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9 Mysterious Facts About Siberian Shamans

by Andreea Laza
Siberian Shaman - 9 Mysterious Facts About Siberian Shamans - 9Pedia.com

Want to learn more mysterious facts about Siberian shamans? Continue reading and discover amazing things you didn’t know about Siberian shamanism.

Far away, in the heart of Siberia, on the border between Russia, China, and Mongolia, the imposing and mysterious Altai Mountains rise. They surround a mystical land, a land where the power and pure energy of the earth reign, spanning thousands of kilometers along the plains, forests, valleys, and mountains, a land with miraculous powers. Siberia is most often associated with a kind of hell on earth, an inhabitable region of terrible cold. But it actually is a fascinating land of amazing contrasts: steppe and deserted areas, taiga and tundra, and vast mountainous regions, inhabited only by wild animals.

You can only feel the miraculous energies of the region in the rustling of the leaves, in the breeze of the wind, in the silence of the Caucasian steppes, and in the murmur of the Yenisei river. But the most suitable embodiment of this flowing energy is the ritual dance performed by the Siberian shamans who live in complete harmony with nature. This is where they derive their powers and connect with the source of creation. But before we get to the mysterious facts about Siberian shamans, let’s see what Siberian shamanism is.

Altai Mountains - 9 Mysterious Facts About Siberian Shamans - 9Pedia.com
Altai Mountains, Siberia

What Is Siberian Shamanism?

Siberian shamanism is the traditional religion or belief system of the Altai Mountains natives. Siberia is a source of ancient wisdom, where mystical shamanic rituals have been faithfully preserved for millennia. Siberian shamanism dates back over 40,000 years and is a true ancient spiritual tradition, a source of happiness and love. Shamanic existence is based on individual connection to “cosmic spirits”.

Siberian shamans help the uninitiated to open communication channels through their level of spiritual knowledge.

It can be said that Siberian shamanism, although ancestral, represents the last step to be explored in modern spirituality. The shaman or “Kam”, as it is called in Altai, comes into contact with spirits and gods, in an altered state of consciousness. Thus, Siberian shamans are messengers between the physical world and the subtle world, as they enter into communion with the spirits of nature, animals, and plants, and thus can cure diseases, and even predict the future.

Siberian Shaman - 9 Mysterious Facts About Siberian Shamans - 9Pedia.com

9 Mysterious Facts About Siberian Shamans You Didn’t Know

1. Shambala Is Located in The Altai Mountains

Some say that the Altai Mountains are where the sacred Shambala is located. In the oriental tradition, the land called Sambala represents the “Source of divine happiness” or, more precisely, “That which gives us access to the source of pure happiness and endless joy“. Sambala is also known as the Spiritual Center of the Planet, a sacred center that can be located on the map because is in a parallel dimension, in a subtle plane that exists simultaneously with the physical universe we live in.

It is believed that the gate to Shambala is on the highest point of the Altai Mountains, somewhere at 4,500 meters, on Belukha peak.

There are many who perished on the ridges of these mountains, in the vain attempt to find this land of happiness, of perfect harmony, of immortality. Because this gate is forbidden to ordinary people, even the most initiated shamans consider that they would be committing a sacrilege if they approached more than 10 kilometers from this land of the spirits.

Most of the locals and Siberian shamans strongly believe in these legends and consider that Shambala of the Altai Mountains is the “Gate of Heaven“, the place where a new human civilization will emerge from. Perhaps it will be the place where different civilizations, from parallel universes, will meet for the first time. Needless to say the lexical connection between “shaman” and “Shambala” is obvious, as they come from the same root.

2. Siberia Is The Birthplace of Shamanism

Initially, the name shaman was worn only by the wizard priests of the Altai Mountains, Siberia. certain substances extracted from plants, However, with the passage of time, and with the development of the amazing powers of this tradition, shamanism has spread to all corners of the world. Today, we meet various forms of shamanism from northern Lapland to Africa, to the Americas or Australia. It is also said that no matter where the shamans are, they use plants that stimulate their telepathic abilities.

Moreover, in all shamanic rituals, whether from Australia, Africa, or Siberia, the shaman’s entry into the trance state and the entire journey is guided by drums and tambourines struck in a sustained rhythm, and through ritual dances that accompany these instruments.

3. The Link Between Siberian Shamans Santa Claus & Christmas

The use of hallucinogenic substances extracted from plants is essential for the rituals practiced by Siberian shamans. Authentic shamans use a wide range of hallucinogenic plants to facilitate their visions, but also as a remedy in treating their patients. These substances with strong state-altering effects do not lead to addiction.

One of the most powerful hallucinogenic mushrooms in the northern forests used by Siberian shamans is the fly agaric (Amanita muscaria).

The fly agaric stands behind the pagan legend of Santa Claus, as this mushroom is red and white, the exact colors of Santa Claus. More so, it is consumed by wildlife, including reindeer in the northern forests, which makes them fly away in altered states of consciousness.

There is nothing Christian behind the legend of Santa Claus, which actually is a pagan ritual in which consuming the fly agaric on the winter solstice (December 21st) gives one personal insight into their higher path, wisdom, and wit. And these are the most amazing gifts anyone can receive from Santa, aren’t they? And yes, Santa Clause exists but is not an old man with a beard, but a symbol for this insightful hallucinogenic mushroom.

