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The 4 Ways Your Intuition Speaks to You

by Andreea Laza
The 4 Ways Your Intuition Speaks to You & How to Listen

Intuition speaks to you, do you know how to listen?

Listening to your intuition is the simplest way to achieve success, happiness, and well being. But most of us are unaware of how to listen to our intuition.

I myself struggled a lot with this. What is this “intuition” thing? And do I even have one? I am not as gifted and intuitive as other people, I often thought. This is never true because intuition speaks to everyone, all the time. It’s a matter of listening.

So What Is Intuition?

Intuition is the inner guidance inside each and everyone that always shows us the best way to go. It is oftentimes referred to as the higher mind, universe, or even God. The truth is that the voice of our intuition, although we think it belongs to us, it actually is of divine origins.

This means, we didn’t get it from our logical, thinking mind, but from higher realms of consciousness. That which we call intuition comes from a higher plain where all inspiring ideas are born.

We are gifted alike, but some of us listen to our intuition and some don’t. It’s not that your intuition is not working, it’s that you don’t actually listen. Anyone can learn to listen to their intuition and for this, we must learn to pay attention to the ways in which our intuition communicates to us.

And here they are.

Your Intuition Speaks to You in 4 Ways

1. Intuition Speaks Through Feelings

The most frequent way that your intuition wants to speak to you is through your feelings. Feelings and emotions are the languages of the soul. If you really want to know what to make of a situation, see how you feel about it.

Feelings are sometimes hard to discover, and oftentimes even harder to admit.

But keep in mind that: the most hidden and profound feelings speak the greatest truth. The secret is to see what your feelings are. Be 100% true to yourself and see how you feel.

2. Intuition Speaks Through Thoughts

Secondly, your intuition also communicates through your thoughts. Thoughts and feelings are not one and the same thing, but they can appear simultaneously. When your intuition sends you thought messages, they are oftentimes visual images.

This is why thoughts are a more efficient way your intuition talks to you than plain-spoken words. Images that pop up in your mind, seemingly out of nowhere, are messages from your intuition. See what they have to say.

3. Experience Is The Voice of The Intuition

Oftentimes totally neglected, our personal life experience is another way your intuition speaks to you. The irony here is that most of us have minimized the value of our experiences to such an extent that we run from them when they don’t look beneficial or uplifting to us.

In other words, when the going gets tough we think that it’s bad and we avoid it.

Experience and feelings are what you intuitively and factually know about an event. Words only come to symbolize that which you already know. That’s why words often create confusion.

When we don’t listen to our experiences, we end up going through similar experiences over and over again, until we learn. In the end, when we’ve had enough of the “Groundhog Day” kind of life, we’re open to learning from what life throws at us and we can move on.

We like it or not, negative life experiences are more enriching than positive ones. They help you learn and grow the most. When we’ve learned from them, then we can move on in life.

4. Intuition Speaks When Words Fall Short

This is the least efficient way of communication from our intuition. When all the above means of communication fail, because we don’t listen, spoken words are our intuition’s last resort.

Words are more often than misinterpreted and poorly understood.

The reason is that words are spoken sounds that aim to replace feelings, thoughts, and experiences. They are symbols attempting to convey emotions and thoughts. They are not the truth and they don’t reflect reality.

How to Listen to Your Intuition - Know When It's Intuition Speaking - 9Pedia.com

How To Know Intuition Speaks To You?

In his book, Conversations with God (book 1), author Neale Donald Walsch channels the voice of the creator. There, God, which we can also call intuition, explains how he communicates with us. And the bottom line is this.

Not all feelings, thoughts, experiences and words come from your intuition.

Knowing when they come from intuition is simple. All you have to do is apply this general rule:

“I am your greatest Thought, your clearest Word, your most uplifting Feeling. Anything else below it comes from another source. The greatest Thought is always that which contains joy. The clearest Words are the ones that hold the truth. The most uplifting Feeling is that which you call Love. Joy, truth, love.”

Conversations with God, book 1

When they are anything but this, they come from the ego-mind, which is based on fear. The ego-mind cannot see what our higher mind sees, namely the perspective. This is why when we fear is because our perspective is very low.

The fear of listening to your intuition is an ego-mind residue. What could be worse than fear itself? Not listening to your intuition will always force you to live in fear.

Intuition Always Speaks in Words of Kindness

We have the free will to do what we please with our lives. Our intuition will never force itself upon us. That is why is intuition is not a loud, disturbing voice, but a faint, barely audible whisper. No matter you listen to it or not, it supports you unconditionally, this is how living it is.

Intuition will always bring joyful thoughts, truthful words, and loving feelings upon us. Intuition is never demanding, but always soothing and always truthful. It feels right and it feels good. When we’re ready to hear and see the truth within ourselves, that’s when we will listen to our intuition.

Follow your truth and you’ll always be guided by the kind voice of intuition.

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