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The True Story of the Fall of Atlantis – 7 Things You Didn’t Know

by Andreea Laza
The True Story of the Fall of Atlantis - 7 Things You Didn’t Know - 9Pedia.com

Want to know the true story of the fall of Atlantis? Find out some amazing things you didn’t know about Atlantis.

According to Romanian researcher Valentin Tîrcă (THRQAAR VALENTIN), in his book “The Gospel According to The Agathyrs King”, Atlantis was a real realm, and its fall was caused by its elite race, also known as the Pure Atlanteans. These Atlanteans wanted to take control of planet Earth and thus started a war against the other existing human and alien races. The details of the fall of Atlantis may shock you to the core, this is why we wanted to dedicate an article to the truth about the fall of Atlantis, what actually happened, and how some Atlanteans have managed to escape and their descendants continue to live up to this day.

Without further ado, here is the truth about the fall of Atlantis according to Romanian researcher and royal Agathyrs bloodline, Valentin Tîrcă.

The True Story of The Fall of Atlantis

1. Where Is Atlantis Located?

Atlantis was a large semi-continent located in the current Bermuda Triangle, the size of “Asia and Libya combined”, according to Plato’s accounts. This ancient land has been separated from the southern plate of North America. The exact coordinates of Atlantis can also be found in the maps known as the maps of Piri Reis, the famous navigator of the Ottoman Empire. These maps were entrusted to Piri Reis by the Templar Knights who, in turn, had them from the Essenes of Qumran, according to Tîrcă. He further tells that the author of these maps, which include both Atlantis and Lemuria, is none other than the legendary Hanok better known as Enoh.

The True Story of the Fall of Atlantis - 7 Things You Didn’t Know - 9Pedia.com

2. The Origin of The Atlanteans

9 Mysterious Facts about Romania You Didn’t Know - Draco Constellation - 9Pedia.com
Carpathian Mountains depicting the Drago constellation, the aliens that built them.

Atlanteans are the offspring resulting from the mating of Dragonian aliens (from the Draco constellation) with members of the white human races of North America. In the beginning, due to their «noble origins», these descendants had a privileged status and were assigned the areal of Atlantis, from where they got their name. They were great navigators, as this was their main occupation. About 100,000 years ago a white elite Atlantean race descending from the Atlanteans, self-entitled the Pure Atlanteans, who apart from the genetic structure had nothing in common with the other hybrid human-extraterrestrial races inhabiting Earth, wanted to take control of the Earth.

3. The Dragonian-Atlantean War

Before the start of the Dragonian-Atlantean war, the alien allies of the Pure Atlanteans secretly manufactured a weapon from the genes of a modified reptilian, namely a race of reptiloids endowed with superintelligence and aggression. They later used reptilians in the war to conquer one of the top alien bases, namely Agartha (the descendants of these reptilians were the kings of Mesopotamia).

The True Story of the Fall of Atlantis - 7 Things You Didn’t Know - 9Pedia.com

The Pure Atlanteans allied with a group of disgruntled Dragonian aliens, reptilians, and the Titans from Africa and attacked Lemuria with nuclear weapons. Lemuria was one of the important colonies for the alien civilizations on Earth at the time, which they destroyed with nuclear weapons. Today’s Australia, New Zealand, and part of the islands in the Pacific Ocean remained from ancient Lemuria.

Then, they wanted to target Agartha, the second alien base on the surface of the planet, located in today’s Romania (the hearth of Old Europe). But a Gigant-Aryan-Agathyrs union attacked them in the Atlas Mountains of Africa to stop their infamous pursuit. The Pure Atlanteans were also attacked by Dragonian aliens, which leads to their final defeat.

4. The Fall of Atlantis

Atlantis was sunk under the Atlantic Ocean around 75,000 BC, which lead to the installation of an atomic winter of approximately 50,000 years. These so-called Pure Atlanteans were the ones leading to the destruction of their own land, Atlantism, as they sought to conquer Lemuria and Agartha and take control over the whole world, hijacking the Dragonian extraterrestrials, who created them in the first place by breeding with human races from North America. Their plans were defeated, but not all of them perished in the battle.

The True Story of the Fall of Atlantis - 7 Things You Didn’t Know - 9Pedia.com

5. What Happened After The Fall of Atlantis?

Given the uninhabitable conditions on Earth, Dragonian aliens leave the planet, while part of the human races along with Atlanteans that were not involved in the conflict retreat to the extraterrestrial bases inside the Earth. Valentin Tîrcă is referring to Hyperborea 1 (Gotland, the Baltic Sea – Sweden) and Hyperborea 2 (New Zealand), where using the central core of the Earth as a kind of inner sun, they have created a new civilization inside the Earth.

This civilization still exists today, but only has tangential contact with the races on the surface, as the vibratory gap between the two is way too large, and direct contact is not possible. The human races left on the surface of the earth fall into the darkness of evolution, something we refer to as the “Dark Ages”, or the darkness of the mind. This lack of awareness, knowledge, and forgetfulness is something most people still experience today.

6. Where Are The Pure Atlanteans Today?

The descendants of the Pure Atlanteans (who survived the extraterrestrial war and atomic winter) have grouped themselves in a closed society, and with information and intelligence, have subdued the Negroid human races of Mesopotamia and Egypt. From there, they entered Egypt and later Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. As they still had knowledge of the pre-war plans conceived by the Pure Atlanteans who escaped the Dragonian-Atlantean war, they followed a secret agenda up to this day.

In order to better subdue the human races, they invented religion (beliefs in gods and goddesses) as an effective means of domination and manipulation and became high priests. They imposed religion on all human races to subdue the people and further their initial agenda to take over the Earth.

The True Story of the Fall of Atlantis - 7 Things You Didn’t Know - 9Pedia.com
Depiction of the gruesome Spanish Inquisition, the most terrifying and brutal crimes against humanity committed by the Catholic Church

Today in Morocco, in the Atlas Mountains, there lives a branch of the Pure Atlanteans, who are called Berbers. These Berbers live in a closed society, according to their ancient laws and customs, preferring anonymity and not getting involved in the “business” of their older Atlantean brothers. Another faction of the Pure Atlanteans are the elites of the Jewish people who have grouped themselves under the Council of Zion.

7. The Atlantean High Priests

The Atlantean High Priests grouped themselves into 15 secret families, each family having a supreme leader who they obeyed unconditionally. Each high priest had “in operation” a main god, who in turn was served by secondary gods. Each of these gods “demanded” that the humans bring him an offering. And this is a simple trick that over time has enriched priests, regardless of place, regardless of time. Their supreme sign has always been the cross. After settling in Ancient Rome, they promoted crucifixion as a form of punishment, exposing their opponents to the symbol of their power.

The Fall of Atlantis Today

What we see in the world today is but the same scenario in which the forces of good and evil fight each other, some for control and dominance, others for truth and awakening of the people. Given the amount of information we have available today, even though most of it is mixed and altered, we can start to distinguish between who the bad guys and the good guys are. Go beyond words, and look at the deeds.

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The Atlantean-Human war is still battled today, but it’s not upfront and in your face, it’s on so many different levels and layers. Once you open your eyes to see the truth, your battle is already won, and this helps the forces of good to reach the finish line. We’re all in this together, and the more light and love we bring, the more we help the truth come to light and save each other and the planet.

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The True Story of the Fall of Atlantis - Things You Didn’t Know about Atlantis - Atlantis Legend - 9Pedia.com

Source: Valentin Tîrcă (THRQAAR VALENTIN) – “The Gospel by The Agathyrs King or Beyond The Catholic Truth”

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