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What’s Your Tree Zodiac Sign? 🌳 The 20 Tree Zodiac Signs

by Andreea Laza
20 Tree Zodiac Signs - What’s Your Tree Zodiac Sign? - 9Pedia

Want to know what’s your tree zodiac sign? Continue reading this article and find out what’s your tree zodiac sign and the characteristics of the 20 zodiac signs of the tree zodiac.

According to ancient beliefs and traditions, trees have a very close connection with human destiny, depending on our date of birth. Yes, we share similar personality traits with different trees depending on the day that we were born. More so, we can open up to our tree totems and even ask for guidance and protection, because trees hold a high vibration.

There’s a lot of mystery regarding the origin of the tree zodiac, but some argue that the traits of their tree totem matched their personality, so there must be some mystical truth to the tree zodiac. Without further ado, discover what’s your sign in the tree zodiac system.

What’s Your Tree Zodiac Sign 🌳 The 20 Tree Zodiac Signs

What’s Your Tree Zodiac Sign – The 20 Signs

The ancient zodiac system with trees, that most of us forgot about is similar to the Druid zodiac, but there are some noticeable differences. The tree zodiac has 20 zodiac signs. Find out which one is you and see what personality traits define your sign.

  1. Fir – January 2 – January 11, July 5 – July 14
  2. Elm – January 12 – January 24, July 15 – July 25
  3. Cypress – January 25 – February 3, July 26 – August 4
  4. Poplar – February 4 – February 8, May 1 – May 14, August 5 – August 15
  5. Hackberry  – February 9 – February 18, August 16 – August 23
  6. Pine – February 19 – February 28, August 24 – September 2
  7. Willow – March 1 – March 10, September 3 – September 12
  8. Linden – March 11 – March 20, September 13 – September 22
  9. Hazel – March 21 – March 31, September 24 – October 3
  10. Sorb – April 1 – April 10, October 4 – October 13
  11. Maple – April 11 – April 20, October 14 – October 23
  12. Walnut – April 21 – April 30, October 24 – November 11
  13. Chestnut – May 15 – May 24, November 12 – November 21
  14. Ash – May 25 – June 3, November 22 – December 1
  15. Hornbeam – June 4 – June 13, December 2 – December 11
  16. Fig – June 14 – June 23, December 12 – December 21
  17. Birch – June 24 – summer solstice
  18. Apple – June 25 – July 4, December 23 – January 1
  19. Olive – September 23 – autumn Equinox
  20. Beech – December 22 – winter solstice

The 20 Signs in The Tree Zodiac System

1. Fir

The Mystic
(January 2 – January 11, July 5 – July 14)

The fir is the first sign of the tree zodiac. These natives are beautiful, severe, and cold people, who like jewelry and perfumes, elegant, lavish lifestyles, and traveling, especially abroad. They are not easy to manipulate, usually are silent, introverted, and not very cheerful. They have above-average intelligence, cannot stand mediocrity, and love to study, especially about spirituality. Those born in the fir zodiac sign are loyal to their friends, who are not too numerous because they go through a rigorous selection.
Weak Spots
They enjoy long lives, but it is difficult to live with them because they have a pretentious, capricious, lonely nature. In love, they like to receive more than they give, and they are never satisfied.

2. Elm

The Moralist
(January 12 – January 24, July 15 – July 25)

The elm is the second sign of the tree zodiac. People born in this sign are robust, beautiful, athletic people, the kind that you’d turn your head around when they pass you by on the street. However, they dress only to feel comfortable in an outfit, not to turn heads. The elm people are calm, pacifist by nature, are happy with the few things that they have, and avoid complications. They have an innate disarming sincerity and have a lot of confidence in others. They know how to use their influence, and their claims are usually in proportion to the love they have. He is generous and has a good sense of humor.
Weak Spots
Although they have a good physique, they are not keen to improve their looks and tend to gain weight as they get older. Their moralistic spirit often makes him unbearable. Sometimes they can act like a tyrant with those around them.

