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ZODIAC: Virgo Health Problems, Diet, Herbs & Crystals for June 2024

by Andreea Laza
ZODIAC: Virgo Health Problems, Diet, Herbs & Crystals - 9Pedia.com

Want to learn more about Virgo health problems, the ideal diet for Virgos, herbal remedies for Virgos, and healing crystals for Virgos? Continue reading and find out.

The Virgo health problems are closely linked to astrology. Virgo represents the young adult, in the fullness of physical and mental strength. It is therefore understandable why Virgos usually keep in good shape and do not neglect any health symptoms, which they deal with without delay, in detail. Their lit temperament puts Virgos in constant motion, which is why most of these natives are slender, with a fine and harmonious figure. Now let’s talk about the most frequent Virgo health problems in more detail, and what Virgo can do to improve her physical and mental health.

Virgo’s Health Characteristics

Virgo Health Problems - What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Health? - 9Pedia.com

Virgo is most often a model when it comes to taking care of health. First of all, Virgos pay special attention to prevention. Secondly, a Virgo does not immediately resort to drastic medical treatments but takes it gradually when it comes to medication. In addition, most Virgos practice what they preach, and as result, they look their best when it comes to health, they take great care of their health.

For this reason, we often find Virgos working in nutrition, in various disciplines that require the prescription of complex diets, in homeopathy, fitness, and wellness. Because a good state of health depends largely on teeth health, we will often find Virgos among dentists or orthodontists, as well as occupational health. Due to the fact that Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of youth and children, there is a significant number of Virgos working in the field of pediatrics as these natives find fulfillment in taking care of the health of the little ones.

  • The First Decan of Virgo (August 23–September 1) – A strong and pleasant voice, a harmonious face, and a good soul. There is a risk of impotence; make great writers or mathematicians.
  • The Second Decan of Virgo (September 2–September 11) – Have small eyes and a well-proportioned nose. Charming, these Virgos are well-raised, with a good and candid heart, and eager to receive compliments.
  • The Third Decan of Virgo (September 12–22) – Great physical beauty, but also good education, are intelligent, humble, and wise.

Mercury’s Influence on Virgo’s Health

Mercury heightens Virgo’s senses, especially sight. Because Mercury is associated with the upper respiratory tract, Virgos should take appropriate precautions to avoid laryngitis, tracheitis, or bronchitis. The peripheral nervous system is also largely under the influence of Mercury. When Mercury is not well presented in a Virgo’s birth chart, this native may have unbeneficial reactions to external stimuli which is due to a distorted perception of the self. This psychological tension can upset the delicate nervous structure of the Virgo.

ZODIAC: Virgo Health Problems, Diet, Herbs & Crystals - 9Pedia.com

The Virgo Health – Problems & Predispositions

Virgos use their nervous energy rather than their physical energy to work. However, because Virgo is an earth sign this native is well anchored in the physical world, and therefore in the body. The Virgo learns from an early age to understand and control her body. The Virgo senses and understands her body’s ups and downs, so she can handle them more efficiently than other zodiac signs.

A Virgo’s health goes through the gut. One of the most common Virgo health problems is related to their gut health. In this sense, a healthy diet and balanced meals are ever more important for Virgos than other zodiac signs. Although Virgos are sociable and prefer to dine out with friends, for the sake of maintaining good digestion, it would be better to eat in a quiet environment, without haste, and in no way standing. This way, Virgos will avoid both the mysterious, difficult-to-diagnose digestive disorders that they often suffer from and the problems related to intestinal transit, which lead to constipation.

In the rare cases when Virgos tend to gain weight, it is not due to a slow metabolism or excess eating, but due to a slowed down peristalsis. The digestive sensitivity of Virgos can be so great that if, say, ten people eat the same food that has entered the slightest state of alteration, nine have nothing, but Virgos can get severe food poisoning.

Virgo governs the stomach, bowels, and diaphragm, hence can suffer from stomach and bowel problems, and melancholy.

Most Frequent Virgo Health Problems

When it comes to Virgo health problems the most frequent are related to nerves that affect the stomach. There is simply a contraction, on a nervous basis, in the upper area of the stomach, and this can cut off appetite, and cause abdominal pain or even gastritis. A typical Virgo health problem is related to stomach acidity, which can lead to certain types of bowel fermentation, leading to acute painful spasms. The small intestine, governed by Virgo, is particularly sensitive.

The lymphatic circulation in the abdomen area is also governed by the Virgo, that’s why a five-minute walk after a consistent meal can do them a great service. Another benefit of this small step walk is that walking helps the internal organs to return back to where they should be. One of the internal organs governed (in part) by the Virgo is the pancreas, which seems to need at least 150 walking steps to position itself properly in the body and to be properly stimulated after a large meal.

