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The Mysterious Mothman from Virginia – 4 Chilling Stories

by Andreea Laza
The Mysterious Mothman from Virginia - 4 Chilling Stories – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

Want to know the most chilling stories about the mysterious Mothman from Virginia, USA? Continue reading but beware…

In the archive of the American Air Force, in the database of the department that studies the UFO phenomenon, there are testimonies regarding a mysterious half-man-half-bird type creature, later known as the Mothman from Virginia. Among the most studied reports were those of eyewitnesses in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, from 1966-1967. It all started on a chilling November evening. Here are their chilling stories.

4 Chilling Stories of The Mysterious Mothman from Virginia

1. The First Close Encounter with the Virginia Mothman

On the evening of November 15, 1966, the couple Roger and Linda Scarberry were heading to Point Pleasant by car, together with two more friends. Suddenly, they noticed two bright red lights a few meters away in front of them. Approaching, they saw a strange creature on the road, with a human-like face and huge wings. Terrified, Roger turned the steering wheel and started at full speed in the opposite direction. The creature started chasing them, with a long, wailing scream. According to the witnesses, it was flying through the air at a speed slightly lower than that of the car, which had reached 160 kilometers per hour.

It is not known what would have happened that night if the Scarberry couple’s car had not been stopped by the police for exceeding the speed limit. The four terrified passengers told about the strange creature and about the pursuit that had just taken place. The police searched the area but did not find anything suspicious. Perhaps the police would have thought that the four young men had had a hallucination if it were not for several very frightened town residents testifying about a similar apparition in the following days. In the archives of the American Army, there are over a hundred such testimonies.

The Mysterious Mothman from Virginia - 4 Chilling Stories – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

2. The Possible Origin of the Mothman from Virginia

It is said that in the state of West Virginia, there are several paranormal areas, where unusual phenomena take place. Almost two hundred years before the shadow of the “Mothman” stretched over the town of Point Pleasant, the plains around the Ohio River were reddened with blood. Here, in the middle of the 18th century, bloody battles took place between the Native Americans, especially the Shawnee Indians, and the colonists advancing in the territory, in their westward expansion. A curse was cast by a leader of the Shawnee Indians, Cornstalk, who was brutally killed, along with his son, by the settlers.

Before he took his last breath, the Indian cursed the lands around Point Pleasant. There is a legend that says that his spirit still haunts these territories. In the ancient cultures of the Native Americans, “night moths” or moths represent a form of spirit or a soul forever captive in the realms of death and which can, under certain conditions, make its physical presence felt in the material, physical plane.

3. Moth Symbolism in Native American Cultures

In Native American folklore, moths are children of the Moon who, in the darkness of the night, look for its source of light. These highly evolved beings are endowed with the magical powers of prediction, clairvoyance, and knowledge of other worlds. They have the ability to move easily in the dark, to metamorphose, and hear messages from other dimensions. The hypothesis according to which the mysterious Mothman from Virginia is an energetic entity, a form of spirit that can manifest itself in the physical plane, in order to send warnings and messages to people, was unanimously accepted by the researchers of this unexplainable phenomenon.

The Mysterious Mothman from Virginia - 4 Chilling Stories – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

4. Can The Mothman from Virginia Possibly Be Alien?

Another possible explanation for the Virginia Mothman is that it could have an extraterrestrial origin. UFO sightings have often been reported both in West Virginia and in the Primorye region of Russia. It has been found that the appearance of the Mothman most of the time precedes a wave of unidentified flying objects above the area. Electromagnetic breakdowns in localities and people being able to send messages via telepathy during sleep have also been associated with the appearance of the Mothman and local UFO sightings.

The Mysterious Flying Creature from Primorye – 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

What Happened to The Mothman from Virginia?

The phenomenon continued until December 1967, when a tragic event occurred in Point Pleasant: the nearby bridge collapsed, killing 46 people. After this accident, the Mothman stopped showing himself to people. Thus, some concluded that there is a direct connection between the collapse of the bridge and the strange, unexplainable encounters. The locals believed that the Mothman could predict the future, making itself seen only before disasters. This was also supported by Linda Scarberry who, after the night of November 15, witnessed several appearances of the Mothman. She said that “It doesn’t seem like it wants to do us any harm. It’s just trying to communicate with us.”

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Although the evidence is quite convincing regarding the existence of Mothman, it is still hard to believe this mysterious creature was actually real. At the same time, the Mothman from Virginia is not the only mysterious flying human-like creature reported around the world. There are many other places, totally unrelated, such as the isolated Primorye region of Far-East Siberia, where similar encounters were documented.

The mystery of the Mothman from Virginia is still very deep and, most likely, will remain unsolved for a long time. Maybe even forever. However, we must not ignore the fact that, sometimes, the answer is closer than we think. We just have to keep an open mind to all possibilities and be comfortable to change the hypothesis. If you’ve enjoyed learning more about the Mothman from Virginia, please share this article so more people passionate about mysteries and the unknown can read it.

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The Mysterious Mothman from Virginia - 4 Chilling Stories - 9Pedia.com

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