Psychedelic Mushrooms - Fly Agaricus
The fly agaric stands behind Santa Claus symbolism

4. Anyone Can Become a Shaman, But…

There are some mandatory elements to becoming a shaman. Usually, shaman abilities are believed to be passed down from generation to generation, hence most Siberian shamans have had an ancestor who practiced shamanism. It is said that the shaman must be “marked” by divinity. He has a distinctive mark from birth, for example, six fingers or another physical peculiarity that makes him physically different from other people.

A shaman must be able to communicate with the spirits, and send his soul on a journey to other worlds or to different places in the Universe.

He is a healer who does not use the methods of modern medicine, sometimes using only his energy, sometimes helped by healing herbs. Only the shaman knows the magic song of the tambourine, masters fire, and knows the language of beasts. It is said that a shaman has a constant dialogue with the spheres of the lower, middle, and higher universes, or plains of existence. The constant life flow crosses all these spheres. One who shows disrespectful behavior towards nature and towards these higher spirits can end up suffering from terrible diseases or even lose his soul.

Siberian Shamanism - 9 Mysterious Facts About Siberian Shamans - 9Pedia.com

5. Siberian Shaman Drum, A Gateway to Extasy

For decades, researchers have been investigating all aspects of this fascinating tradition, Siberian shamanism. Through his dance around the fire, and through the beat of his tambourine, the shaman can induce a hypnotic state in those who witness the ritual. Lab tests have proven that beating the tambourine can cause changes in the human central nervous system.

A shaman beats his tambourine at a rate between 4 and 7 beats per second. This rhythm coincides with the frequency of the electrical impulses produced by the human brain.

Playing the tambourine and dancing around the fire makes the brain waves induce dreams and hallucinations from the state of hypnosis or trance. The recordings of brain activity on an encephalogram have shown that the shaman, through the intense experience of his music, reaches a deep state of trance in less than 10 minutes. The Japanese Zen masters reach a similar deep state of consciousness in 6 hours following a deep meditation.

Shaman Drum - 9 Mysterious Facts About Siberian Shamans - 9Pedia.com
Siberian shaman drum

6. Siberian Shamanism Is An Ancient Wit

Until recently, western ethnologists and anthropologists have almost always regarded the magical abilities of the Siberian shamans only as a curiosity, a manifestation of popular superstition, rather considering them charlatans. Only recently, the researchers of the phenomenon finally realized that shamanic magic is not a legend, but actually works. It is clear that behind the strange rituals, composed of trances, and very rhythmic songs, there is hidden an ancient science of techniques by which magic can be obtained.

Recent studies have shown that during the healing process of a patient, the shaman’s brain and the patient’s brain begin to work at the same pace and through that synergy, the mental state of the patient, as well as his immune system, can improve. Through these experiments, it was demonstrated that Siberian shamanism is not just a primitive ritual, as most scientists consider it, but is a scientific reality we know little of. It’s easy to call something you do not understand a sham.

7. Shamanism Is Not Easy To Do

The Siberian shaman takes his work very seriously as it is a very difficult mission. Extremely few agree to follow their vocation when they receive signs in their dreams, vision, or through various physical sufferings. They hesitate to take on this dangerous role of mediator between worlds. The impostors have no chance because if they cannot show positive results, are rushed and replaced by other shamans who are more skilled.

The authentic shaman is obliged to constantly prove his magical qualities, because the members of his tribe are not at all indulgent and expect a lot of him.

Basically, it’s up to the shaman’s outstanding qualities to convince the gods to continue to pour their blessings, help, and abundance over his tribe.

8. One of The Last Siberian Shamans

Anton Yudanov is a genuine modern-day shaman. He does not live in a yurt, but in an apartment in the Gorno-Altai region, together with his wife and son. He does not wear the traditional shaman costume made of animal skin, but a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He studied at the Theater Academy in Moscow and worked as an actor in a local theater. According to his unofficial biography, he is also the head of a northern Altaic tribe, the “Tubalars“, and has established himself as a true “white shaman“.

His grandfather, known by the locals as “The Great Shaman”, remained in the history of the area. He was persecuted during the Stalinist repression period of the 1930s, but, unlike the others, he survived the difficult years through his own powers to harmonize with nature, to get his energy and life force from the forces of the Universe.

An experienced shaman is able to travel to other worlds, without needing a tambourine or a special costume” said
Anton Yudanov

Yudanov also said that a shaman can get out of space and time using the power of thought, which is the most powerful energy in the universe. He can travel anywhere and stop where he wants. An experienced shaman can let his body flow with the energy waves of the universe. The boundaries of the physical body dissolve, as he merges with infinity and becomes part of the entire Universe.

Siberian Shaman - 9 Mysterious Facts About Siberian Shamans - 9Pedia.com

9. The Siberian Shaman Is But An Intermediate

Many suffering people seek healing from the Siberian shamans. However, not everyone is aware that the shaman only mediates the transfer of energy from nature to the one who needs it. Siberian shamans believe that the Altai Mountains, in themselves, represent that healer, that great shaman that one can actually meet. Although there is remarkable progress in science and technology, modern man ignores the key aspects of spiritual existence. They no longer have perfect control of their psyche and energy. This is my a lot of people worldwide suffer from the most terrible mental illnesses, which can still be cured by methods known by the ancient shamanic tradition of Siberia.

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9 Mysterious Facts About Siberian Shamans - 9Pedia.com

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