If Virgos do not follow a properly balanced diet, they can suffer from nutritional disorders, such as diabetes insipidus, pancreatitis, and in rare cases appendicitis and peritonitis. Fortunately, Virgo has no problem following a diet if she knows it is good for her.

ZODIAC: Virgo Health Problems, Diet, Herbs & Crystals - 9Pedia.com

Virgo Mental Health

It is common for the Virgo to have a restless nature, due to an overanalytical mind, constantly striving to solve various problems. Virgos talk a lot, get agitated, and insists on doing things their way. For this purpose, Virgos use preponderantly their analytical mind, trying to dissect the subjects, often in the smallest details. To calm down his/her analytical mind, Virgo needs to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

For some Virgos, however, there is a need to take refuge from the tyranny of the rational mind and start gambling. This is a resort to the helpless feeling that the Virgo experiences when she realizes that it is impossible to order her whole life in intelligible patterns.

What Virgo need to keep under control is the exacerbated critical spirit, that can become with age a nuisance, and difficult to bear for those around it. On a good note, lucidity is what helps Virgos maintain a good mental tone with age. With a well-tempered critical spirit and a fine sense of discernment, the Virgo can be a valuable life guide for children, grandchildren, and others as she grows older.

What To Do

A natural and healthy sedative for Virgos is physical activities that require agility, dexterity, and skill. Another great form of relaxation for Virgo is playing games. Virgo likes board games that also help develop her team spirit, so she feels less alone with her problems. When Virgo adopts a slightly more playful attitude toward life problems, he/she can enjoy the sharpness of her mind without reaching the deadlock of anxiety and depression.

Ideal Virgo Diet

Virgo understands the need for a balanced and healthy diet better than any other zodiac sign. She can religiously observe the precepts of proper eating. In reality, behind the clever austerity of her diet, the Virgo handles food like a true gourmet, following the “little and good quality” principle. There are plenty of Virgos who are not afraid of a piece of butter or a chocolate mousse, but their advantage is that they can resume to a few bites. That explains why so few Virgos have weight problems even when eating eat potatoes, cereals, and any starchy foods.


Virgos generally have a mild gastric acidity, which is quenched by eating starchy foods. Kohlrabi, celery, and carrots are in agreement with Virgo’s digestion. Nuts and seeds of all kinds are good for Virgos, while nibbling calms his/her nerves. The basic food discipline, sprinkled with moments of culinary sinfulness, explains why Virgo stays in shape for a long time compared to other zodiac signs.

‘Healthy’ Foods that Are Not Healthy Actually - 9Pedia.com

Best Virgo Herbs for Health

  1. Scarlet pimpernel (Anagallis arvensis) – through its strong depurative properties, this herb can fight constipation in Virgos. In addition, the tea or tincture can stimulate gastric juices. This medicinal herb exerts also has beneficial effects on upper respiratory tract diseases.
  2. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza gla­bra) – is a remedy for many ailments of the throat, pharynx, and bronchi. It also has beneficial effects on lung diseases, as long as they are not chronic. Licorice also has the ability to soothe irritated mucus, as is the case, for example, with tonsillitis.
  3. Elderflower (Sambucus nigra) – is a general tonic and a good detoxifier. Elderflower tea has a diuretic effect. Elderberry tea has anti-flu and antiviral properties.
  4. Edelweiss (Leontopodium alpinum) – is protected by law, but we’re talking about the cultured flower, not the alpine, wild one. Its effects in combating stomach upsets are so strong that in some parts of the Alps, this flower is also called the “belly pain flower”. More recent research shows that the plant also has considerable antirheumatic and antiarteriosclerotic effects.
  5. Homeopathic remedies associated with Mercury: Argentum nitric, Mercurius solubilitis, Ignatia, Cuprum, Solanum nigrum, Magnesium phos., Kali bromatum, Cina Iodum, Cyclamen
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Healing Crystals for Virgos

Among the Egyptians and Greeks, the healing crystal for Virgo was the sardonyx. This stone was replaced by the Byzantines with the pearl, but the Jews did not agree and proposed the chrysolite, which, surprisingly, was preserved as the governing stone of the Virgo by even the most important medieval astrologers. In modern astrology, some attribute the green jade to Virgo, while other astrologers have returned to sardonyx as the governing, healing crystal for Virgos. Truth is, any stone with a silvery-gray or delicate green glitter (the colors of the Virgo), such as the green onyx, can be used by the Virgo for healing, as these natives have a great affinity to these crystals.

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ZODIAC Virgo Health Problems, Diet, Herbs & Crystals

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