3. Cypress

The Faithful
(January 25 – February 3, July 26 – August 4)

The cypress is the third sign of the tree zodiac. People born in this sign are perfectly adapted to their circumstances and living conditions. They are content with the little that they have and do not aim to become famous to succeed in life. They are interested in their well-being, hate loneliness, and so they will usually be surrounded by a large family. They like hearty meals, prolonged naps, and daydreaming. They are faithful in love to the very end and fall in love only once in their lifetime, striving to keep their love alive. They have a meditative, calm nature, they like to live quietly, in the middle of those they love.
Weak Spots
Sometimes life with them can seem too monotonous and boring because they enjoy keeping it simple and don’t ask for too much. They rarely take the bull by the horns and prefer convenience.

4. Poplar

The Pessimist
(February 4 – February 8, May 1 – May 14, August 5 – August 15)

The poplar is the fourth sign of the tree zodiac. These natives are tall and handsome, but as they age they sometimes neglect their looks, because they simply don’t care. They have to carefully choose where they want to settle because not all places have the necessary vibe to allow them to grow. While they put on the tough mask, these natives are usually bothered by the smallest things deep down. They have a bohemian vibe with little interest in the materialistic world, but in reality, they are very good at making money, sometimes even too determined. Well-organized, they contemplate the future.
Weak Spots
They are rarely happy in their marriage, due to their too sensitive nature, hiding behind a false indifference. They are rarely sincere to their partners and despise manual labor.

5. Hackberry

The Optimist
(February 9 – February 18, August 16 – August 23)

The hackberry is the fifth sign of the tree zodiac. These natives are usually well-built, muscular, and easily adaptable to any life circumstance. They often dream of luxury and comfort, but can just as easily sleep in the open air. These people are sharp, open-minded, and determined, sometimes to the point of imposing their opinions upon others, with the least amount of shyness. At times they are too sensitive and can’t stand jokes about themselves. Can find themselves in less pleasant situations, due to their lack of basic foresight.
Weak Spots
They sometimes lack discernment and believe they are always right, with the utmost stubbornness. They may be excessive in all respects and have a hectic professional life.

6. Pine

The Refined
(February 19 – February 29, August 24 – September 2)

The pine is the sixth sign of the tree zodiac. These natives are endowed with a fine sense of aesthetics, refinement, and good taste. They like to live in a pleasant environment, otherwise, they cannot grow. These people are active, brave, and very good at enduring adversity with their heads held high. Fast and efficient, intelligent and very organized, they are not afraid of anything. Pine natives are sociable, friendly, and kind. The sign is especially favorable for women.
Weak Spots
Sometimes may come as selfish because they put their own comfort above others. Their vulnerability is love. Passionate by nature, they ignite quickly, rush blindly, and by the time they regain lucidity, it’s already too late.

7. Willow

The Melancholic
(March 1 – March 10, September 3 – September 12)

The willow is the seventh sign of the tree zodiac. People born in this sign are beautiful, sad, and vulnerable. They come as mysterious, because they hide many confusing thoughts, that they fail to put in order and express. They love living in the moment, adore beautiful scents, and the joys of the moment, that they seize with every occasion. Their dreamy, vulnerable, and sweet nature is apparent and can easily fool a gullible. In reality, these people are determined, well-oriented, with an innate sense of freedom. They do not like to command, to influence, and to manipulate. Willow natives have a romantic, poetic nature, hence the air of melancholy.
Weak Spots
The love life of a willow native could be calm if they did not have a pronounced taste for dramatic love stories. They like to betray and to be betrayed. Love sufferings are part of their lives, which they often attract, betrayed love being one of their hidden passions.

8. Linden

The False Bourgeois
(March 11 – March 20, September 13 – September 22)

The linden is the eighth sign of the tree zodiac. These natives have a lot of charm and they know how to use it, but they also know very well how to lie and to dissimulate. Although they are born for comfort and security, they can accept more modest living conditions. Their lives are made of ups and downs. They dream of being petty-bourgeois, because of their need to be respected, and have a stable position in society, sometimes to the point of despair. They would like to have deep roots and noble genealogy.
Weak Spots
Unfortunately, they are unstable, cunning, sensitive. They are sometimes overly jealous. They are obsessed with tidiness and cleanliness. They find it quite difficult to find balance in their love life. With age, they tend to gain weight.

