified, mysterious togetherness. At night, we don’t distinguish the contours of things very well as they seem to merge with each other. In this sense, the Moon has a unifying, diffuse influence, and the need to unite the separate elements into one consciousness.

6 Moon Magic Rituals & Mystic Knowledge

2. Moon Magic for Beauty

Moon magic can also be used to bring out inner beauty and enhance outer physical traits, by following the three main Moon phases. Here is how you can use moon magic for beauty.

  • Growing Moon. When the moon is growing, it’s time to gather our strength, to energize ourselves. Supplement with vitamins from fresh vegetables and fruits, massage your body regularly, and eat as much lean fish as possible. Five drops of mimosa essential oil (moon plant) diluted in 100 ml of almond oil works wonders in relaxing massages. This is also the right time for skin cleansing (steam baths) and applying nourishing herbal masks.
  • On the Full Moon, old folk beliefs say to put a bucket of water between the bed and the window to absorb the moon’s rays into the water. If you suffer from exhaustion, take a walk to benefit from the moonlight or bathe in the sea under the Full Moon. During the Full Moon periods, drink 3 liters of water a day, and you can lose up to 1.5-2 kg.
  • Take advantage of the Waning Moon to get rid of toxins and extra pounds. Do fresh fruit and vegetable juicing, drink a lot of water and herbal teas, and start a diet to lose weight.

3. Moon Magic for Beautiful Hair

Ancient Egyptians were convinced that the moon influences hair growth. When the moon is on the rise, the hair becomes richer and grows faster if it is cut or trimmed. Those who want, on the contrary, to discipline their hair that is too rich or too curly, should cut it when the moon is waning. Whoever cuts their hair on the full moon will benefit fully from the power of the moonlight. Namely, the hair will gain volume and glow, and will also stop falling.

6 Moon Magic Rituals & Mystic Knowledge - 9Pedia.com

4. Moon Magic for Growing a Garden

From ancestors, plowmen used knowledge about the influence of the Moon to grow rich crops. In several countries, various experiments were carried out that confirmed the observations of our ancestors and have been used for the cultivation of plants in optimal conditions. Here is what they have found:

  • Root crops (carrots, turnips, potatoes) are sown when the Moon is waning.
  • Plants with edible aerial parts (dill, cucumbers, tomatoes) are planted when the Moon is growing.
  • When the Moon passes from one phase to another, there is a certain slowing down of the rhythm of life, as if the earth’s breathing stops. On these days (12 hours before and 12 hours after), it is better to give up planting and sowing, because the soil will not be able to give the plant enough energy. Moving, cutting, or grafting plants is also not recommended.
  • The growing Moon is the best time to select, graft, cut flowers, water, and fertilize the soil.
  • The waning Moon phase is ideal to plant flowers from bulbs and propagate perennial flowers by cuttings or by sectioning the bushes.
6 Moon Magic Rituals & Mystic Knowledge - 9Pedia.com

5. Moon Magic Rituals in Eastern Europe

According to Romanian folk tradition, the Moon is holy. An entity with miraculous powers, which must be treated with respect and reverence. Only in this way, people can avoid its evil influences, and potentiate its magical properties for the good of the people. Most of the magical moon rituals (charms, enchantments, spells) were usually performed taking into account the phases of the Moon.

Local traditions say that the good spells are done on the New Moon, and the bad moon magic spells under the light of the Full Moon, at night. During these rituals, the officiants are completely nacked. Here are a few magic moon rituals from Romania, some of which are still performed today.

  • In some regions, the pot with used water for the spell was placed on the window from the side where the Moon rose, and while the Moon reflected in the water women would cast the protection spell.
  • The elderly and the sick were recommended to walk under the Full Moon at night, the so-called “moonlight bath”, especially two days before or after the Full Moon; this nocturnal walk has the effect of awakening the cosmic energies in the body and, implicitly, a revitalizing effect. Excessive exposure to Full Moonlight was not recommended, as it was believed to lead to skin eruptions, agitation, epileptic fits, or somnambulism.
  • To heal from disease, mystic women would pray during the Third Quarter, when the lunar star is about to “vanish” completely from the sky.

6. Moon Magic in Astrology

In astrology, the Moon is associated with the following elements:

  1. The Zodiac Sign of Cancer. The moon influences not only the people born between June 22 – July 23 but also those who have a Cancer rising or many planets in the sign of Cancer.
  2. The Water Element (as a germinating principle). Everything that has to do with the liquid flow in the human body falls under the influence of the Moon.
  3. The Past. Lunarians live in the past, have a weakness for old objects, and are possessive, but not stingy. Their moods are oscillating and unpredictable, often the prevailing feeling is a diffuse nostalgia, of an often idealized past, from which they manage to draw strength to continue.
  4. Spontaneous Expression of Affection. Receptive and passive, the Moon brings ideas and feelings to fruition, transforming them into artistic endeavors and/or material goods.
  5. Home (the roots of the individual), The way we perceive our home and family atmosphere is also described by the position of the Moon in the horoscope, but this can also extend to the way in which we show that we belong to a group or our patriotism.
  6. Wife and Mother. The Moon represents the attributes of femininity, and the image associated with the Moon is the Mother, the loving being who protects and nourishes us; this stands for the way in which we express our need for tenderness, and feed our feelings – and our bodies, literally, as well as the way we manifest our protective, “maternal” instincts.
  7. Pearl and Silver Elements.
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What Does The Moon Symbolize?

The Moon is a melting pot of dreams and desires and possesses an instinctive knowledge of the mysteries of nature, therefore it is often associated with magic, as a form of creative expression. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that gestation and giving birth are also lunar phenomena, and the mystery of life exerts an extremely strong fascination on most people.

The moon is associated with water. It controls all liquid substances, and as man is made up of 80% water, the Moon is responsible for the processes of all substances in the body (blood, lymph, etc.). Given its ability to alter, shit, and create, moon magic is a predominant theme in witchcraft and spell casting.

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What is your take on moon magic, and moon rituals, did they work for you? Drop us a comment below. And if you’ve enjoyed learning these moon magic rituals and how to make use of the moon phases to achieve beauty, peace of mind, and self-discovery, please share this article so more people can use it.

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6 Moon Magic Rituals & Mystic Knowledge - 9Pedia.com

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