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9 Magic Uses of Fir Tree

by Andreea Laza
9 Magic Uses of Fir Tree

Looking for the magic uses of fir tree? Continue reading this article and learn about the amazing magic and natural uses of fir.

The magic uses of fir tree are less known to the wider public, and one of the reasons is that fir is mostly associated with Christmas and most people’s knowledge ends there. However, if you look beyond the appearances of what we are used to, the fir tree is a larger-than-life symbol, with amazing magic and healing virtues. Without further ado, here are the 9 magic uses of fir tree.

9 Less-Known Magic Uses of Fir Free

1. The Three of Poseidon

Fir and spruce have always been considered good construction wood. In ancient Greece, for instance, ship masts were made of spruce and fir. That is why the fir tree was worshiped as the tree of Poseidon, the god of the seas in Greek mythology. Stradivarius and other famous violin makers also used it in the construction of their famous violins.

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2. Symbol of Maternal Force

Considered the tree of life, the fir tree symbolizes the maternal-protective and regenerative force, hence its link to the Arminden, a pagan Romanian Saxon celebration announcing the coming of spring, and the beginning of a new life. In the sanctuary destroyed by Carol the Great in 772, after the occupation of the Saxon fortress of Eresburg, there was the column of Irmin, which was nothing more than a fir trunk.

For Saxons, this tree symbolizes the earth, on which the heavenly vault would rest. The Irmin’s column has turned to the tradition of the Arminden, when people would decorate the gates, doors, or windows of their houses with green fir branches at the beginning of May. This is one of the less-known magic uses of fir tree.

3. Healing Uses of Fir Tree

Turpentine, obtained from the different varieties of fir and spruce, was already known by Hippocrates, Pedanios Dioscorides, and other famous doctors of Antiquity. Some of its applications are still valid today. In their turn, the famous medieval nun Hildegard von Bingen, Paracelsus, Matthiolus, and other healers used the fir resin, needles, and buds as remedies to cure various diseases, from colds to gout and rheumatism. Hildegard von Bingen appreciated the fir in a special way, seeing it as an embodiment of bravery and strength.

9 Magic Uses of Fir Tree

4. Fir Tree in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses the essential oil of fir needles, buds, or cones for its calming and toning properties, especially for the respiratory tract. One of the absolutely magic uses of fir tree is diffusing its essential oil in your room. This simple ritual enhances a feeling of safety and comfort, and reconnects us with the earth, making us feel once again safe to live on this plane of existence. Thanks to its soothing and comforting action, fir essential oil tames us and at the same time encourages us to be more present and active.

5. Fir Smudging

The fir needles, cones, and resin have a long tradition in fumigations, used together with other conifers, long before incense, myrrh, and other natural materials arrived in Europe. Fir smudging purifies the air in the house (put fir branches in the stove or burn fir needles on the stove), and serves as a natural disinfection, both during an illness and the convalescence period. In terms of energy, fir smudging cleanses the ambiance of the place where we live and alleviates oppressive and gloomy vibes. This is one of the most amazing magic uses of fir tree.

6. Fir Tree for Energetic Blockages

The dominant quality of the fir tree is fluidity. It helps us overcome energy blockages caused by fatigue and stress. Either the case, the energy of the fir tree helps in two ways: it eases breathing and regulates the circulation of fluids in the body. Strong emotions have a direct impact on breathing. The fir effectively helps us find our deep breath and reduces the damage caused by uncontrollable negative emotions. It also alleviates physical blockages, namely the feeling of heaviness in the legs or bowel problems caused by stagnant energies. The fluidity of the fir tree helps to restore a good blood flow as well as a flow of energy.

9 Magic Uses of Fir Tree

7. Fir Tree in Esoterism

The burning of fir wood, like the fir smudging, serves to purify the air and remove disharmonious elements and entities. The same is true for fir resin. Catholics celebrate the Advent days by lighting fir branches at the candle flame. This fill their homes with a pleasant, fresh aroma, inducing a warm vibe, in which they feel sheltered from all evils of the world. This is one of the key magic uses of fir tree.

8. Magic Fir Tree Uses for the Mind

One of the main magic uses of fir tree is its ability to transform inner restlessness, nervousness, and tension into calmness and balance. Fir trees have, in a certain sense, also a heat-relieving action. A walk in a fir or spruce forest, can calm the choleric down, and balance their hot temper. These trees clean and open the airways, strengthen the lungs, and help us breathe more deeply. Spending some time in the vicinity of firs, can activate your circulation and strengthen your nervous system as well.

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Magic Uses of Fir Tree for Energy Balancing

To enjoy the healing energies of the fir tree, here is a simple exercise that you can do. Sit down near a fir tree, leaning your back against its trunk, and close your eyes. First, you will sense the irregularities of its bark through your clothes. Soon, a pleasant warmth feeling pours into your body, envelops you, and, little by little, calms you down. This feeling clears away fatigue, that seems to drain into the ground. Instinctively, straighten your back as if your whole body seems to go into extension.

Protected by the lowest branches of the fir tree, look at the ground, covered by a lot of fallen fir needles. Underneath the fir needles, the moist and warm and welcoming earth breathes.

Your breathing becomes deeper and more regular, as you connect with the breath of the Earth beneath you. Your lungs open up, while you inhale and exhale profoundly. You will soon feel a flood of fir’s renewing energies as if your body is pierced by heat and light. Now stand up and hug the fir tree’s trunk. While you sense the scent of resin, close your eyes and allow this scent to penetrate your body. Press your chick gently on the rough bark of the fir tree, and embrace its aliveness that is now pouring into you. This is one of the most magical uses of fir tree.

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9 Magic Uses of Fir Tree - 9Pedia.com

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