9. Hazel

The Magician
(March 21 – March 31, September 24 – October 3)

The hazel is the ninth sign of the tree zodiac. People born in this sign have a special vibe, are usually small, and delicate. The reason is that they put out something magical into the air that attracts other people to the. They know how to be pleasing, and to make themselves loved whenever they want. Are endowed with intelligence and sensitivity, don’t ask for much, and can adapt to any lifestyle. These people understand the world through their empathy. Everything about them is magical and despite their modesty, they never go unnoticed. Deeply original, these natives can sometimes act in reverse.
Weak Spots
They can be good, generous, tender, but also harmful, mean, and straight-up evil. They are not ordinary people this is why you can expect anything from them.

10. Sorb

The Sensitive
(April 1 – April 10, October 4 – October 13)

The sorb is the tenth sign of the tree zodiac. People born in this sign look fragile, but in reality, they are very strong. They always have a smile, but a smile of self-control. They know how to show off their qualities, and know how to dress nicely, with a lot of taste. They like peace and therefore give in easily, tending to defend themselves. These people are not selfish and bring joy to those around them, through altruistic gestures.
Weak Spots
They have a pronounced guilt complex and hold themselves accountable for every adverse event. Their relationships with others are difficult, complicated, and they have a very hectic love life. They cannot easily forgive and get over a breakup.

11. Maple

The Cautious
(April 11 – April 20, October 14 – October 23)

The maple is the eleventh sign of the tree zodiac. The natives born under this sign are very careful with everything that happens around them, trying to choose situations that are favorable to them, which do not involve risk. They love order and discipline so that they can organize their plans and their thoughts. They follow safe, verified rules and paths in life, and pull back when their intuition warns them that there are dangers ahead. In their relationship with their close ones, they are fair, attentive, and pleasant to have around.
Weak Spots
They dream about becoming heroes deep within, but they often do not succeed because they do not even try. Still, any loss of prestige is a real insult for them.

12. Walnut

The Generous
(April 21 – April 30, October 24 – November 11)

The walnut is the twelfth sign of the tree zodiac. These natives are sensitive, calm, and profound, characterized by generosity and dedication. They enjoy abundance in what regards their finances, that they like to share with those around them because making others happy adds to their personal satisfaction. They are strong people, with great self-control even in the most difficult situations. They do not like unnecessary discussions, sentimental confessions, instead, they appreciate deep, real sentimental bonds.
Weak Spots
Their feelings may be hurt by the lack of gratitude from those around them, but they keep the bitterness concealed inside and usually do not change their generous nature.

13. Chestnut

The Nonconformist
(May 15 – May 24, November 12 – November 21)

The chestnut is the thirteenth sign of the tree zodiac. People born in this sign are characterized by vivacity, drive, the need for communication, and change. These natives are interested in original, new ideas, while monotony can bring them down tremendously. They have a majestic, elegant demeanor and tend to perfection in all aspects of their existence. They do not accept injustice and deceit, to which they react openly and immediately, with great courage and boldness. For them, justice and truth are above everything, and they spare no effort to maintain and restore these values by all means.
Weak Spots
For them, feelings are extremely important and precious, and because they are loyal and live everything with intensity and dedication, expect to receive the same things in return. However, their expectations are not always met.

14. Ash

The Modest
(May 25 – June 3, November 22 – December 1)

The ash is the fourteenth sign of the tree zodiac. People born in this sign have a pleasant appearance, but they like the center of attention, although people enjoy and seek their company because they are known as good listeners. These natives are discreet, do not like gossip, and pay attention to what they communicate, censoring and weighing their words. People in this sign despise snobbery and are horrified by things that are vulgar and trivial. They are always busy and don’t like to waste their time uselessly. When they start a project, they go to great lengths to finish it and do a great job.
Weak Spots
They are romantic individuals with deep feelings, but they rarely love passionately.

15. Hornbeam

The Conformist
(June 4 – June 13, December 2 – December 11)

The hornbeam is the fifteenth sign of the tree zodiac. These natives look very good in their youth, but as the years go by, their charm diminishes, and they become less and less interesting. They have a gentle, calm attitude, but also a distant attitude towards the world around them. Instead, they have a very developed sense of responsibility and fairness. They oppose the generally accepted rules, and therefore rarely deviate from the verified, straight path. In love, they are the more honest and fair from all the tree zodiac signs. But if life requires them to choose between love and duty, they will no doubt choose the latter.
Weak Spots
They follow safe, verified rules and paths, and very rarely take initiative. These natives find it very difficult to make a decision on their own, fearing that they will make a mistake.

16. Fig

The Familist
(June 14 – June 23, December 12 – December 21)

The fig is the sixteenth sign of the tree zodiac. These natives have a personal charm that keeps them from going unnoticed. They need space and freedom, but most of all, human warmth. Keeping in touch with family is absolutely essential for them and they do not give up on their family ties even when relationships are rough. They are very honest, have a sense of duty, and work hard to meet their domestic obligations. These natives are endowed with practical intelligence and avoid constraints of any kind. They can’t play the role of lovers, but are great marriage material, because their love is pure.
Weak Spots
They are very sensitive and slightly insecure, so they don’t feel comfortable just about everywhere.

17. Birch

The Delicate
(June 24 – summer solstice)

The birch is the seventeenth sign of the tree zodiac. People born in this sign are graceful, slender, elegant-looking people, endowed with vivacity. They are the embodiment of kindness, they do not abuse the hospitality and trust of others. They may come as restrained and tactful, do not impose their own points of view onto others. They have a lot of imagination and fantasy and creatively approach any activity. Although they are good at many things, they achieve the greatest successes in the field of art. They are faithful, sentimental, and avoid tumultuous passions.
Weak Spots
Their only flaw is that they are not very communicative, they are satisfied with the company of their loved ones and a good book.

18. Apple

The Lover
(June 25 – July 4, December 23 – January 1)

The apple is the eighteenth sign of the tree zodiac. These natives are rarely tall but are good-looking. Their good looks are complemented by intelligence, thoughtfulness, and a good sense of deduction. They have plenty of what is called sex appeal, charm, and tenderness. They are constantly thinking about love, even when they are not in a relationship. This native is a great sentimental, a sensual, an erotic. He does not settle for a marriage devoid of passion and he wants more than to love and be loved.
Weak Spots
They are generous people, rarely count their money and live from one day to the next, often going into debts that they sometimes forget to repay. These natives are made for love, they usually have a hectic love life.

19. Olive

The Wise
(September 23 – autumn Equinox)

The olive is the nineteenth sign of the tree zodiac. People born in this sign are oftentimes small in stature, but with charming personalities. Prone to rheumatic afflictions, these people enjoy being in the sun and suffer when they are deprived of its healing light. They are born pacifists, advocate for non-violence, and enjoy a peaceful, simple life. The olive natives are the embodiment of discretion, they make the best confidants. Although they are deep, kind, and merciful, he is too good a psychologist to be fooled. These people respect their partners’ freedom and are not jealous.
Weak Spots
They make come off as too sensitive, and some may take advantage of feeble-looking stature.

20. Beech

The Ingenious
(December 22 – winter solstice)

The beech is the twentieth sign of the tree zodiac. These natives are boasted and beautiful, chic and slender, with an air of conquerors. They make well-thought-out projects, which they always accomplish. They organize their lives very well and are skillful in dealing with others. They have the ability to get out of the worst situations spotless and always have several plans, and well-hidden scenarios that they use in case of need. They have a lot of imagination when it comes to love, make excellent partners, and dream of having a large family with many children. Like most of us, they aspire to happiness and material wealth.
Weak Spots
They are very sparing with their finances, and do not like to share what they’ve gained with others.

Now That You Know What’s Your Sign In The Tree Zodiac…

The tree zodiac is one of the most mysterious and obscure zodiacs out there, The 20 signs in the tree zodiac embody different characteristics from trees, reflected in human behaviors and traits. If you’ve enjoyed learning about the tree zodiac signs, find out what’s your Druid zodiac sign and also what’s your Native American animal totem. Share on social media so more people discover their tree zodiac sign. 🌳

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The 20 Tree Zodiac Signs -  What’s Your Tree Zodiac Sign? - 9Pedia

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